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  1. XboX Launch ?

    Thankyou for your answer ! I really enjoy the game on PS4 and and very looking forward to being able to get my friends into it on XboX too. Keep up the great work and hope to see it soon !
  2. XboX Launch ?

    yup , fully aware of the no cross platform. just been talking this game up to my friends on xbox , the devs have said several times that its in the works but never any time frame.
  3. XboX Launch ?

    So seriously , i already have this on the PS4 but most of my reallife friends have Xboxs ? Ive been hearing about this for months now , when is it going to be released on the MS store ? Enough waiting already.
  4. Kayaks/new fish

    I have found the Sauger in new York seem to be only reached by kayaking so far.
  5. Wow , I like the new retrieval system for lures. Seems like your in a lot more control . So much new stuff to figure out now , lol.
  6. New content !!

    Looks like its all ready to be explored ! Top water lures ,night fishing and kayaks . I see them to rent in game but looks like well have to wait for the store to update to buy the boats permanently. ($950 in new York and $4000 in Michigan , per day otherwise ) New sauger in new York and I noticed we now have sturgeon in Michigan too ! Sweet.
  7. 4:15 am central , severs just went down and are starting the download. 2pm was incorrect.
  8. Vacations Over, but have some intell lol.

    Lots of great info ....keep this up !
  9. Wild Card

    Well keep in mind this game is still very young ,especially for console . most free to play games I've been into that have a fair level of success have a lifespan of 5+ years . who knows what content is in the works for us . keep in mind they are currently trying to crank out the xbox version right now also . Stick around and see , I know I will.
  10. No offense but I know how misinformed players can be about new content and such. Rather see a link or statement from a dev.
  11. Sturgeon in Cali.

    Yes , I did notice that , but still very rarely catch more than 4 or 5 for an entire day.
  12. Again , is there an ETA on the download going live or scheduled downtime for this update Tuesday ?
  13. Sturgeon in Cali.

    This sucks , lol , one of my favorite fish in the game and not one single tip or tactic on catching these on any type of a regular basis . I'll keep trying I guess , there has to be some trick to these things.
  14. Wild Card

    There already is bottom fishing ? I use corn and peas for cats all time ? Have you not tried that ?