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  1. At least you got a sense of humor
  2. I also am in Germany and have bad connections. That is however a different issue in my humble opinion. It would split it, that is the idea. It however gives a better game experience to the people, who are diving into the competitive scene. Instead of being super far away from the top places then can get a top place in their bracket and move up. Learn more and get to a point where they can compete with more experienced. If you are in the top5 there is a reason for it. Lots of people put a ton of work into it. I can tell you that working on mixes, spots or similar sometimes requires 100h+ of combined team testing. If you spent that much effort I think It is fair to be on the top for a while.
  3. I would like to start a discussion about a revamp of the competitive games. Please read it carefully to the end and be constructive. I have my experience in some competitions and tournaments, where my focus is on tournaments. I only play competitions when I want a certain lure. E.g. I have been chasing the crayfish for some time now, but I don't play the others anymore since for me it does not make sense to compete in a ranking that is broken. I also played multiple platforms and in pretty much all leveling attempts and trying to play competitions that are near the level that I was at that time I noticed these things: - You level out of range very fast - Amateur competitions are never happening => Both are addressed with the removal of Amateur competitions. However now there is a gap for newcomers. Being in a team with some people with less experience and/or time, some of them are not able to compete with people who spend a lot of time in the game, making it less attractive for new people. A thriving competitive community will keep the game active for a way longer time so it is beneficial for the development team. So I thought something that other games already do really well should be added here. A skillrating in tiers, with seasons and prices at the end as well as currency for wins that is also dependent on the tiers you play in (just an example, all the values should likely be adjusted) 0-500 Bronze 1-3 500-1000 Silver 4-6 1000-1500 Gold 7-9 1500-2000 Platin 10-12 2000+ Diamond 13-15 Players would only play the competition with people in their tier => allowing amateurs as well as experienced players to play it Players who enter a competition are forced to finish it. Dropping to not lose rating should not be possible Maybe signup is possible way earlier (i hate missing a competition by 5 minutes, happened too often), but if you do not show up you are punished Inactivity will be punished with losing points? A reset every season? Elo based ranking? (a bit weird with RNG being in place) Reduce players needed for a competition to start to 10 in lower tiers Discuss away
  4. I am also for removing them and adding amateur brackets. You are automatically eligible to play in that extra bracket within level of lake +5 levels or so. I strongly believe that there needs to be a good way into competitions and that low level players should not be punished for not having the gear and experience. My experience on multiple platforms was the same: You either accidentally level out of the range of the competitions too fast because it is not on often enough, or simply cancelled a few times. You don't have the money to travel there and / or buy the equipment because you try to save for something else.
  5. This! Hey! My Character can lift a 200kg nile perch with one arm, do you think a reel that weighs 700g or 500g makes a difference? Yeah the workout routine of the player just allows a maximum lift, not stamina Jokes aside, I agree, please adjust this before next tournament.
  6. I think 2 would be too much for a lot of people. The first year where I attempted them the preparation for some of them took weeks. I am trying to imagine how newcomers do this now, if they are not already in a team. To a certain point in time I was also sure that I would have loved tournaments to be scheduled differently on each platform, e.g. Week 1 Steam, Week 2 xbox, Week 3 PS4 etc. But I know a lot of people would qualify on each of those platforms and leave no room for other players. Well some people do it anyway purposely and I am sometimes involuntarily one of them, because I play in the evening and don't always have access to the game to drop my fish on time but I try to only qualify on one platform. I just test my tactics on the other platform and then drop fish when i managed a day before. => Potentially link the accounts and force people to chose a platform so that they can free the spot for others? In my humble opinion the tournaments should be given a twist each year: Rotate the maps if there are other maps that have the species Change tackle that can be used, e.g. Boat series with float instead of spinning Allow boats where none were allowed before or vice versa (if it does not make it dull :D) About Competitions: I know it has been said before, but I would like to bring it up again Add seasons with prices in the end. That makes the competitions way more interesting. But it needs a rework of a lot of the mechanics. Amateur competitions Some competitions are not on for weeks, or at least not in certain time windows e.g. central European evenings No real random sizes but rather server/room based performances Points can currently be saved by dropping the fish in some competitions. If your uni is too small, drop the fish and pretend you were never there. Makes it silly in my humble opinion. => A competition started needs to be finished! Inactivity is not punished. Some people can sit on the top and will stay there forever. I don't want to lessen the achievements of those who made it there, because they needed to invest a lot of time and are very skilled players, but if you add a hall of fame for these seasons they will not be forgotten Other competition related inconveniences: Some of the swapping of fishnet and stringer is just plain silly. Just make slots for both. The amount of money I wasted because I am too stupid to remember to put the stringer on and then remove it again when I go into another competition and can only catch 10 fish Stop reminding me about boats and rodstands when I cannot use them anyway. When the random prices were introduced I found it interesting on the one hand because you are able to potentially win different lures in a competition you knew and were good in. In reality however you keep winning the stuff you already have often or don't ever want. E.g. Line, Leaders, Nymphes Reduce the amount of wins needed for prices at locations. Who is able to win a competition 100 times at any location??? Maybe reduce it to 10, since the prices are actually not even anything you wouldn't have 100 of when you played that many competitions
  7. Think i need to leave it here before i forget it again. Please think about a filter for markers that you can select on the tablet instead of marker colors. It would be way better if you could just select the fish you want to fish for and then remove all the others from the tablet AND the water
  8. and further some of the mobile overlay is enabled in competitions, too.
  9. Before Congo you could actually use the controller and the mouse could be used at the same time. Now when you touch the mouse while the character or boat is moved a little bit, the character is spinning in circles.
  10. Thanks @waiora I agree with most of your points. Keybinds for German layout (and potentially others) are swapped (z and y). It appears internally the game uses an US Layout. When you try to change the bindings the correct German layout is used again, back in game it is US. Refilling for Handcasting seems to be bound to premium, while Spodrod casting is not. => Competition advantage should never be existing!!! Refilling is not done before a rod is picked up (like it still is in Fisherman). The rod is taken, then refilled, then taken again. If you are unlucky this takes so long that the refilling bugs out Please add a checkmark that removes constant reminders for lost mono or carp leaders Please remove the need for swapping stringers and fishnets. Just allow us to carry both and use the appropriate rule in the competition. It is a waste of money and we need to click 3 warnings about boats and rodstands away, but nothing ever warns us about the stringer/fishnet use. Bring back a proper Info what is missing in a Setup (Template) (I am certain it was there, then removed again) Allow some code to allow leaders and line to be taken from: A different length (200,300,500m) Non Baitcoin, then Baitcoin in that order Please remove losing of lures in case of disconnects or crashes. The Xbox/Windows client crashes randomly recently or it is showing the low quality connection for minutes (!!!!). We all have that issue, we all have different providers and pretty broad internet connections. We ruled out ISP problems before we actually identified this to be a FP problem. Stacking, As Waiora already mentioned. Please allow everything to stack in the menu. It can still take storage space. But we are talking about scrolling forever through a list that is basically bugged on Windows indefinitely + the poor controller users on xbox and ps4 spend forever to change a lure, just because they brought a few extra ones in case they need to jump directly into the next comp, or they lose one... What about different storage requirements for different things? Why does one leader need to take 1 storage-slot? Maybe introduce a different Category for these and you can bring maximum 100 leaders? Either way it is super annoying to find hundreds of slots being occupied with all the single leaders. I have bought a ton of DLCs and I still get advertisements for it. Is there no way you can place those less intrusive? I don't want to click them away multiple times when I go to Sander or Emerald. I have way better gear and why would I even consider a DLC with 3 boats??? Groundbait composition: Please find a way to let us combine Groundbait components. If I have two 100g Bags and I need 200g why do I have to open a new bag? It really does not make sense. Maybe just allow adding the same groundbait ingredient multiple times and stack them into one slot. I really doubt anyone is actually using the baitcoin mixes just to have a bigger mix, if anything they are bought so the slots in the backpack can be used more efficiently. => Please allow stacking of ground-bait types indefinitely (or to a maximum of a groundbait container, see below), so we can use up all the ground-bait components and don't have to grind fish just to be able to test and play MCT. Maybe add ground-bait Containers that you need to buy with baitcoin to have another income possibility. A Container of 5, 10 or 15kg allows to mix up to that amount of groundbait, but you can throw all the bags of the same type you want and stack 3 Bags of Carp Rival of 1.5kg into the same slot to get 4.5kg More to come
  11. I know it is way to late, but i still think this needs to be investigated. I clicked the apply button multiple times but it simply did not register me. I am level 24 have bought the event pack and therefore should have everything i need for the tournament. Yet the signup did not work.
  12. I think it is a general issue. You see them cancelled all the time. But I posted this in the android subforum.
  13. There is an essential problem in low level competitions especially amateur and ofc school bass. You have a few levels to actually play them. With the schedule not providing them often enough, you quickly level past them if they don't kick off due to lack of participants. E.g.: Emerald Predator Hunt (Amateurs) 14 players registered, did not happen. Min level is 5 (unable to play that with anything non DLC) Max level is 15 and you just got enough credits to afford the travel, the gear and the boat... and that is assuming you did not waste any money on anything else. If you want to foster a competitive community this needs to be changed. In general I guess you should remove amateur competitions and allow a second bracket in which amateurs can participate in the normal competitions. That would also remove all the dead competitions and still allow amateurs to participate. inb4: "you only want to grind the amateur competitions because you know what to do" Yes I do But I still think the community should ease people into competitive play a bit better. Currently 80% of the competitions are a waste of everybody's time, because they never happen.
  14. @Killerwhale Did you see the video somewhere? It should all be in testers chat. I feel completely cheated out of the participation of the final and therefore my chance of lures i cannot obtain otherwise. I spent way too much to let these game go (steam, xbox, fisherman, gifts etc), but at this point I cannot see why I would keep playing the game if all the preparation is worth nothing if the servers are not fixed, more and more bugs that are really heavy (like scrolling in windows/xbox, thread starters topic) are never fixed.
  15. I will take the video down. @Killerwhale, please send me an e-mail address, then I will give you access. This video was never intended for public views. After all we put some work into the semi final.
  16. @Killerwhale Well I have a Video of me fishing and actually finishing 8th, but the servers did not accept it. And what do I get from the support? "Unfortunately we found no issues in the game data, so your place 36 is correct." What should I have done? The game still had seconds left, I exchanged the fish on time, and the servers simply did not acknowledge it. Everything on Video.
  17. Come on, there is a semi final in half an hour. I cannot even set up my rods!
  18. Similar stories here. I keep having menus open that i then cannot close anymore due to popup. E.g the change lure overlay when using a controller.
  19. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the performance of the game has declined significantly. The "Spinner of death" is happening really often + the top left shows that there are connection issues. These happen at the same time for me, people on discord and streamers on twitch => Not my connection is an issue. This currently affects Windows/Xbox, Steam and the Android game for me. I have not tested PS4 or iOS, maybe someone can let me know. It results in fish being on the hook, red bars for up to 3 seconds and then the fish is gone. => Think it simply fails to confirm the fish with the server and times out It also results in the time counting down while you wait for the spinner, when you hold a fish in the air. It can also happen that for a certain amount of time there is no more fish activity at all until you restart the game. Then you can get a few fast fish just to dip into another time with no fish. Other artifacts: The friends list takes forever to load Changing lures gives you the spinner The markers arrive a day or more late Please scale the server capacity when you have events and tournaments at the same time. The connection issues disappear or at least are less often after tournaments and events.
  20. Really respect your opinion. It is a question of taste after all. I just cannot deal with the fact that one uni can decide if you qualify and you cannot even cancel that effect out with a good run of trophies. 10 fish would make more sense imho.
  21. And thank you again for moving the Christmas Giants
  22. May I ask why you replaced the grand Smallies cup? It is actually one of the most diverse and fun cups. Get rid of gar instead, please
  23. What are the drops that could be obtained through this? Are there any examples?
  24. yes, i need more than 1500. Please read and understand what I am doing
  25. I would really like to see even more buoys. I am one of those people who really likes to map fish spawns. And with the new waterways since the last increase i need a few hundred more. Since they are basically only bough with baitcoin and that is a source of income I guess it is a no brainer to allow me to spend them all on buoys. However I have one more request. Can I buy a pack of 100 please?
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