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  1. CycleDave


    Or learn by yourself !!!
  2. You might like to know that barbless hooks serve no difference against the regular ones.
  3. What have I done to you to make you want to block me on Steam? I did send you a Twitch donation afterall !!!!! Christ, I haven't met anyone like you before.

  4. CycleDave

    Creating a Fishing Club

    There are plans to be clubs in the game in the future.
  5. CycleDave

    trophy fish

    Just use the same setups as you would for 'common' fish. Might be worthwhile to look at the leaderboard for the fish you want to catch. Check the largest size then work from there, then make sure the line is the weakest link, followed by the reel and finally the rod.
  6. CycleDave

    x series

    I thought I saw something about it when they were first introduced to the game, but wasn't exactly sure about it. Thank you for replying
  7. CycleDave

    well hello

    I thought they took them out, I guess they added them again.
  8. CycleDave

    x series

    Hope you don't mind me asking in your thread OP. Does the X-Series tackle have any effect on the catch rate in the game, such as would I catch more fish if using let's say a 4/0 X-Series hook?