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  1. For the fisherman you need contact the publisher Big Ben: hotline@bigben.fr Please
  2. You can get deer hat for catching 150 antlered salmon You can get Santa Hat for catching 150 Furry trout You can get Washington hat for catching 150 historic fish You can get Scarecrow Hat for catching 100 Black vampire gar and You can get crystalite Bomber hat for catching 100 crystal burbot!
  3. Can someone explain to me why on Night and Hookers Is censored Word In chat? Now we cant exchange information for player. does this mean future player will be banned because the give name weather,Type tackle for fishing? Kind Regards PH_VisoredGlint751
  4. No not what did you using?
  5. Try to untrack mission and maybe quit the game.
  6. Send email to support@fishingplanet.com please
  7. Congrats musette! You caught moby leather carp 93lbs!
  8. I use buzzbait and x series nymphes Buzzbait Is good for bass,tarpon,drum,permit and snook Hope this Help!
  9. This is second time I’m chat The first Night Is censored! the night verb Good night ”Cats N night Catchers” Fix This @Dennis_FP and @Killerwhale and @Support_Team!!!! Thx
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