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  1. Now i started to regret to buy it cause it's DEAD game or what ? and we have less content than the free version , so tell me why i buy it ??
  2. Serious !! can we have an answer some news please !!!!
  3. Please that's true, we want maku and marron river do something !
  4. When we can have it on the fisherman please ? thanks .
  5. Hi when we can expected to have maku maku and marron river please ? And why we can only go to 50 ... i dont understand is there a update i miss on the fisherman ?
  6. hi , first thanks for answer , what is the bitte system ? I was just disappointed by the ps4 community i think when i started i will find a commu or team or friend for help to play but nothing ! evebody want to keep his secret, i never expect that ... and the best in competition i was think lot of people help for spot bait rotation to have all the same chance to win .... but it worse in competition... lol I think it will be a great idea to put all level 65 together in competition and all other people for be more fair ?! How we can contact support for explain that ?
  7. ho yea i understand that nobody want to help ... ok For sure every body have to discover all spot, all better bait, and spend a tonnes of hour on training competition ... Not sure evebody done it and i don't understand this mentality to not share tips that you find , it's very individual mind , everybody have to find by himself , no help ... it look like the way that the world progress but i think it's sad ... , but it's ok ... Perhaps you right i probably should go on Fisherman
  8. I see good team i look for good one to join ...
  9. ranked system for competition perhaps it would be better ? And why all people who known competition don't answer, don't want to help, it seems that they just keep their secret to stay on the top ... fishing community (on ps4) look awful I think a big part of the competition it's just the bait and the spot . Thanks sabics for showing some tips i just discover that So nobody want to add me and help in game to improve knownledge on competition ? ? please
  10. hi, How it's possible, it's always the same guys in top 10 in all compet and tourney , they can't be lucky every times so i guess they have the technic . They known how to fish and with what ... but it's boring cause it's look like we have no chance i try to contact some of them but no one answer , so can someone can help to be more competitive on competition please ?
  11. Bonjour , merci bcp pour ces precisions (si j'avais vu ca avant , cela aurait ete parfait) c'est super detaillé . J avais une question c'est quoi la boite de pandore a gagner en faisant 100 yetis albinos ? merci
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