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  1. Sorry this did not work. This mission is very frustrating. I got the Shamen duck and started the mission and a 4H timer was set but I had to leave after 30 mins and when I got back later it came up that I had failed it. So first problem is the timer continues even if you are not fishing. After about 10 hours trying I decided to start it again, binned my shamen ducks and the mission restarted to catch them again. Perfect!!! But after completing it got the shamen ducks again and the Mbenga mission but this time no timer. 10 Hours later still no sign of the Mbenga. Now not sure what too do, Perservere or bin them again? Please fishing planet give us some idea on how this mission works now because I am at a loss.
  2. If it helps I believe the fish has to be caught when you have the four hour timer going. If you fail the mission you cannot reset the timer and so you cannot catch it*. So the only way to do it is to reset it. I read on line to do that you need to bin the Shaman ducks and start the second mission again. Tried it and its exactly what happend. So now I am back trying to catch the fish so I can get the shaman ducks again and give it another go. *It appears that some people have been able to do it but not me.
  3. I think that all the places should be updated and evolve over time. Those updates should include..... 1) New Locations in the places to fish (as mentioned above). But also New Shortcuts to get to locations; Bluecrap is massive but only has two direct links so you have to go by Boat to get everywhere. 3) Shops; frequently the baits you need for the fish you are targeting are not available in the Shop at the location. 4) Fish species should evolve, for Emereld it is ridiculous there is no Uni Walleye now. 5) Location should evolve, Lone Star is the beginner lake but now we have Lesni which is equally if not more basic. It would be good to see Lone Star evolve and maybe a uni or two added. 6) Finally the values of the fish should evolve according to there rank, if a common is changed to a Trophy and a Trophy to a Uni for example.
  4. Hello, just a quick update with regard to this post. Last year the method explianed in the video above was working great but this year it was poor. I would be lucky to get 1 CB in 4 hour game time, I needed 30 more to complete the mission. I saw a guy hammering the CB and so I went and saw what he was doing. Firstly he was fishing at Dam Road and I could see that he was using Crawfish Cut rather than med cutbait. Also it appeared he was using Cookie Groundbait rather than the snow. Worked great and I was catching over 10CB in a 2 hour session. Peak day, less than 20m out and No4 or 5 Hook. Cannot say this will work next year as it appears the admin like to play around with the CB but all information is useful. I have now finished all the Christmas missions ...... but also a bit Happy Fishing
  5. Ok thanks for the tips, I have checked out Mussets posts and there are some interesting things to try. But I must admit it is quite confusing, it seems like they are talking about a totally different game as well at times. For example when I play I can never see the fish feeding, they mention using longer leaders but I believe I am using the longest "carp" leader and so can only shorten?
  6. Hello, I have been fishing the Willows now for three weeks and whilst I can catch the unis of all species, they are all under 30K. In fact I think I have only caught one 30K+ fish. I have been reading on line to get some tips and I have tried most things with limited success. I can only conclude that now this is a combination and tactics and bait mixes. On GroundBait Mixes: this is a world, 78 (Boliles and Pellets), 6 (Feeder), 12 (Method), 12 (particles) 6 (Aromas), 2 (Sweet and Spicy type) not to mention you can mix them together in different %’s. I am no mathematician but that is probably 5 million or more options. My life is too short to try all this…LOL Can anyone tell me if this is important factor at least? I am not sure either about what to use in terms of tactics Spod, PVA, Method or combine. Actually I am only having success with PVA and Method. If I spod nothing and I usually blank. Maybe Spod and PVA? Any tips will be most welcome to break the 30K barrier more frequently THANKS.
  7. Thanks in the end I converted to metric LOL, for the boilies it made thinks easier.
  8. More importantly here according to the table the round bolilie sizes are as follows 1" = 25mm, 4" = 10mm, 6" = 15mm and 8" = 20mm Is this correct, it does not make alot of sense as I thought (") meant inches?
  9. I have not spent much time at Willow Lake and so I am learning myself. I do know that the Chocolate Boilies work well on hot days and the Spicy and worm on cloudy days. I have not tried the spod yet but it is on my list to do, I have just been using the Method. But you have to use Carp kit as I came here first with just bottom rods with corn and peas and it was very slow. But experimentation is called for with the mixes. After this then it is the location as each lake has its target fish and sizes. With regard to bait coins they are a slog to get and I really only use them for events to buy event packs. For example at Christmas I actually spent hard cash to get more so I could buy event packs to support the event. However in the St Patrick event you get one BC for each event fish and so I did not need to by any and as I was able to buy any pack I liked and made quite a few as well. In terms of levels and the level at Willow lake it all really depends on where you are in the game. For example the Carp grow to 100LLb and so if you dont have the right kit you will not catch them and if your net is not big enough then you will not make enough money. But you can bypass and unlock the place beforehand if you want to spend money. But if you do not have the kit then its not worth it. Personally I prefer to reach the level and fish each new place as it comes, keep increasing and improving your kit, etc. Each new place throws up new challenges. For example I can fish them all except for the new Brazil one, which has Sharks going up to 450LLB. No idea what I need to catch them but I will need to upgrade for sure, I only have a 550llb net. LOL. Finally early on people fire through the XP, especially if you fish light and use barbless hooks. Fishing from a boat with no anchor with light tackle is good as well, or invest and go for V big fish. A Uni red tail catfish at Marron River gives you 10,000Xp!!! But you need the Kit.
  10. If you catch a unique Gilded Catfish or Redtail at Marron River you get 10,000xp and about the same in money. I have not seen anything better than that for 1 off fish but they weigh 150llb and so you can only get a 5 or 6 until you fill your bag. People often fish for xp for Carp at the Willows so perhaps total wise they are very good as well. Traditionally Bass have always been the best in terms of weight, XP and value. You can boost all this by fishing lighter but with risk of losing them although a good trick is to fish light from a boat with no anchor.
  11. Using a spinner bait I caught the occasional Snakehead, 1 a day maybe. Generally lures were very slow. Someone mentioned that a Major Tom popper was OK at the Salty Delta in the Everglades. Tried but failed. The baby buffalo and the baby catfish worked the best. Excellent tournament though on the whole, 1 bait coin for rowdy bass and Lep fish brilliant.
  12. Hi, this has happend to me a few times now. But when I use a rod rest in the Lilly Pad Jungle Swim in the Everglades when I pick up or put down a rod in the first rest I get transported underwater. When I reel in, the game transports me to the entry point for the Lilly Pad Jungle and I can see my rods in the distance.
  13. Hi, just a quick question, has anyone got any advice on how to catch the St Patrick Event fish using lures? I am expermienting and did manage to catch a Nothern Snakehead on a Spinner bait but they are few and far between. I just managed to win a St Patrick Bass Lure but so far I have not had any on it. Any tips will be really appreciated. Thanks
  14. Finally found a method on Youtube that worked for the Crystal Burbot thanks to this fella!!! Cheers Mate
  15. Can anyone explain how to use the catapult and arm it exactly please, it says on my keyboard number 8 but when I press it nothing happens? Thanks
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