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  1. High Five I spent baitscoins on the unlimited license in New York because some Youtubers recommended it. For me afterwards this is an unnecessary expense, as I personally much prefer to go virtual perch and trout. Better 120 real days in a row in a trout lake than 1 Ingame day in New York. I'm now at level 65, ranking 4, and I still need 270,000 experience points for ranking 5. To have to collect all these experience points at Emerald Lake would be like screeching the chalk on the blackboard during my school days for me. Imho here you can see very well why, from a certain level, bodies of water like in New York lose their importance for the level up. Experience At the Emerald Lake there is a rather dilapidated jetty behind the island that can be reached by boat. Last year I was able to set up a rod stand for 2 rods there, but it was a bit tricky to find the right place.
  2. Hello Do you stick to the rule that the rod is the strongest, the reel the second strongest and the line or leader is the weakest part of your equipment? A tip : When entering a new body of water, always check beforehand how heavy the heaviest fish of all species was that was caught there. Their equipment should be adapted to this. Since I've noticed that, the bait and the hook only tear off if I don't pay attention, the leader has already been damaged too much and I don't replace it.
  3. Ok my mistake. It`s the same at the free Version. In addition, you can activate the vibrations when the line tension is lost.
  4. @Cescquito On the XBox One S, the switch is located in the Game menue under the Control Button---> Controller -> Vibration Is it perhaps the same as the XBox X?
  5. @Benji I hope more in Africa if there are new waters. Especially the brackish water areas of the rivers in Angola would offer a lot of variety for the fish. There are some real fishing videos on YouTube from a German angler who was out there a lot. Big barracudas, big perch and whatever else an angler's heart desires. But I would also be happy with a new body of water in Brazil.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a link for that. But under the challenges (to be seen under the item "Profile" in the game) there is the possibility to get some of the crankbaits from the X-series, if you spend 30 in-game days in a row at a certain body of water. e.g. the 5m -6/0 on the white elk
  7. Imho you can find the informations here. Wiki Crankbaits
  8. Are there any plans for new waters and higher levels for the f2p version? I hope the game goes on.
  9. Sorry but why should it be impossible without paying? Imho allow all things you pay for like DLC, Premium and the other things ,just a time advantage.
  10. I only know one page with many details, was it this one? Link If you click on a fish on the respective side of the water, a window opens with the details of the catch
  11. @spincast1123 Great that it works now. The problem with you was that you were in navigation mode and there you cannot select rods and fish. Small cause, big effect
  12. Sorry for the question, but have you ever been able to fish from a boat before? If not, it could be because you are still in boot mode. Then you have to switch to fishing mode first. On my XBox I do this toggling with the use key. Maybe it's the same button on the PS4?
  13. Hi Yes, the distance has to be covered with one throw. Like Gr3G, I managed this challenge with a feeder rod. I'm not exactly sure, but I think I used the Big All 450 rod for this.
  14. +1 Btw. Fly fishing would be a good reason to buy good polarized glasses.
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