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  1. Just finished up a competition. I am unable to see where I placed. Cannot scroll through the list. Did the boats lose 10 horsepower or something. Top speed of my boat is 38 now.
  2. I've been playing for about a year and half now and it seems that every competition, sponsored or custom comps, I seem to play with the same set of players all the time. Is there a way to get this mixed up so that we can play with others around the globe? I'm in Colorado, USA. Just curious!
  3. Anyone have a good recipe mix for the Christmas Cookie to use in SPODS or cage feeders? Tossing it in the air doesn't seem to do the trick for me.
  4. Thanks. Have an excellent internet connection, my PC is well above average as well so no issues with lag at all. I have only been at this game for 8 months so I have more to learn and will learn. Game is very relaxing and enjoyable. I will do as you suggest because I enjoy the game.
  5. At what point does the average user quit the game because these competitions should be fun but are not. if there are players who can catch 70 plus fish in an hour (over 1 fish a minute) what fun is there the average user who enjoys fishing? Not calling them cheaters, but one has to wonder how they are able to do it. https://imgur.com/gallery/b0ilgJK
  6. This is what I was looking for. Thanks PokerXXL!!
  7. I scanned through the forums and couldn't find this topic address. Can someone give me a guide or comparison of the different fish hooks 1-12 sizes. See lots of set ups which is great, but need help determining the best hook size to the fish or type of fish.
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