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  1. I spent baitscoins too for the unlimited license for Emerald from those same Youtubers that recommended it. Sure wish I would have kept them, I would much rather have a unlimited license for San Joaquin or St. Croix. The coast of those keepnets are insane. But you do need a really big one for those lakes. I have the 440lb net and I can fill it in about 3 to 4 game hours at San Joaquin. Emerald takes all day and night to fill it up. I really like the lake in Canada too, I can catch pike with about every cast using a jerkbait. And San Joaquin, St. Croix, Canada The fish put up a better fight then the fish at Emerald. Much more fun reeling in those fighters.
  2. This has to be the worst lake in the game for catching fish. I was on mission 2 and needed to catch the European eel to complete the mission. I went from 9 at night to 5 in the morning with out a single bite. And I was not going to spend another 2000.00 to stay. I only made about 3000.00 on the fish I caught and what I got from mission 1 so I lost money. I do not think I will be going back to complete the missions, Just not worth the time or reward you get for the missions. Maybe some of you have had better luck with this lake? But it gets a big thumbs down from me.
  3. It was the catfish monster 99.078lbs It took me longer to catch the 5 A.Gar, About 2 game days to get the bait for the monster and about 30 sec to catch the monster. Go figure?
  4. Caught my biggest fish for this game and it put in1st place for quanchkin lake. Still don't see my walleye for Saint-Croix Lake, But it does make a guy/gal feel good to see their game name in the leaderboards. Oh well It's all just for fun anyway and as long as your enjoying the game that's what really counts.
  5. I'm sorry but Emerald Lake is like fishing out of a mud hole. But I think you can make the most money there? Right now I'm on my 5th day in California and I think I am going to try and get a unlimited license for this lake. So far it's my favorite. And you get a lot of XP on this lake as well. I do think they need to let you use a boat at the Everglades, Other then that it steel beats Emerald lake hands down. Just my opinion.
  6. I caught a 18.571 lb U.Walleye at Saint-Croix Lake, And it's not showing up in the leader boards. This fish would put me at about 10th or 11th place for this lake for this fish. Has this happened to anyone else? Oh Well, I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  7. I would like to see this lake.....Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota Shallow reef-top fishing exists on all sides of the lake. Deep-water angling takes place on the southern deep gravel and rocks as well as on dozens of mud flats in the north half of the lake. Shoreline break fishing on varied bottom types occurs all around the lake. The weed line is at nine to twelve feet. There are many local fisherman's names for some features of the lake. Spirit Island, the small rock-made island in the south west region of the lake, consists of weathered and eroded pink and white granite boulders. Spirit Island is one of two Islands in Mille Lakes Lake designated as a National Wildlife Refuge. The lake has many species of fish including walleye, northern pike, muskie, jumbo perch, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, burbot, and tullibee. It is one of Minnesota's most popular fishing lakes. Ice fishing houses number in the thousands during the winter. It is a prime spawning grounds for walleye. Billions of walleye eggs and fry are produced there every year. In the absence of a thermocline, fish can travel the whole area of the lake.
  8. In my opinion Emerald Lake needs some updating, Like a platform that can only be reached by boat so you can fish for saugers. And be able to use a rod stand on that platform. Needs a few buildings like a shop and a few small cabins. And a larger beach area. The lake just seems to be to dual and plain and when your spending a long time at the lake it would be nice to have a few more options on where you can fish and some better scenery.
  9. I use night crawlers and leeches or a casting rod with 3inch grub straight and slow.
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