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  1. Thanks for the event and the ability to redo the event. Devs did you make a mistake with the Spooky Fishing Pack DLC. The DLC comes with three rods, but the rod case only allows two rods. There is no point keeping the coffin rod case if you cannot take all three Halloween rods with you.
  2. The Halloween event is at the end of the month. Usually starts a week before Halloween. Gars & Glory cup is the monthly tournament for October.
  3. Hey Killerwhale and devs. Now that we are about to start all the end of year holiday events, please bring back the Thanksgiving achievement this Thanksgiving. You used to have the Catcher in the Corn achievement that went with the cornucopia pack. It would be nice to finally be able to get the Pilgrim hat to go with the Pilgrim doublet waist coat from the cornucopia pack.
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