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  1. @jimkaf It is a different server for windows. Tested it using wine as well. And I believe it is trying to resolve another domain, but I missed that DNS request. However the main Server communication can be send to the server windows is using doing the following which fixes the diconnects: sudo echo " live.fishingplanet.com" >> /etc/hosts You can now play with the linux client again. Disclaimer: There might be a reason why the loadbalancer rule is in place. I cannot take any responsibility and am not reliable if you do this to make your fishing planet work a
  2. Yeah but the overhead and the amount of packages I have to install is a bit messy. I am missing vibration on Linux for my controller anyway. But there are some competitions that are half an hour that I can throw in when I need a break from work. For that I would actually still need to be able to log in...
  3. Mac client seems to be broken as well now. I will probably try a different linux system within a week just to be sure it is not my firewall config (currently off anyway...). However I hate being forced to use windows atm. I don't know if linux connects to different servers. I will have to investigate that.
  4. Did a little digging: live.fishingplanet.com resolves to which is blocked in a lot of firewall configurations. Messages like the following will appear in your logs. Although this can be fixed with a certain amount of knowledge under Linux (depending on the distribution, a lot of different solutions are possible :/), I would suggest to point that to a different server, since hardware-firewalls and routers will also block that traffic because it could be classified as traffic from a LAN and not Internet traffic.
  5. I have the problem now under Linux as well. Windows still works, so I am wondering if there is anything related to the linux specific version?
  6. I don't think it is a cheat. It is actually an issue with running into trees. Try it on Tiber.
  7. Hello! Thank you for this great game. I actually managed to make it to the final round in the smallies cup and I ended up on 7th place. And I realized that I actually payed 20k to as a sign in fee and won 6k on 7th place. I believe that everybody who makes it through the qualifier should already be break even. And after each round you should be able to gain a little bit. 6k is actually worth less than the fish sold after the cup so that is a bit out of balance. Cheers, Stepo
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