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  1. I searched around on the forums for any info regarding this, but couldn't find anything, so if I missed it somewhere, forgive me. I know we can rent kayaks at certain locations. What if we buy a kayak...can we use that kayak at any location? Or are we still restricted to those locations where they can be rented? My wife & I would LOVE to be able to use a kayak in the Everglades!!
  2. First, the game is great. So far, the most realistic fishing game I've ever played (old school gamer here...been playing games since the mid-70s). One thing off the top of my head & it's a minor one, but a big deal for me personally.... Of all the ambient sounds you could have in Louisiana....flies buzzing loudly in the players' ears? Speaking for myself, that sound (in reality) is one of the most annoying, anger inducing sounds I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Any chance of maybe toning that one down a little? I mean, we're obviously all wanting the game to be realistic, but that might be just a little TOO realistic with it being one of the more unpleasant things about actual fishing in the real world. And we do want this to be a fun & enjoyable experience, right? Crickets, frogs, etc are all very nice, soothing sounds, but the second I hear that fly (and it flies by my ear a little TOO often!!), it ruins the experience & my nerves go to town. And here I thought the birds whistling right behind me in the Everglades got annoying...
  3. I'll third that sentiment. And a very Merry Christmas, everyone!
  4. The new line behavior reminds me of string, not any kind of fishing line I've ever used (except perhaps fly line).
  5. Yep, it does seem to be easier to select the room type first, but wow...still a real hassle. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier regarding the map screen navigation problems...There's another issue and that's when selecting an area to fish at any location, sometimes TWO will be highlighted instead of one forcing you to have to go back & select a different one, then reselect the one you wanted.
  6. Cool. Good to know. It doesn't tell you that in-game & I wasn't about to spend money unnecessarily to go to one of those locations to find out.
  7. Agreed. I'd like to try kayaks, but I'm not spending that much money ($30+ on PSN) just to try out something to see if I like it. Doesn't work that way in my house. I thought we were going to be able to rent them at the locations they're available? Could have sworn that's how it worked on PC.
  8. Everything seems better with one exception. The controls on the map screen while attempting to select the area of choice and room type (private, etc). It's beyond aggravating. My wife & I find ourselves increasingly frustrated fighting with the controls there. Before, there may have been three different direction control points, but they made sense & it was easy to get used to. This new way of navigating that screen is unintuitive & just makes me want to turn it off. I select my area of choice on a particular map & then try to select a private room and it changes the area. Works the same the other way around, I select 'private room' & then try to select an area only to end up on the left side looking at the weather, etc before trying to switch back to the right side only to end up accidentally changing the area AND the room type. PLEASE...there HAS to be a solution to that.
  9. So does this mean kayaks are in the game? Or are they only available via this pack? I looked around in the game & didn't see them anywhere. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough...
  10. Agreed. And the controller vibration doesn't work at all for me. I've turned it on & nothing. I turn it off & on again, still nothing. I've quit the game & restarted, turned it on again and nothing.
  11. I'm having this same exact problem with the PC version. It loads slightly more than a third & then just sits there with the loading icon spinning. At first I thought it was a problem with my video settings, so I closed it, reloaded & dropped the video setting (ratio) down to the lowest and it still does the exact same thing.
  12. Hi! User name sent. Looks this morning like someone's already fixed the issue. Thanks for the super quick response!! Thanks also, guys, for the single greatest fishing game ever (and I've played just about all of them)!! My wife & I love fishing in the real world & this is great fun when we don't have the time (or the money) to go do the real thing. She's been off from work after surgery & is completely hooked on the game!
  13. I bought 1 day of Premium and the Florida Pond Pass yesterday around 4:45pm CT (this was before I leveled up enough to access FL). Today, I went back to Florida on a 5 day trip. Planned to buy the Premium again as well as the Florida Pond Pass again in order to continue (by this point Florida was available to me, but 49 cents is cheaper & easier than over 100 Baitcoins to get an advanced license for the trip). The first license & Premium was about to expire. I went ahead & purchased them both again just prior to the expiration thinking it would simply carry over & continue both. It didn't. Now I have to cut my trip short, leave Florida and I'm out both the 3 extra days worth I spent on the 5 day trip in in-game currency as well as the $2.48 it cost me in REAL money to buy the extra day of Premium and the extra Pond Pass for Florida. The game, incidentally, does NOT warn you of this problem. It DOES tell you that you already have whatever it is (in this case, the Florida Pond Pass). However, unlike other games I've experienced, it doesn't extend what you've already paid for (as I'd assumed it would) nor does it tell you that if you proceed with the purchase and once your current pass expires, it won't extend it. There should be either an extension, or it should inform you there isn't going to be one, or it should prevent you from proceeding.
  14. Same here. Happening WAY too often. The line is fine, proper drag setting, pulling back on the rod and then the fish gets away with a low line tension message popping up. We've had it happen at least 4 or 5 times today alone. Currently level 20.
  15. The snagging is terrible in the Everglades. Unlike everywhere else I've been, it's impossible to pull it clear. The second you set the drag tighter (the usual method so far in my experience) in order to get the line unsnagged, it breaks the line. I don't even have to tug on it. Pop. Done. I've lost I don't know how many of the best Peacock Bass lures ever (yellow spoon with red spots on it, 3/4oz) because of this.
  16. Saltwater fishing with my wife one time. We were bait fishing at the jetties. I cast my line out & wait...Next thing you know, my line seems to be moving out. No strike, no nothing...just the line slowly moving away from the beach. I start reeling in & there's a decent pull back on the line, but it's coming in. I get it closer & closer...next I see something dark. I'm wondering what on earth I snagged (though that wouldn't make sense...the line was clearly moving away from the beach!). I get it up out of the water...and...it's a large, female blue crab slam full of eggs. She had the hook in one claw, holding on, while picking at the shrimp I was using for bait with the other, taking small pieces & putting them in her mouth.
  17. Definitely! Polarized sunglasses would be great. I'm also itching to see what options will become available for those two empty slots under 'my inventory' (for hats & boots/waders)!
  18. +2 (my wife & I both play the game!)
  19. I've had a similar issue where I cast the line & nothing happens. Can't go to the menu, can't reel, etc. I thought I'd have to quit the game, however I figured since I probably had to do that, I might as well see what happens if I open my media player while in that particular game & the game is suspended. Fishing Planet being always connected, it would naturally lose the connection to the server. What I wanted to know was whether I lost any progress, etc. So, in this latest freeze that occurred just moments ago, I opened the PS4 media player, selected the music I wanted to listen to & went back to the game. It did lose the connection, but once it reconnected & I was back in the game, I discovered it was still the same time of day (in-game) as when it froze/glitched and I still had all the fish on my stringer that I had before and I was able to continue fishing. Hope this helps!
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