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  1. Call me old or confused... but how do you get the fireworks to fire off... There is no clue offered that I can find in game or on line... What gives or am I completely missing it...Using a PS4 if that matters. Thank you and tight lines.
  2. So why aren't they? Oh...wait.... that would be too easy? Um it would make the game more playable and a lot less ridiculously complicated.... Please, gimme a breeak... Why not announce, list goals and fish for each event... for all platforms.... The capabilities are there to do it. Give it a shot developers... We, the game players, would like to have clue what and where... no need to tell gear needed... these characters will be... give a realistic amount of time leading up to.... Hey....guess what... Halloween..will start January 37th and comtomie imto; Maxtober 214 It will feature the booggiestar vamp cat that can eat a car in agulp... Just a suggestion... Tight lines all
  3. I too have had that happen... thought it was my provider... Was booted while tusslin with a ginormous perch... probably around 45 pounds and was using an ultralight with 2 oz line... and a paperclip... doing ok until the boot... Actually I have been booted and in the middle of a cast locked up. Tight lines.
  4. Apologies, yup there are Goldies in Rocky Lake.... Just started "finding" them after others started catching.... I had not observed any landings until after the post was up... Now they are available.... I should have mentioned that I was limited to spinners for a Mission... sorry for the omission... dah.... I also had to size down in spinner size.. Trout are looking for small and quick, kinda like real life... anyway, they are available, and beautiful, and I was able to complete the mission... Tight lines all
  5. Ok, Fishin Rocky Lake Co.... Lookin 4 Colorado Golden Trout... Not catchin, nor observed any having been caught... It has been only one day at this time and I am just putting it out there. Tight lines...
  6. Hey PH.... I have caught the critters in the locations mentioned.... but would enjoy clearing a Mission as described ... The yellow director made me go to Mud... Oh well... Just another gilitch.. Thanks for the info lcheevers and PH.... Tight lines.
  7. Ok, so I was fishing Mudwater River goin after American Shad ... fished a couple game days.... no shad hittin.... Checked the list of largest fish taken...Looking at American shad... See. Pickrel...with the filter set for American Shad.... Didn't know a shad and pickrel was the same criture... guess i be gettin schoolin... Just sayin. Tight Lines all.
  8. Let me guess. Fisherman aint gonna c this .... Looks like a cool fish to go after. Nice work. Tight lines.
  9. Well it is over... That was a fumble from the start... NO info.. No lead up.... Heck, don't even put that in the Missions. BIgBen didn't even have their hands on the ball. I guess that the 4th of July kind snuck up on them.... Ok, so I got Washington's hat... that meant I landed 150 Historic fish... I am pretty sure that I didn't even get 1/2 of the species, but BigBen kept that mum.... Should we warm them that Halloween is scheduled for October? or Christmas.... Commmooonnnn... That was embarrassing, if I were responsible...Well... aannywayyy.... At least I have a nice Tricorn... Tight Lines All.
  10. It sounds like an interesting event to participate in.... PS4 The Fisherman has absolutely NONE of this info available to me; anywhere at all. I have looked in Missions, nope, Challenges, nope..... I did catch the Muskie at St Croix but have been unable to catch any other Historic... So What gives??? Talk about frustration. The St Pats event was well done and easy to know the goal... This... Ummm Nope. Tight lines All
  11. The "Historic fish are included on Fisherman, but there is no info about what fish are available, there is no list of anything about the 4th missions. The flag can be raised... gift usually fireworks to induce the Historic fish to bite... Yeah... more pop and bang... Anyway, I have caught the Historic Muskie at St. Croix... can't hookup with any other ones at either Texas or Alaska.... Friends have caught at Florida... haven't tried yet... I agree there needs to be some way...like StPatricks... for us to have some idea... PS4 Update... some real good Utubes for info...all missions, fish... the whole enchilada
  12. Musette, That was a concise and well stated comment about TF. I have removed FP from my PS because of the bugs and cost of moving up. The limits placed on the angler in the original add too much frustration for me. That said, TF really does stink at times with the freeze and disconnects to mention a few, but I have offered to mentor several newbies on the game. Some have flourished and others flounder but that is part of playing. My biggest gripe is the lack of on-line conversation/assist available here in this forum. I placed a comment on St Croix some time ago and there is no reply nor has anyone made any further comment after mine. One of the big problems I find is the "Upcloseness" of people (ie. set up right on top of you, cast through you, etc) and believe that they will be catching on the same rate as I am. I have attempted to explain that I could be standing on the shore and it is raining and they are in sunshine. I do direct them to the wiki site to help. All that said, the majority of level 50+ are, if approached politely, will give a hand to the lower level fisherpeople. Tight lines all.
  13. Hi Templar.... There are indeed Snakeheads in the FishermanFP. I have caught 4 in Everglades.... Far Right on map... aim for lilypad alley.... They also have been caught at 1chicken. (Quin) and I believe Mud Lake. So, yes they are back and a nice fight... If you do not have the Stringer... you still can keep them in your Creel..(Keepnet) if there is room. My apologies for not responding more quickly...been fishin.. Tightlines All !! Almost forgot... caught on Shiners....Pole of choice will work.
  14. Update Today the Snakehead does swim in The Fisherman. I did see the fish on an acquaintances Creel. Thank you !
  15. As I see it, as long as the money keeps showing up, the developers aren't pushed to clean up the game. Indeed, they have done some repairs on Fishing Planet and I have no idea what those entail. Everyone has something to complain about when it comes to FP (Original) but please think of this before you whine too much. There is a game that the owner doesn't have to do anything at all. They don't have to do any updates, DLCs absolutely nothing for the players.... Just take our money and smile. That would be "The Fisherman - Fishing Planet". ELU requires nothing from Big Ben. I have been playing for a while and spent some dollars for a game that kicks me out (black screen of ahcrap), breaks down my rigs when I leave (Remove line, leader, hook and bait) and has hesitations that can last over 3 seconds.... No Snakeheads available, to mention a few. As for contacting support.... tried and failed and/or just brushed off with a quick reply... not our fault, something you did caused it, or something along those lines. When it comes down to it, I do enjoy the game and have some very nice friends that have helped me out and made me the gamer I am... sort of... OK... they assisted me immensely and I can not thank them enough. I bought the disc and once you open the case...It is yours. People have asked me about the game and if I would recommend it. While I would not, but should you buy it... here are some major problems you will face.... Not going into it, Read the book when it comes out. It makes no economic sense to aggravate (make angry) the customers, they don't like it... Rather think this way...Happy customers will do more for your business and pull in others...ie. more money... Just my point of view...but what could I know. Me just the moron that typed this... Tight lines for all.
  16. Indeed inaccurate BabyBomer_60. I also found that the bait can only be tossed about 60 ft. I really cant think of a situation where it would be useful to do... Thank you for your input. Spod Rod it is... but at least I tried and learned. Always a bonus.
  17. I've been playing for a while now and was wondering what goes in this spot.... if anything.... I have looked everywhere I can think of but to no avail... Thank you in advance for helping out...Tight lines
  18. This popped up several times while I was fishing. It has only happened while in Cali. I had to shut down the app in order to clear up this bug. I am using a PS4 and The Fisherman Fishing Planet. It isn't a regular occurrence but it has happened 4 times this week.
  19. Tonto, Thank you for that. I still do not understand what temp is considered "Cold" or "Warm" etc. I now understand the retrieve is unaffected making it easier for me to C&R but understanding the groundbaits desolve rates still eludes me... Sorry for the request.
  20. I've been playing for a while now and still am confused when it comes to water temps... ie what is ; cold water, temperate water and warm water? I have yet to figure that out and when it comes to groundbaits they are listed by water temps as part of the description. I also don't know, as in RL, does retrieve speed depend on the temp... cold= slow etc. Thanks for the help. I do appreciate it. Tight lines.
  21. Ok, a bit of venting... on fish escaping from the hook...during a fight... I've been fishing for more than 40 years and the improvement in gear is amazing. Lines that are almost unbreakable, poles that can bend almost double and especially hooks. When I started, removing hooks, and fish spitting the hooks, was an easy , and regular process. Now when I bring the fish in I have to use longnoses to remove a hook. The octopus hooks and the "Laser sharp" hooks bury themselves very deep into the fishes mouth and even barbless hooks get in deep.... I have caught most freshwater fish from Gillies to sturgeons and 105 lb catfish and haven't lost a fish in years. Why do I loose them in the game, when it is supposed to be current and up to date with the gear? Back in the day fish would spit the hook as you lifted them, and it happened to me many times through the years. As my Grandpa put it "It is called Fishing, not Catching" and I have always thought of the sport as that. Now, however, when a fish strikes and the hook is set, the fight starts and can last for over 2 hours (real life) as it did with the Mississippi River Cat (105 lbs). That hook was buried deep and during the fight my line was slack for a long time. I thought that I had lost it many times but the hook remained lodged. I pulled a 12 lb Northern out of the ice last weekend and, had slack like several times but the fish was hooked deep... Please.... update the hook technology and let us play as if the game was current... I realize I am whining but it really sucks to loose a fish after a hard fight because of "lack of tension" Venting over, still enjoy the game and the great people I have met while fishing. Please pass the cheese.... I'm a bit hungry...
  22. I shut down last night and today I found that all of the brown trout eggs and the frankenbait in my home storage were gone.... not available....not in my backpack... just gone... Why and How does this happen? It seems like there is some time limit on them or something.... it just stinks that I put that effort into getting them and then they disappear...Is there some way to get them back?
  23. I was wondering what a "Gift" is. I found it when I was going to send a comment to a friend and saw that I had nothing to give as a gift... OK, so what qualifies as a gift and where do they come from.... I hunted around and couldn't find any answers.
  24. I keep Golem at home now that I have caught it after a long fight.... and wore out both pole and reel... As for breakage of rods and reels, I had a fish hit while in Florida and I set the hook and the pole broke immediately. I didn't even have a chance to fight. There are just some fish that are too strong for the rod. Reels do wear out after a time.... which seems strange to me as I have several reels (and poles) I have used for more than 30 years without breakage. I fish for Salmon in Lake Michigan, Northern Pike in Canada, Bass and Walleyes as well as Big Cats in the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. The most maintenance I usually do is wipe them down, give a shot of lube and put them in the rack until the next time.
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