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  1. Hmm I don’t think you can send email to support@fishingplanet.com, attach an output_log file which can be found at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Fishing Planet LLC\Fishing Planet\output_log.txt this make me help for you.
  2. On leaderboard Xbox and steam there’s big bream plus 13lbs+
  3. There are huge bream being caught in 8lbs in Ghent terneuzen canal and Germany 10lbs+ For Only people caught bream which people say hack and major arguments please could you please patch so fixed? I’m talking plus 10lbs+ Bream in Germany in real life So the Question remains are they meant to be in the game?
  4. Attention! Xbox server will Reboot in 5 minutes Expected Down Time 15 minutes Sorry For inconveniences You may Experience.
  5. Probaly crappie valentine tournament is cancelled
  6. Sound like they say 50% wear durability I have X series Offset Hook #3/0 too.
  7. Or If you want an account reset, you MUST email support@fishingplanet.com!
  8. On wiki Fishing planet Mention Trophy sizes, There’s No trophy White Sucker In game. https://wiki.fishingplanet.com/White_Sucker
  9. I sold vampire glasses. It’s 567 baitcoins!!!!!. then you can buy advanced license! For example I buy ginger melody and Xmas pastry collection!!!! Im so happy! And Tight Lines!
  10. There is a option to change your name under the Profile tab on the Settings ()screen. (I believe) The first name change is/was free, after that it costs 160 baitcoins for a name change (unless it's been changed). HTH
  11. I caught uni barbel with rubber tree seeds. edit : but sure work smallmouth buffalo and bigmouth buffalo.
  12. Read the license carefully some brown bullhead,black bullhead and bowfin can keep it , not to release it.
  13. So how competition fixed that. But this guy catch 64lb carp im try huge carp but not bite. Rubbish I love But Come on .
  14. You can buy fire shark firework cost 10 baitcoins and hellfish fireworks cost 15 baitcoins and Squid pro firework cost 25 baitcoins and monkey firework cost 50 baitcoins!
  15. Live out here. Doing all the missions! www.twitch.tv/achillesv3
  16. Click report abuse or send email to support@fishingplanet.com i think
  17. How do you Find present in Germany? im dizzy to find it!
  18. Dimsam are correct , if you Have stringer you Can’t release the Fish after it’s caught.
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