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  1. My imagination. When I renewed my premium I started tracking prices. Looks like what I'm seeing is the difference in Basic and Premium membership. And it only took 673 hand entered fish records to discover that little known fact. Still have good start to a fish database now and a good start on a program baits for fish, etc. All is not lost. Its a fork in the rabbit hole where we have to change direction. My apologies. Tight Lines!
  2. After reading the google document, I did some programming to check the listed prices against the fish I caught. After enter a couple of days data, nothing made sense using the old prices. I'm going to spend a couple more days checking my program and the results before I post bad info. Maybe a few of you have already noticed this, or is it my imagination?
  3. Yes, money and experience are two facets of the game that won't go away unfortunately. And if you have the ability to go to White Moose or St Croix, and a larger keepnet, I wouldn't consider Emerald. With that in mind I took a 660lb keepnet to a 5 day challenge at St Croix and White Moose, lakes where it is very possible to fill a larger nets in a single day. And I did fill it each day (within a 1 pound of limit). The totals for St Croix were $172,345 and 30274 XP. The totals reflect 4 days fishing since you don't have to do anything but extend for a fifth day to complete the challenge. I would likely make some changes to how I fished St Croix if/when I do it again. Noon on day four the rods and reels were beat up. Nothing below 60% but to complete the challenge with a full net and save the equipment, I switched from Northern, Muskie, cats to Walleye, drum, and the like which affected my totals. I did however pick up a 20.352 Unique Walleye which sits at #1 on the top 100 board (by .002 lb) and the #6 Unique Freshwater Drum. Surprisingly Walleye pay $86.36 per pound compared to $77.27 for Northern. Might be a day when I go back and try to fill the net with Walleye to see how that goes. It was a good 5 days and other than the equipment problems I would have continued. The fish paying best on St. Croix in order are Walleye, Northern, Smallmouth, Tiger Trout, and the Brown and Brook Trout. In the challenge at White Moose I did much better $187,197 and 41680XP. The main difference seems to be I caught more Uniques than at St Croix. Again the equipment was beginning to show wear by day four. And honestly, I completely screwed up outfitting for this lake. I took four spinning rigs and 3 bottom rods which proved to be a bad decision. My undoing was not knowing that White Moose has a rocky bottom, something I wouldn't know without trying to bottom fish. If you do bottom fish White Moose live baits seem the best bet as anything else falls in the crevices of the rock where only Burbot and Whitefish can get to it. 11 Burbot, 8 Whitefish, 2 Atlantic and 1 Lake Trout without a single Northern seem to bear that out. Not to say there is anything wrong with Whitefish. They pay $85.14 per pound compared to the Northern $77.27 per pound. Burbot pays $50 per pound which is better than Lake Trout and Atlantic at $45.45 per pound. It just takes more 3 pound fish than 6 pound fish to fill the net. Here the best paying fish are Lake Whitefish, Northern, Splake, and Brook Trout. The tiny Lake Chub is 5th and I wouldn't choose to target those. Lake Trout and Atlantic both pay $45.45, and are considerably larger. In any case weather was a factor as well as the equipment (St Croix was mostly live bait fishing while White Moose was lures) so expect your results to vary. And experience on each lake played a part since I have fished White Moose much more than St. Croix. Just know what you are going to target, know how to gear up for those species, and know the lake. And by all means, take the proper gear so you don't end up surprised by the unexpected. Do expect to spend more time at White Moose to fill a 660lb net than St. Croix unless you skip the dead hours and fish the peak times (another thing I didn't do). In any case: Enjoy Tight Lines!
  4. Now that I blotted the models I've come across the problem in the original post more. (People coming up and throwing right on top your lines.) In one case me and another boat were fishing an area semicircle. Everything was good. We have a guy come creeping in on my left shoulder in his lime green bass boat. Everything was fine. Of course that wasn't good enough for him since he kept creeping in, eventually blocking our view of the area. (Once a model gets far enough away they come into view.) The other boat left. I called him out. And he knew what he was doing was wrong since he went berserk and started running through the area like a maniac running us over once or twice before leaving. Another time I was catching some nice Northern when all the sudden I see a line come through the back of my skull and then another. Spinning around I couldn't see anything and no one around, but when I stepped away from the area sure enough someone had set their rod stand right behind mine and threw their lines right on top mine. I called him out. So forget leaving, just call them out in chat where everybody can see. Leaving is exactly what they want you to do. They expect you to leave. Don't. Stand your ground. Call them out. They may get rude but they know when they do it they are the one being rude. And frankly I believe some have perpetuated this problem by telling others how to do it. Someone did it, people left politely and so they see it as an opportunity to bully others into leaving an area they want. (That's what it is, bullying.) And I don't take kindly to bullying. I'm not giving up an area due to someone trying to bully me out. And I've found the best solution to be standing your ground and calling them out. In every case, they know they shouldn't do it and they will leave. They don't want to be embarrassed. They have in my case. But do it nicely. Say something like "Hey, Hogwart you're invisibility cloak is not working! I see you fishing on my lines." Rude, sneaky people enjoy taking advantage of polite people. They enjoy getting over on others, but do not enjoy being called out on that behavior. They love to bully and be jerks until everyone knows they are a bully and a jerk. Then they disappear quietly.
  5. I agree. Its all good no matter how you choose to fish or what lake. And I should be more clear about my comments pertaining to a smaller keepnet, like 330lbs. One would be hard pressed to fill a 485lb net at Emerald in 24 hours IMO. And anything larger would be even harder.
  6. I do agree with Benji here. Carp are the ticket. I spent 2 days there one afternoon boating through the main lake looking for some real definition in structure. Except for some Northerns and a number of nice Zander by the industrial area the Roach and Goby seemed predominant. And even the trophy Goby of .3 pounds only pay $34 and 33 exp. Trophy Roaches of 1.2 pounds about $94-94 and 39 exp. Unique Roach 1.9 pounds paid $163 with 113 experience. The two biggest fish I pulled that day was a common bream of 18.195 that paid $1411 and 425 exp and a Unique Zander of 10.69 paying $1383 and 558 XP. Next largest was a trophy Zander of 6.94 paying $874 and 320XP. Wouldn't put it in my top three, but it was a different experience. It got to be fun when I quit trying and decided to play with the sonar to find fish. When I hit trophy Zanders of 4.1, 5,7 and 6.9 then the unique it got to be fun. I fished the carp lake at night which was the best fishing I had seen and moved to the far left pier toward morning where I took a Unique Prussian 3.9 $336 and 150 XP. Gear up for carp and you'll be fine.
  7. I think we have different styles and that's cool. I won't argue with you levels or targets or money (I only have $883756). And level means little to anyone except something the flaunt. The lakes pay what they pay regardless. What you target and your opinion is another choice you have to make. And if you're satisfied with the choices you made, then by all means, its not my aim to change that. But I've given real numbers that don't rely on opinion and are based on real game play of one day at Emerald compared to the others using smaller keepnets for those newer players who need money. Yes, I did two days at White Moose spending $20200 for travel, 3 day license, extension, and bait with the 485 lb keepnet. . In two days, 70 fish, 958 lbs paying $61534. Take away the $20200 for expenses and you come out with a positive balance of $41334. And that's in 2 days. The third day would be free money except for the $1000 extension fee. Did the same at San Joaquin. Travel license and bait come to $36460 spent up front. In two days 56 fish for 960 lbs paying $68224. Minus the $36460 you net $31864 in two days at San Joaquin. Again, except for the $2000 extension fee, the third day would be all free money. Notice the profit margin is better at White Moose than at San Joaquin in a two day trip using a 485 lb keepnet? My opinion, which means nothing, Emerald is where you can make best use of a 330 lb keepnet. At San Joaquin you again need to consider upgrading equipment and net. These steps are built in to game and proven in the SHOP where certain items are reserved until one reaches a certain level. There is truly no wrong choices to make just some choices that are better than others.
  8. Totally not true. Emerald is a grind, but St Croix is a losing endeavor unless you fish it daily or quite often. Travel to St Croix is $9800 plus the license. Get a one day license $8000. You've paid $17800 for one day fishing at St. Croix. Target Blue Catfish and pay bait costs. Use cheap medium cut at $370 for 10. 20 is $740. Here's how I did with a premium account and a 485lb keepnet. 29 Fish. Money earned $26830 Experience earned 4730 Total weight 483.927 of 485.017 Average weight 16.68 lbs Average pay $925 Average Experience 163 Per fish it looks great, but you were <$18540> in the red when you started between travel, license and bait. You brought in $26830. $26830 - $18540 = $8290 that actually went into your pocket. Compare that to Emerald..... Travel $3000. License $900. No bait cost. Today I pulled in 111 Fish. $31791. 9930 experience. That's $31791 - $3900 = $27,891 in the pocket dollars. San Joaquin is no different. 28 fish. $32002. 7366 experience. Don't forget you started out $17800 plus any bait in the red. So $32002 - $17800 = $14202 (if you didn't use bait). What it comes down to is.... You can't put enough of the larger fish in a moderate size keepnet to make those lakes pay off like Emerald does. I've done this several times with different nets and I'm here to tell the newer members..... Don't rush yourself to the higher level lakes until you have a decent sized net (551 or 660). Sure make trips to all the lakes available, but grind out Emerald if you need money. And if you need money Emerald is the place to find it (that doesn't cost an arm and leg). I'm well past level 30 and still fish Emerald (occasionally at least) due to the money factor. And the money you put in your pocket is as real as it gets when it comes down to affording the rods, reels, boat and equipment you want.
  9. You're all missing something if you think Emerald Lake is bad. Try this...... You pay $3000 for travel plus whatever the license is...... Now, I took a 330 lb keepnet and decided to fill it up using 1 ultralight rod and spoons, spinners, and jigs. It took 24 game time hours to get 329.258 lbs of 330.7 Total fish 146. (average fish weighed 2.25lbs) Total money $41095. (average fish paid $281.) Total experience 12884. (average experience per fish 88) At White Moose you pay $7800 plus license...... 1 rod with lures, same net......330.009lbs of 330 Total fish 24 (average 13.75) Total money $22665 (average $944) Total Experience 7326 (average 335) You decide. Would you rather make $41095 - $3000+license or $22665 -7800 plus license? Which one shows the greater profit? At St Croix (9800 TVL) you would average 13 fish for a total of $15038 and 3318 experience. That $15038 - 9800 plus license.... Sure you make more money per fish and get more experience per fish, but in the long run, you end up with less total money in your pocket. Your choice. I did White Moose and St Croix with a 485 lb net as well. Attempted Emerald had $39865 but extending the stay emptied the net. Either way, Emerald puts more money in your pocket. It just takes more time.
  10. I agree the game is wonderful fun. And yeah, some of the people are just not too bright. I've gotten to where I blot out those nearest models. You can do that in the settings. Others you just have to ignore. They don't go away, but they aren't bothering you (as much). I was fishing facing the gate at White Moose, caught a nice Northern. Ready to go home, I spun around only to see a freaking kayaker had pulled in behind me. Had to hit the anchor (or run him over). In real life he'd be dead. Fortunate for him its only a game. Those types and the ones who pull their boat/kayak in between you and the area you've been fishing for 5 straight hours are the worst. And they are mostly lower level players who are just looking for someone catching fish that they can tag in on and grab some money and experience. They'll never learn to play the game, without someone showing them where the fish are. They can follow a walkthrough or watch a youtube video, but they just aren't that bright in decision making.
  11. IMHO, if anything needs an update it The Everglades. Four small piers and no boating. Unless I'm missing something that makes for fisherperson rage (if there was such a thing). Hard enough to pay the expenses, much less having to compete for a spot to fish to make any money.
  12. I can see other's point of view but I disagree. Most often these situations occur on Lone Star. There are enough places to fish there is no need to fish elbow to elbow. Today when I was there I counted 6 people. Six total players for the whole lake and someone is hitting you in head with a rod????? First, it's not sociable. If you believe it is, then go buy some real fishing gear, go to the nearest lake and walk up to the nearest stranger and try throwing your line on top of his/hers. Hit the stranger with your newly purchased rod. Try to stand between him/her and the fish they are fighting. Then excuse you bad behavior with, "I was only trying to be sociable." Or would you even consider such a thing? If you want to be sociable send me a message and ask for help. I'm always more than willing to share what I know (if I know the answer). But such things are never sociable in real life and only tolerated in gaming. Secondly, no one should have to alter the game settings to prevent clowns/idiots/level climbers from interfering with the players. Let the clowns/idiots/level climbers alter the settings so no other player has to put up with them. Yes, it does work both ways. But the clowns/idiots/level climbers won't alter the settings since they can't play the game and need someone to irritate for their own amusement when they fail at catching fish. The much simpler solution is to remove the names from the screen. Then if anyone wants to be sociable they have to send a message (which is the sociable way of doing things in the first place). The other method would be a barrier between each player, say the length of the rod they are holding, so there is no thrusting and parrying going on, and no one need to be bothered with the jokers who can't play to save their life, and have nothing better to do than ruin the game for those who do enjoy the puzzle, exploration, and fishing. As it is, the most enjoyable lakes are the northern lakes that allow kayaks or boats. Less level climbers and more fisherman in those places. Yeah, you still have a few who need to see if they can cast into your boat. Happens in real life as well so we can say that's just human nature (where its not human nature to walk up to stranger and hit him in the head with a rod and reel). I presume its not unheard of for someone to stand in their boat and try casting to hit the people on the dock! But that would be just part of the game, right? Or would that be someone trying to be sociable as well? The game is great fun. Its some of the people who ruin it.
  13. Yeah, still true to this day. It doesn't take the so called pro-gamers long to figure out how to level up without actually playing the game. They don't find it cheating. It's just testing the limits of the game. In their minds its only a data bit. And there are plenty more where that came from and no effort expended to learn, explore, or enjoy the game. Its achieving something for nothing with no personal effort involved. The worst thing the developers did was identify all the players on the lake. Now every, what you call idiot, who only wants to level up watches the chat panel to see who is catching what and when they see something interesting/they need, they look around the lake to see where the person is fishing and rush over to cast right on top. In real life they'd end up hurt, or in a hospital but they see no reason not to do the stuff online they would be afraid to do in person. Its easy to tell who they are. They are the ones doing the stupid things. Some try to block you on the small paths. Some try to block you from your rod holder (as if they could steal it). Some follow you to the offbeaten little nooks that you have to hunt to find. Then some will go make a video about their great discovery for Youtube likes. They don't know any other way to play without putting in the least effort and call it winning. And then these joker think themselves pro gamers testing the limits. What they are really doing is irritating the players who put in the hours to learn the nuances.
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