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  1. Ok thanks for the tips, I have checked out Mussets posts and there are some interesting things to try. But I must admit it is quite confusing, it seems like they are talking about a totally different game as well at times. For example when I play I can never see the fish feeding, they mention using longer leaders but I believe I am using the longest "carp" leader and so can only shorten?
  2. Hello, I have been fishing the Willows now for three weeks and whilst I can catch the unis of all species, they are all under 30K. In fact I think I have only caught one 30K+ fish. I have been reading on line to get some tips and I have tried most things with limited success. I can only conclude that now this is a combination and tactics and bait mixes. On GroundBait Mixes: this is a world, 78 (Boliles and Pellets), 6 (Feeder), 12 (Method), 12 (particles) 6 (Aromas), 2 (Sweet and Spicy type) not to mention you can mix them together in different %’s. I am no mathematician but that is probably 5 million or more options. My life is too short to try all this…LOL Can anyone tell me if this is important factor at least? I am not sure either about what to use in terms of tactics Spod, PVA, Method or combine. Actually I am only having success with PVA and Method. If I spod nothing and I usually blank. Maybe Spod and PVA? Any tips will be most welcome to break the 30K barrier more frequently THANKS.
  3. Thanks in the end I converted to metric LOL, for the boilies it made thinks easier.
  4. More importantly here according to the table the round bolilie sizes are as follows 1" = 25mm, 4" = 10mm, 6" = 15mm and 8" = 20mm Is this correct, it does not make alot of sense as I thought (") meant inches?
  5. Me as well, been trying to connect, deleted the cache file and rebooted my router but still failing. It seems it is trying to upgrade and there is a download but when it completes it still does not connect and delivers a server time out message. Very frustrating!!!! I opened an incident with them.
  6. I have not spent much time at Willow Lake and so I am learning myself. I do know that the Chocolate Boilies work well on hot days and the Spicy and worm on cloudy days. I have not tried the spod yet but it is on my list to do, I have just been using the Method. But you have to use Carp kit as I came here first with just bottom rods with corn and peas and it was very slow. But experimentation is called for with the mixes. After this then it is the location as each lake has its target fish and sizes. With regard to bait coins they are a slog to get and I really only use them for events to buy event packs. For example at Christmas I actually spent hard cash to get more so I could buy event packs to support the event. However in the St Patrick event you get one BC for each event fish and so I did not need to by any and as I was able to buy any pack I liked and made quite a few as well. In terms of levels and the level at Willow lake it all really depends on where you are in the game. For example the Carp grow to 100LLb and so if you dont have the right kit you will not catch them and if your net is not big enough then you will not make enough money. But you can bypass and unlock the place beforehand if you want to spend money. But if you do not have the kit then its not worth it. Personally I prefer to reach the level and fish each new place as it comes, keep increasing and improving your kit, etc. Each new place throws up new challenges. For example I can fish them all except for the new Brazil one, which has Sharks going up to 450LLB. No idea what I need to catch them but I will need to upgrade for sure, I only have a 550llb net. LOL. Finally early on people fire through the XP, especially if you fish light and use barbless hooks. Fishing from a boat with no anchor with light tackle is good as well, or invest and go for V big fish. A Uni red tail catfish at Marron River gives you 10,000Xp!!! But you need the Kit.
  7. If you catch a unique Gilded Catfish or Redtail at Marron River you get 10,000xp and about the same in money. I have not seen anything better than that for 1 off fish but they weigh 150llb and so you can only get a 5 or 6 until you fill your bag. People often fish for xp for Carp at the Willows so perhaps total wise they are very good as well. Traditionally Bass have always been the best in terms of weight, XP and value. You can boost all this by fishing lighter but with risk of losing them although a good trick is to fish light from a boat with no anchor.
  8. Using a spinner bait I caught the occasional Snakehead, 1 a day maybe. Generally lures were very slow. Someone mentioned that a Major Tom popper was OK at the Salty Delta in the Everglades. Tried but failed. The baby buffalo and the baby catfish worked the best. Excellent tournament though on the whole, 1 bait coin for rowdy bass and Lep fish brilliant.
  9. Hi, this has happend to me a few times now. But when I use a rod rest in the Lilly Pad Jungle Swim in the Everglades when I pick up or put down a rod in the first rest I get transported underwater. When I reel in, the game transports me to the entry point for the Lilly Pad Jungle and I can see my rods in the distance.
  10. Hi, just a quick question, has anyone got any advice on how to catch the St Patrick Event fish using lures? I am expermienting and did manage to catch a Nothern Snakehead on a Spinner bait but they are few and far between. I just managed to win a St Patrick Bass Lure but so far I have not had any on it. Any tips will be really appreciated. Thanks
  11. Finally found a method on Youtube that worked for the Crystal Burbot thanks to this fella!!! Cheers Mate
  12. Can anyone explain how to use the catapult and arm it exactly please, it says on my keyboard number 8 but when I press it nothing happens? Thanks
  13. I must admit these Crystal Burbot are a real mystery this year. Despite following all the advice I am not catching them using any of the recommendations. I am picking them up but normally on large minnows which I am using for the Antler Salmon and Furry Trout. No snow Groundbait, 1 maybe 2 a day. Most strange.
  14. I have just completed the Christmas mission and I had to invest money in the game for the first time ever in order to do it. The key is the Silver coins as you need to play the jukeboxes in order to catch the Gobies etc. No Jukebox and I only caught non event fish. So I purchased the 69 Coin pack which gives you 25 Silver Coins. I needed around 100 Silvers to do it in total and at the start I think in the Santas Socks I only optained 5 perhaps six, checking over 10 places everyday. I have just found out today though the Blue Santa Sacks give you Silvers as well but I only unlocked that today when I managed to get the blue light helmet. Although I think they have unlocked the blue sacks today for everyone and removed the presents. This is good for the people that need Silver coins but bad for me who now needs fireworks that were showing up in the presents. Right now I have no idea how to get Fireworks apart from purchasing one of the packs with real money. In summary I think this event needs some redesigning, anyone starting needs silver coins and you need a lot for the quantity of fish you need to catch. They hardly show up in the Socks and so you need the Blue Santa bags and you cannot unlock them until you complete the first part when you need the Silver coins. So you are in a catch 22 situation and it is difficult to proceed without using your Bait Coins. At the start by checking the socks you should at least get 3, 4 or 5 Silver coins a day so you can advance in the game otherwise you are completely stuck.
  15. I dont see that option. I am wondering if that is for Premium users only?
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