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  1. this game is too p2w for me,I quit,even the missions are bsAlso p2w (play to win) is definitly not the case, i dont bother with premium and i know others that dont yet still get wins and regular good scores also catch the same amount of fish as others with premium REGULAR FISHING LINE - MZFLR1KGSPOOL-XXXX (1 KG SPOOL). Premium is nothing more than a little extra cash/xp which isnt realy needed in this game if you can spare a couple of hours each time you play
  2. I would have to say that nothern fish or lakes have alot more predator fish like bass walleye and the likes as to south has many predator fish like LM bass and the occasional gar..in fact to find any body of water that has alligator gar is actually rare since their not as common as ppl think and many places who govern over fishing population will sometimes stock gar in their waters to cut down the population of fast breeding fish or fish that destroy eco systems like carp
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