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  1. When im fishing on arapaima , bullshark or piraiba and when i get hooked on a big one the arapaima it swims to 70+ meters away and it doesnt come closer it stays there even with no tension on the line it doesnt go off after 3 hours in game i have to break the line , with the bullshark and piraiba the same problem it stops swimming and it doesnt come in, after an hour i have to break the line if i want to proceed in the game . Anyone else got these problems also , i lik3 the game very much but these problems takes the fun out off the game , please fix it
  2. This morning i got the new update for xbox one x , after the installation i had 50.000 exp less then before i had the new update , any chance i can get it back ?
  3. When is the new update for xbox one x , there are a lot of clips on youtube for the new river for pc and ps4 but not for xbox , it really looks good ,when can the xbox players expect this new update ?
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