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  1. Just wanted to say that although playing FP on PS4 and Xbox , and now the Fisherman Fishing planet I have decided to just call it quits. I was hoping the grinding aspect of it would be cut down in the payed version but as soon as I hit the late 30's my leveling just seemed to come to a slow halt. I just want to hit max level and enjoy the game at its full potential but it doesn't seem the devs share this view. I just cant seem to bring myself to play anymore knowing that ill spend an entire night fishing pike or muskie for hours on end just to get half a level. Grinding is cool , and its part of games like this , trust me I know , I played World of Warcraft in its vanilla days , but this game is just too much. Sorry my love of this game has to end like this but its just not worth it anymore.
  2. Yeah , big ben is doing a terrible job at communication on The Fisherman so far. Hopefully a nerf in the baitcoin repair costs are in there somewhere...……..
  3. Oh , so I may be a little un-informed on this....but is Fisherman Xbox crossplay enabled with PC players ?
  4. For the fisherman ? I know theres pond passes in the free version , but I haven't seen any dlc other than the preoder in the shop ?
  5. Just like the title says , ive been seeing a massive influx of low level players getting into higher level maps ? Im currently in White Moose (22) and theres a lvl 12 in with me ? Just saw the same in Louisiana with a level 3 in there ??? whats going on ??? how is this happening ?
  6. been looking myself , the only thing I know of is that they were tweeking the baitcoint repair costs a little. other than that I don't have clue.
  7. Awesome ! Cant wait to get crackin in a few hours when I get off work !! Thanks !
  8. Will this be simultaneous for The Fisherman or is this just a FP event so far ?
  9. In my opinion , what it boils down to is this....If you think this game is going to be a long-term game and get a good chunk of your playing time over the next couple years , then you would just be crazy not to buy the Fisherman. Ive played this on PC , beta tested it on PS4 and now playing on xbox , and I have to say , The Fisherman makes me feel "Liberated" !! Its amazing how the money chocking and restrictions across the board became accepted as the norm. After only a few hours of play of the Fisherman I felt FREE ! Other than that as far as the Xbox version goes , I also think the graphics seem a little more polished than the free version. I always thought it looked a little pixilated . Long story short , it depends on the time you see yourself putting into this game. Limited , or not much : Fishing Planet Massive amounts or binge weekends : Fisherman
  10. If it were just a single item it wouldn't be a huge deal , but the fact is that ALL of the gear that came with the pre-order has to be repaired with baitcoins. Hat , Rods , Rod Case , Lure Box , Boats....ect...ect...ect. And at the inflated price its currently set at most of my gear will break down by next weekend and be useless .
  11. Warsteiner

    New maps

    I still maintain that the Amazon river should be a priority at some "soon" point in time ! The sheer number of unique species in it make it an anglers dream !
  12. Agree, this is way too unbalanced. Also it seems the DLC items we got in the pre-order pack ALL need to be repaired with lots of baitcoins. So basically in another night or 2 all my DLC items that I paid real money for will be broken , unable to be repaired and useless. This cannot be the intention , can it ?
  13. Was just wondering when baitcoins will be available to purchase with real money on Fisherman ? The equipment that comes with the preorder pack can only be repaired with baitcoins ? Also there are some good packs available to D/L , but again , they are only purchasable with baitcoins and currently we cant buy baitcoins ? Am I missing something here ?
  14. Contact their support. I had the exact same issue and they had it fixed in under 15 mins.
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