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  1. I work at a carp lake in NC and I've had a lot of hilarious memories over the years while working there, but hands down the funniest moment was when, what looked to be a homeless man, came in the shack and he said he wanted to fish at our lake since he was a boy. He didn't have any bait, rods or stands so I let him use my ambassador reels and some rice I made and said "Here you can fish for free tonight(:" and he was so happy and some time passed by and I was just wondering if he was having any luck so I went to check on him and as soon as I walk out of the door my buddy tells me "There's a homeless man stealing carp out of the lake and putting them in a baby playpen and he's pushing them out of the front gate as we speak!" I hopped im the truck and took off down the road and I looked all night but I never found him or my reels. The only thing he left behind was an empty bucket of rice and a napkin that read..."Thanks for the meal" lmao
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