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  1. Hi I also have this feeling that the bite rate has gotten worse. It feels like it's only around 80% compared to the previous bite rate at Chiri Islet. But not only in Brazil. At one of my favorite spots in Alaska for large salmon you only catch small pink salmon, if at all.
  2. Hi Can't you put in a smaller picture? The current one floods my 17 "screen. Seriously, how can you see something in this picture without a large magnifying glass.
  3. Hi Which spots did you try? Chiri Islet used to work well for me in Bolivia, but now I haven't had any luck there either. I confess that I had too little time to search and that I followed the video from KpShamino. At 12:05 / 15:05 minutes in this video, the positions are shown where I was significantly more lucky than the old spot on Chiri Islet.
  4. Hi The advantage of this DLC is that you get a larger number of the stronger lines for which you otherwise first have to have the necessary level. Unfortunately, I saw this DLC too late and got the Sport Botton Pack three times for it. However, this pack has a much smaller fishing net (only 30 / 70kg).
  5. Hi Try it at Lone Star with spinning tackle.
  6. Hi Yes, you can definitely use a DLC rod that is a bit stronger to play the fish faster. The disadvantage is that you get less XP with stronger equipment, but the money is the same as with weaker equipment. Equally disadvantageous is imho that, for example, the line does not last forever and you also need a certain level level for appropriate replenishment. The Sport Bundle is imho not bad, imho also worth a look is the St.Patricks Day DLC with 3 x float rod combinations (5-16.5kg) Link to the St. Patrick Day DLC at steam
  7. Hi Such a thing is of course annoying. I don't want to offend you, but find the mistake in the quoted sentence. If you've done that, imho can't really speak of fraud. Because you made the mistake. For this reason, PayPal and PSN cannot do anything because you have actively pressed the button again. But I'm amazed that you recommend a stupid (your words) game to other people.
  8. Hi Please take a look at this link. Link to the bug report procedure.
  9. Hi Do you just want to report this fact in principle or that you will be helped? If you want the latter, some information is missing, such as the platform you are playing on and your player name.
  10. Hi I followed these tutorials and completed the monster missions with no problems. They are in German, but you can also have them translated into English. Maybe it will help you. I play on the XBox, but I don't think it matters. Good luck and lots of fish Link to the tutorials fromthe member "mit der platte"
  11. Hi I had something like this yesterday in Brazil when I switched to a different hook size. To be more precise when bottom fishing, the direct change from the Capǹ Hook # 10/0 to a normal # 5/0 did not work several times. I first had to go through a different hook size to be able to equip the normal # 5/0. System: XBox Location: Brazil
  12. Hi You are welcome to bet, but only when you have learned to ask the question precisely. Since you are the ambassador of the XBox, your question should be: "Why is the game on my XBox every few minutes? " I have no lags on my XBox. If it was the game, why don't I have lags too? So you get a clear no from me, so that would have backfired. I have been playing first-person shooters on the Internet for 3 decades and therefore I know that there are many causes of errors for the development of lags. Reasons for lag could e.g. B. incorrectly configured routers
  13. Hi Lags every 2 minutes? On an XBox One? Then I recommend renewing the hamster to generate electricity. I also play on an XBox One without lag, but with a fresh hamster. Btw. If RF4 is so great, why don't they play it?
  14. Hi You go to the inventory in your Home Base. Then you look where the rod is, there are 2 options for this. Either in your backpack or at home, you can switch between these two locations with the right rocker button on your controller. Then select the rod you want and press button A. You do the same with the reel, line, leader, lead (bottom fishing), bopper (floating), hooks and bait. But be careful. Always put your equipment together so that the rod is the strongest link in the chain, then the reel a little weaker and the line a little weaker. So you
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