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  1. You can send email to support@fishingplanet.com. To decrisipition problem (ps4,steam,Xbox)
  2. с рождеством 2020 и новым годом 2021!
  3. Ho Ho Ho tomorrow Its Christmas Day!
  4. Hi, anglers. This patch includes: In-game Shop issue fixed. Freeze during fishing fixed. Minor bugfix.
  5. Something when press space in fishing planet Xbox work 10 second Sudden white screen and the game shut itself Down.
  6. In snowy weather in Alberta crystal burbot body like voodoo fish lol.
  7. Updated : still not work with slingshot rod stand.
  8. Same here When you change bait,leader,hook they say “the operation failed”
  9. We wish you merry Christmas and happy new year!
  10. Hello justby have you heard topic like this. If you want an account reset, you MUST email support@fishingplanet.com! Please note that reset is not a service we are promising and providing on a regular basis, it is an one-time service might be granted individually in cases of in-game issues with account.
  11. So I caught unique jacunda 3,403lbs at Marron River today. tips: try use walker 4/0.
  12. In Mississippi there are channel catfish blue catfish striped bass aligator gar Yellow perch Walleye american eel Paddlefish! —————————————————————————————————— In California there are white sturgeon green sturgeon coho salmon sacramento perch Striped bass largemouth bass White catfish Sacramento pikeminnow and Golden trout!
  13. We wish you Merry chirstmas we wish you Merry chirstmas we wish Merry christmas And Happy New Year!
  14. Wait is this Garfield or goldfish?
  15. Be polite please do not spam on forum. The first warning for You.
  16. Are European fish are bottom feeder because it’s very deep Aswell.
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