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  1. Ok thanks. I've been grinding at BCI myself. Seems to be far more smaller fish than b4. A grind it is!
  2. Hopefully these problems are fixable bugs rather than part of an update! Mmm grinding! Another gripe. I'm on level 60.16 pre Marron river and still have to grind up to level 63.
  3. Yes its bloody annoying! Is that since M River update? Xbox?
  4. Hi, since update on Xbox (Marron river) I have noticed when fishing the Akhtuba River with a feeder/ledger rod that the sinkers/weights I was using no longer hold bottom as they did before update. I was using say 3 ounce sinkers with little or no trouble keeping positions that I have markers on. I now can't hold the said positions using a 7 ounce! Ide, huge Ide sport competition is one in particular I'm now having these problems with which didn't happen before. Was there "tweaks" added to other venues in this update? Thanks in advance.
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