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  1. Thats a great idea, some sort of incentive would be great! I love the events and cant wait till the events come(already cant wait to do the next one). The only 1 I havent done yet is Halloween. Its disappoiting to hear you cant do the event missions again.
  2. I ended up just using a wiggler and then I was able to hit the distance I needed, but I will try the different line.
  3. I'm using the same setup as I always have. I'm fishing with the fenix 14'10" a big river 6500 reel, and using .016 fluor line, chubby bobber. I've used this setup for at 6 months and could cast around 182' today I used it today and the max cast was about 170'. I know its not a huge difference but sometimes a few feet can make all the difference. I think I read something that sometimes the events can cause little bugs and was wondering if this could be the cause?
  4. So I finished the dont bully me shark comp. I wanted to fish more, when I checked the weather it was written in what looked to be maybe Russian writing. Its not a big deal just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  5. Thanks sithidious, I did try this but it didnt work. I got an email from support and they referred it to the devs. I cant even tell you guys how much it means to me for your input. Thanks
  6. It used to drive me crazy too until someone suggested it in an old post. Good luck fishin.
  7. No I wasn't, I dont do that. I know its probably silly or superstitious, but I thought that it might change the RNG and hurt my chances in the comp - lol. I also try to restart the the the game before the comp, to lessen the chances of a crash during it.
  8. I was in the Trophy Whiskers comp today - I usually do good in this comp - the last 2 I was a top three finisher. Today I did the comp and there were no fish that I could catch went to my usual spots with the same gear I always use and could not get a bite. Nothing would show on the fish finder either. I changed spots, baits, ect... And nothing worked. After almost 40 minutes IRL, I left the comp with 20 minutes left and not a single bite. The only thing I used different was the new bass boat otherwise everything was the same. Could it be a glitch with the boat? Also Since the update, game crashes constantly (which I know the server's are probably bogged down and I can understand that). 1. xSKULLHUNTERxxx 2. Xbox 3. 4-17-21 3:44pm est 4. See above 5. LaCazadora 11'1" - Torbellino 1100 - Gary Scott Sagitta bass boat
  9. I'm having it happen alot on Amazonian maze. Seems like whenever I get a uni -Lol. We just got the map here on xbox, So Im assuming that its because so many people are on???
  10. Yes it was difficult at first but I wasn't casting out far enough. Spawn at Sunrise fishing and cast straight out as far as you can. I used a #2 hook with duck mussel meat. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner been fishin the new map. Thank goodness for PH_Carpman99 :D) Good luck.
  11. The easy fix is while your rod is cast out hit the right bunper(xbox) so you zoom in on your bobber and then adjust the drag. Also works on spinning rods and baitcasters.
  12. Money maker challenge is now working with the new update. Thanks for resolving this issue
  13. Thats a great idea tonto, it would be nice.
  14. Im having issues with my bottom rods as well. Cast out 40ft and in less than a min my bait drifts up onto shore and out of the water.
  15. Within the last week I noticed it happening in California when fishing for sturgeon. I cast out 40ft and in less than a minute my bait is actully on the shore out of the water. Its kinda of frustrating in comps. I play on xbox and havent gotten the update yet.
  16. Thanks Tonto for your reply. This was at 10am today and it still shows blank after logging back in today at 5:35pm. I have completed all the comps I have enter for the last several days havent missed any.
  17. Doing comps at the end where you see your results, it always shows your psr rating with either a 0 if no points are gained or lost or a number either + or neg. Today I came in 5th place and the space was completely blank. I get psr points for coming in the top 10. It seems that this is a bug or glitch as it should have some number. I've also noticed other strange things happening in the comps today such as casting out 40 ft and within a minute my bait is laying on the shore. Also when catching fish the fish are coming in from behind me. I've tried rebooting the game ect... I'm playing on Xbox
  18. Its actually a bug that support said would be resolved in the next update.
  19. UPDATE: I heard back from tech support today, this is an issue happening that they are aware of and it should be resolved in the next update.
  20. You need to use baby buffalo or baby catfish for the snakeheads
  21. Np kdog, I appreciate the response. Have a good 1
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