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  1. yes, i need more than 1500. Please read and understand what I am doing
  2. I would really like to see even more buoys. I am one of those people who really likes to map fish spawns. And with the new waterways since the last increase i need a few hundred more. Since they are basically only bough with baitcoin and that is a source of income I guess it is a no brainer to allow me to spend them all on buoys. However I have one more request. Can I buy a pack of 100 please?
  3. I just caught muskie until i was level 50 10k XP per fish!
  4. I made a huge leap in checking what was different on linux: Apparently reverse dns requests are sent and these give no result. As soon as i added these all to the hosts file not only did the disconnects disappear, i also was able to jump servers way faster. \o/ #windows # live.fishingplanet.com #linux live.fishingplanet.com # game server The list of servers probably needs to still grow. But this helped significantly with getting fisherman and fishing planet to work on linux again
  5. Still being disconnected when trying to join a friends only room or competitions. No change since last week.
  6. I can only tell you that you can still catch some fish after dark. However the biterate does decline and I bet the spots you need to fish are different. I would however also be in favor of a 30 minute competition, or more fishing at daytime.
  7. Can connect to game, but as soon as i try to join a competition, I am disconnected.
  8. Although I was hoping to find a topic where I could just add that I am having issues, I decided to help where I can: Here is some free punctuation I have left ............,,,,,,,!!??? All games are decreasing in stability right now. From "operation timed out" after trying to change bait to being redirected to the main screen with "connection to server was lost" when trying to change the room from a public to a friends only room .
  9. Jimkaf pointed out that the standard server seems to be back. So you can remove that hosts entry (if anyone did that).
  10. @jimkaf It is a different server for windows. Tested it using wine as well. And I believe it is trying to resolve another domain, but I missed that DNS request. However the main Server communication can be send to the server windows is using doing the following which fixes the diconnects: sudo echo " live.fishingplanet.com" >> /etc/hosts You can now play with the linux client again. Disclaimer: There might be a reason why the loadbalancer rule is in place. I cannot take any responsibility and am not reliable if you do this to make your fishing planet work again on linux. Use this on your own risk. I hope that this is soon fixed and then this can be removed.
  11. Yeah but the overhead and the amount of packages I have to install is a bit messy. I am missing vibration on Linux for my controller anyway. But there are some competitions that are half an hour that I can throw in when I need a break from work. For that I would actually still need to be able to log in...
  12. Mac client seems to be broken as well now. I will probably try a different linux system within a week just to be sure it is not my firewall config (currently off anyway...). However I hate being forced to use windows atm. I don't know if linux connects to different servers. I will have to investigate that.
  13. Did a little digging: live.fishingplanet.com resolves to which is blocked in a lot of firewall configurations. Messages like the following will appear in your logs. Although this can be fixed with a certain amount of knowledge under Linux (depending on the distribution, a lot of different solutions are possible :/), I would suggest to point that to a different server, since hardware-firewalls and routers will also block that traffic because it could be classified as traffic from a LAN and not Internet traffic.
  14. I have the problem now under Linux as well. Windows still works, so I am wondering if there is anything related to the linux specific version?
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