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  1. Hi all i tried he game for a few hours last night and really enjoyed despite discovering a couple of bugs. The first bug was whilst stood next to water holding my rod i went into my inventory to change my bait (hadn't figured out how to change bait at this point with the bait button) after exiting the menu/inventory we open with the options button and returning to the lake to my fisher the interface had disappeared. I could only see the lake and my fishing rod, the interface icons such as the float/bobber icon and rod, reel line icons as well as the chat window were no longer visible. I could still fish and managed to catch some fish and could still access the chat window after pressing the touchpad and type a message despite not being able to see the chat window. The second bug I encountered required me to close the application and restart the game. I had cast my rod and after waiting awhile received no bites so decided to reel in my line and upon doing so the line and bobber disappeared and I was stuck still fishing. I couldn't walk away from the lake, reel in my line, re cast or even open the menu to exit the lake. The only thing i could do was walk and sprint around the edge of the water with the rod stuck in the fishing position after you have cast even though i never re cast. Not being able to access the menu/inventory or at the very least exit the lake whilst your line is cast could be an oversight and a problem with bugs such like this, both happened on the beginner lake should that info be required.
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