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  1. Warsteiner


    It was canceled some time ago. There are multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter about this. Sorry.
  2. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

    considering that those posts are 2 weeks old , this is nothing more than the same ole "soon" rhetoric that has made most xbox owners buy one of their competitions games instead.
  3. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

    im curious as to the time stamp on this , as this is the EXACT same thing they have been saying since last summer ! was this pulled from facebook or twitter ? i cant find this source .
  4. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

  5. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

    Well , not caring may have been an overreaction , but something is wrong. Something dosnt add up , and their complete silence and trying to string XboX players along for well over a year now is not a reaction i imagine from a company that would like those Xbox $$$. There are a lot of rumors that the project has just flat out been canceled and that is why they keep being silent , or wont give a date on it. As a Xbox player is just frustrating at this point , i was very looking forward to this.
  6. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

    That is apparently what happened from the news going around. This is why most Xbox players are being told to move on to Fishing Sim World , or Euro Fishing. IMO , they have handled the XboX release extremely poor , too bad , i really liked this game on the PS4.
  7. Warsteiner

    Xbox one

    they have been saying its only a few months away since last December ! Its obviously clear that either A) The XboX release was outright canceled , or B) they just flat out dont care about the XboX customers at all anymore.
  8. Warsteiner

    XboX News ?

    OK , its officially been a year in the works. The wait is beyond old at this point , and myself and at least 10 others on my friends list are going to commit to OTHER fishing games over Fishing Planet. Unless you can give us an update on a release date or it literately pops up in the Microsoft Store in the next week or so , you have lost SEVERAL customers willing to fork out a great deal of money for this game ! Im sorry to have to make this decision but enough is enough , and a year is plenty of time !
  9. Warsteiner

    XboX News ?

    OK guys , Fishing Sim Planet has just been announced for all platforms including Xbox in less than a month. Please , Please , Please tell me Fishing Planet has something to offer for Xbox before then ! I really only want to play this game as ive had it on the PS4 but the Xbox has since become my main platform. I loved your game and was addicted to it like no other game before , i honestly hope something is released REALLY soon from you guys. Anything ???
  10. Warsteiner

    XboX News ?

    oh well....hopefully by the end of summer ?? lol......back to sub-standard Euro-Fishing until then.
  11. Warsteiner

    XboX News ?

    Its been a while since ive heard anything from you guys , so i have to ask it again. Is there any vague time frame at all that you all can give us for the XboX release ? Or or closed beta/early access project maybe ?
  12. Warsteiner

    XboX Launch ?

    Thankyou for your answer ! I really enjoy the game on PS4 and and very looking forward to being able to get my friends into it on XboX too. Keep up the great work and hope to see it soon !
  13. Warsteiner

    XboX Launch ?

    yup , fully aware of the no cross platform. just been talking this game up to my friends on xbox , the devs have said several times that its in the works but never any time frame.
  14. Warsteiner

    XboX Launch ?

    So seriously , i already have this on the PS4 but most of my reallife friends have Xboxs ? Ive been hearing about this for months now , when is it going to be released on the MS store ? Enough waiting already.
  15. Warsteiner

    Kayaks/new fish

    I have found the Sauger in new York seem to be only reached by kayaking so far.