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  1. Hi @Kee Girl? You're cute. : D The next 10,000 arapaimas smaller than the smallest of the Alaska Blackfish are yours. ;): D And once again, for me personally an update with as few errors as possible is more important, so I prefer to wait a few more days. Btw. I have recognized your intention that you only want to offer the others a little change before the update. @Lowlow5683 Do not worry Kee just wants to play- .;)
  2. Hi If I were a developer, the biggest fish you catch starting today would always be smaller than an Alaska Blackfish. ;): D And btw. who is more like a troll? Someone who, within just a few hours after registering in 4 postings, is already on the verge of insulting the developers and support, or someone who tries to shut them down a bit? And even in times of Covid 19, this does not justify every behavior.
  3. Hi I thought you would need a handkerchief, if you cry 4 times in 4 different threads within a few hours. And as far as the still pending update for the XBox is concerned, would you prefer them to leave the bugs identified so far in there? Because if you write it, you could mean that. And the ancient Romans already knew that people are not free from defects, from them the saying "Errare humanum sunt" comes from. Are you infallible? It is one thing to point out deficits, quite another how to do it. Just my2Cent
  4. Hi @Kee Need a handkerchief? Just signed up here, 4 posts and all of them are just about how bad the game is. I'm also waiting for the update for the XBox, but imho you can overdo it.
  5. @smtche Hi If you are looking for the fish, you went back a bit in this thread and watched the videos. In these videos you will find all the information you need to fill your net with your dream fish.
  6. Moin, moin Hoffentlich klappt es. Ich wäre wahrscheinlich nicht so geduldig, mir juckt es jetzt ja schon in den Fingern beim warten auf das Update für die XBox. Und das sind ja bisher nur ein paar Tage.
  7. Moin,moin Rang 265 kraß Hast du den Fehler mal wie hier beschrieben gemeldet? Link zur Vorgehensweise für die Meldung eines Bugs Hoffentlich kann dir geholfen werden. *Daumendrück*
  8. PokerXXL

    What DLC

    Hi If my mistake is correct, I hadn't thought of the Majesty. My recommendations are enough for Michigan and California, but beyond that the Majesty is better. However, you will not get the most suitable line for this before level 46 to get the most out of the rod.
  9. PokerXXL

    What DLC

    Hi Imho are the strongest rods for float fishing, the ones with the 15kg rods. These are for example included in the Fishing Planet: Gars & Glory Pack or in the St.Patrick's Pack Pack. Link to the pack in store
  10. Hi Thank you. Then I'll give the PC and PS users a little head start.
  11. Moin,moin Wenn ich das noch richtig im Kopf habe, kannst du den Fisch nur innerhalb einer bestimmten Zeitspanne freilassen. Ist diese überschritten , gilt er als gefangen . Kleiner Tip Nimm dir immer die große Lizenz, dann brauchst du bis auf den europäischen Aal und den Beluga nicht mehr darauf achten, was du behalten darfst.
  12. Hi Du bist im falschen Thread. Infos zu dem Update für die neue Map wirst du eher hier finden . Link
  13. Hi Maybe it was a whale? In 1966 someone swam up the Rhine to Cologne, 300km from the sea. And no problem with the English, mine is translated by Google.
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