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  1. Hi Take a look here- Link With a feeder basket you have a better bond between the look fabrics you use and the bait. Imho you don't need the DLC.
  2. Hi You will get the cap with the lamp (Fishing planet X-Seies Prometheus) if you have caught 100 fish after 9:00 in the evening. Link to the Wiki of FP - Hat area Imho the slingshot doesn't need to fish, that's what the feeder baskets are for. Hope this help
  3. Hi Imho is enough line on this reel if you are using braided line. So far none of the Amazon fish has emptied my role even remotely. And the recovery is more than enough, after all, none of the Amazon fish is as quick as one of the trouts from Rocky Lake.
  4. Hi To get a new turtle spoon, you have to catch the turtles again as you did with the first turtle spoon. This time, however, pay attention to the position of the brakes on your role.
  5. Hi Imho too little info. How much of the game has your XBox downloaded, on what (internal or external) it should be installed. Did you see a window asking if you want to install it? These are just a few of the questions, that come to my mind as an XBox Noob (playing on a XBox One since 1 year) , the answers of which could be helpful.
  6. Hi The time starts imho running as soon as you buy the DLC.
  7. PokerXXL

    im (mad)

    Hi I'm not sure whether you are addressing support or the witch Gundula with her famous glass ball with your request Because your "information" about the whole thing imho doesn't give anything to investigate your problem. Please take a look at this thread to see which information is required. Link to the reporting procedure
  8. Hi How are you supposed to deal with the non-existent information? I'm sure you don't have a crystal ball to get this information from the blue haze. Information such as your player name and the platform. Imho would be the first point of contact in your case, the store of your platform,;)
  9. PokerXXL

    Signing up

    Hi Please take a look here. https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/22149-bug-reporting-procedure/
  10. Hi If you break the line, there is a high probability that the brake on your reel is too tight. Please check that.
  11. PokerXXL

    Rod stands

    Hi I don't have the RodPod Trio, but you can always put 3 rods on it-;) Unfortunately, I don't know where the 0/1 stands for. You can find a lot of information about Fishing Planet e.g. in the wiki. Link to Fishing Planet Wiki
  12. Hi Since I am sure that the makers of Fishing Planet do not have a crystal ball, please enter your platform and your nick there as information. Likewise, whether the support of the platform where you purchased the DLC has been informed.
  13. Hi I also have this feeling that the bite rate has gotten worse. It feels like it's only around 80% compared to the previous bite rate at Chiri Islet. But not only in Brazil. At one of my favorite spots in Alaska for large salmon you only catch small pink salmon, if at all.
  14. Hi Can't you put in a smaller picture? The current one floods my 17 "screen. Seriously, how can you see something in this picture without a large magnifying glass.
  15. Hi Which spots did you try? Chiri Islet used to work well for me in Bolivia, but now I haven't had any luck there either. I confess that I had too little time to search and that I followed the video from KpShamino. At 12:05 / 15:05 minutes in this video, the positions are shown where I was significantly more lucky than the old spot on Chiri Islet.
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