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  1. Hi, I known a lot of player who stop competition or stop definitively fishing planet cause of the level on competitions is very high and sometimes can get frustrated , so perhaps FP can make make something to regroup best people . Like delete amator competition and create elite competition for all player more than 1500 or 2000 personal rank point . What you think about that ?
  2. It's crazy and boring comps cause some of top player play only comps that they known perfectly or comps where you can throw your fish if you don't do a good score so they never lost their points .... Ridiculous ...
  3. hi, GG for youre work thanks to share , what you think is the best for grass carp ? Does more spod = biggest carp or 5 throw of spod every 15 min is good ?
  4. yea shame cause it's not normal we paid the game ... bigben seems to block this game ...
  5. please all send email at support@nacon.fr to describe problem , personaly i do it ... they are in charge of the fisherman game ...
  6. We can't share nothing with friend gift or other stuff is not working , all competition system is BROKE for now
  7. HI, The game don't work properly since the christmass event ... please do something ... No point point for competition win , no xseries equipment for win comp , no stats update on competition ...... Fix please !!!
  8. SO where is big ben no sign of them no answer from them , we need to do a petition , its 's crazy ??!!!
  9. Now i started to regret to buy it cause it's DEAD game or what ? and we have less content than the free version , so tell me why i buy it ??
  10. Serious !! can we have an answer some news please !!!!
  11. Please that's true, we want maku and marron river do something !
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