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  1. Hi Templar.... There are indeed Snakeheads in the FishermanFP. I have caught 4 in Everglades.... Far Right on map... aim for lilypad alley.... They also have been caught at 1chicken. (Quin) and I believe Mud Lake. So, yes they are back and a nice fight... If you do not have the Stringer... you still can keep them in your Creel..(Keepnet) if there is room. My apologies for not responding more quickly...been fishin.. Tightlines All !! Almost forgot... caught on Shiners....Pole of choice will work.
  2. Update Today the Snakehead does swim in The Fisherman. I did see the fish on an acquaintances Creel. Thank you !
  3. As I see it, as long as the money keeps showing up, the developers aren't pushed to clean up the game. Indeed, they have done some repairs on Fishing Planet and I have no idea what those entail. Everyone has something to complain about when it comes to FP (Original) but please think of this before you whine too much. There is a game that the owner doesn't have to do anything at all. They don't have to do any updates, DLCs absolutely nothing for the players.... Just take our money and smile. That would be "The Fisherman - Fishing Planet". ELU requires nothing from Big Ben. I have been
  4. Indeed inaccurate BabyBomer_60. I also found that the bait can only be tossed about 60 ft. I really cant think of a situation where it would be useful to do... Thank you for your input. Spod Rod it is... but at least I tried and learned. Always a bonus.
  5. I've been playing for a while now and was wondering what goes in this spot.... if anything.... I have looked everywhere I can think of but to no avail... Thank you in advance for helping out...Tight lines
  6. This popped up several times while I was fishing. It has only happened while in Cali. I had to shut down the app in order to clear up this bug. I am using a PS4 and The Fisherman Fishing Planet. It isn't a regular occurrence but it has happened 4 times this week.
  7. Tonto, Thank you for that. I still do not understand what temp is considered "Cold" or "Warm" etc. I now understand the retrieve is unaffected making it easier for me to C&R but understanding the groundbaits desolve rates still eludes me... Sorry for the request.
  8. I've been playing for a while now and still am confused when it comes to water temps... ie what is ; cold water, temperate water and warm water? I have yet to figure that out and when it comes to groundbaits they are listed by water temps as part of the description. I also don't know, as in RL, does retrieve speed depend on the temp... cold= slow etc. Thanks for the help. I do appreciate it. Tight lines.
  9. Ok, a bit of venting... on fish escaping from the hook...during a fight... I've been fishing for more than 40 years and the improvement in gear is amazing. Lines that are almost unbreakable, poles that can bend almost double and especially hooks. When I started, removing hooks, and fish spitting the hooks, was an easy , and regular process. Now when I bring the fish in I have to use longnoses to remove a hook. The octopus hooks and the "Laser sharp" hooks bury themselves very deep into the fishes mouth and even barbless hooks get in deep.... I have caught most freshwater fish from Gillies to s
  10. I shut down last night and today I found that all of the brown trout eggs and the frankenbait in my home storage were gone.... not available....not in my backpack... just gone... Why and How does this happen? It seems like there is some time limit on them or something.... it just stinks that I put that effort into getting them and then they disappear...Is there some way to get them back?
  11. I was wondering what a "Gift" is. I found it when I was going to send a comment to a friend and saw that I had nothing to give as a gift... OK, so what qualifies as a gift and where do they come from.... I hunted around and couldn't find any answers.
  12. I keep Golem at home now that I have caught it after a long fight.... and wore out both pole and reel... As for breakage of rods and reels, I had a fish hit while in Florida and I set the hook and the pole broke immediately. I didn't even have a chance to fight. There are just some fish that are too strong for the rod. Reels do wear out after a time.... which seems strange to me as I have several reels (and poles) I have used for more than 30 years without breakage. I fish for Salmon in Lake Michigan, Northern Pike in Canada, Bass and Walleyes as well as Big Cats in the Illinois and Mississip
  13. As a basic set, this is true. However when you start trying to pull a submarine from the bottom of Saint Croix, or fighting a trophy Northern - Muskie you need to bring the big guns. I realize that XP max is part of the game, but landing one of those Blues or a Trophy, Unique Northern - Muskies takes skill and heavy gear. I have brought less than that and had poles break, lines break and been towed around like I was a small child (forgot to drop anchor) in a 2000+ lb boat. As it is, I usually bring along a few poles (X- Heavy) and reels as well as line to take on these strong fish. In one tri
  14. It would be nice to use the front and back decks of the Bass boats and have the option to move forward in the Rubber Motor Boat... Upgrades for the fish finder and pole holders would add even more realism to the game too.
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