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  1. Since playing the new area , there seems to be a LOT more lockups and crashes than before !!
  2. Well , you havent been a member long so ill give you a pass here.....almost all of the console updates for this game , and heck , every other game i can think of come out simultaneously .
  3. This is odd , why the delay between xbox and ps ? usually they are simultaneous ?
  4. Will you all PLEASE !!!!!!! reevaluate your leveling system ....newer players are almost destined to never make it to max level and fully enjoy your high level content . PLEASE look into this ,its outdated and beyond boring to level at this point !
  5. Again tho....they are making content that very few of their playerbase will actually ever spend any time on or even have much access too at all. Wouldnt it make more sense to let players experience the majority of the game ? Ill say it again , and theres really no argument against it....If someone gets a new account tomorrow there is little to no chance they will EVER see all of the new species and places due to the unreasonable leveling system.
  6. so were going to just ignore the out of date leveling system ? you realize that new players that join have little to no chance at even seeing much of this new content your creating ? wouldnt it be wiser to make leveling easier so people stay around and spend more money on the end game ?
  7. exactly !!! Its like the devs dont even want newer or casual players to experience their new content . other games promote fresh content and encourage players to experience it as fast and long as possible , but these devs just seem like they dont care if some of the playerbase sees it or not !
  8. Please re-evaluate your leveling system ! its getting out of control at this point !!!!!!! Its not a great feeling for the newer players to get this game and find out once they hit 40 its going to come to a screeching halt , oh...and your going to have to fish the same 3 or 4 species of fish nonstop for the next couple months !
  9. oh fully understand grinding , i played world of warcraft for 8 years...........so......... I have beta tested PS4, and have accounts on PC and my main on Xbox. none of them are even close to max level. My point is for a casual player who has limited time to play , fishing for the same 2 or 3 species of fish for IRL a month or two straight is not fun !!! And with any new maps in the future thats going to add another 5-10 levels , so the casual player will be left even further behind. IT NEEDS AN OVERHAUL !
  10. no response , not too surprised. you are really jeopardizing the longevity of this game for casuals you know. Just as a challenge , try making a new account and making it to max level in a reasonable amount of time and NOT fish for pike species or sturgeon.
  11. As the title says , you leveling system once was just fine but today , its way to daunting and monotones for newer player . Even with a premium account getting to max level is just TOO much for some people , especially those with limited time to play each day. Not only that but once the wall hits you around level 40 , fishing 2 or 3 species for the max XP available to you for literally days on end is just boring and loses a lot of people at that point. Please reconsider your progression of levels at some point , or at least boost the premium accounts effect on XP. Maybe sell 3X XP boosters or something ? I love this game but getting to max level at this point is just something ive already come to the realization that is something i may not do.....and thats not good from a consumers prospective !
  12. ok , well after taking over 4 months off , being absolutely burned and ashamed of buying The Fisherman version , im going to give the free version another solid go. looks like a lot of new things have been added and im ACTUALLY excited to try to get back into this game. here goes nothing ……………………….. (fyi Warsteiner 1 is the gamertag is anyone wants to hit me up)
  13. Just wanted to say that although playing FP on PS4 and Xbox , and now the Fisherman Fishing planet I have decided to just call it quits. I was hoping the grinding aspect of it would be cut down in the payed version but as soon as I hit the late 30's my leveling just seemed to come to a slow halt. I just want to hit max level and enjoy the game at its full potential but it doesn't seem the devs share this view. I just cant seem to bring myself to play anymore knowing that ill spend an entire night fishing pike or muskie for hours on end just to get half a level. Grinding is cool , and its part of games like this , trust me I know , I played World of Warcraft in its vanilla days , but this game is just too much. Sorry my love of this game has to end like this but its just not worth it anymore.
  14. Yeah , big ben is doing a terrible job at communication on The Fisherman so far. Hopefully a nerf in the baitcoin repair costs are in there somewhere...……..
  15. Oh , so I may be a little un-informed on this....but is Fisherman Xbox crossplay enabled with PC players ?
  16. For the fisherman ? I know theres pond passes in the free version , but I haven't seen any dlc other than the preoder in the shop ?
  17. Just like the title says , ive been seeing a massive influx of low level players getting into higher level maps ? Im currently in White Moose (22) and theres a lvl 12 in with me ? Just saw the same in Louisiana with a level 3 in there ??? whats going on ??? how is this happening ?
  18. been looking myself , the only thing I know of is that they were tweeking the baitcoint repair costs a little. other than that I don't have clue.
  19. Awesome ! Cant wait to get crackin in a few hours when I get off work !! Thanks !
  20. Will this be simultaneous for The Fisherman or is this just a FP event so far ?
  21. In my opinion , what it boils down to is this....If you think this game is going to be a long-term game and get a good chunk of your playing time over the next couple years , then you would just be crazy not to buy the Fisherman. Ive played this on PC , beta tested it on PS4 and now playing on xbox , and I have to say , The Fisherman makes me feel "Liberated" !! Its amazing how the money chocking and restrictions across the board became accepted as the norm. After only a few hours of play of the Fisherman I felt FREE ! Other than that as far as the Xbox version goes , I also think the graphics seem a little more polished than the free version. I always thought it looked a little pixilated . Long story short , it depends on the time you see yourself putting into this game. Limited , or not much : Fishing Planet Massive amounts or binge weekends : Fisherman
  22. I still maintain that the Amazon river should be a priority at some "soon" point in time ! The sheer number of unique species in it make it an anglers dream !
  23. Was just wondering when baitcoins will be available to purchase with real money on Fisherman ? The equipment that comes with the preorder pack can only be repaired with baitcoins ? Also there are some good packs available to D/L , but again , they are only purchasable with baitcoins and currently we cant buy baitcoins ? Am I missing something here ?
  24. Contact their support. I had the exact same issue and they had it fixed in under 15 mins.
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