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  1. Mr T

    Santa's Headlamp

    Yeah, all caps sold. didn't have a use for them without a light. i'm a level 65 plus player and storage is always an issue. up to 675 home slots and still run out of storage HAHAHA. will have the snow cap tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Mr T

    Santa's Headlamp

    Thanks for the reply, got 17 packs of snow so I can try this in 2 days when I get another 8.
  3. I'm playing on xbox, won the santa's headlamp but unable to equip it. it's there but greyed out ? won it while wearing santa hat ? . tried swaping to headlamp cap but still greyed out ? am I doing something wrong or is this a bug. same problem for my brother.
  4. Same issue for me, I have 2 accounts, 1 lv65 with with lots of cash to travel. the other lv44 with little cash. went to every spot with lv65 ( finished halloween last year ) no spider spoons or roach spoons to be had this year ? lv44 player all complete less spider spoon and roach spoon. so unless someone knows dfferent, impossible to complete this year without spending baitcoin or real money.
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