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  1. note: telescoping rods can't be turned off... only match rods will switch between flop and normal casting.
  2. have fun, make money, and try yet again to best Hilrond… what's not to like?
  3. looks to be another grand adventure... lookin' forward to it.
  4. another squeaker, Hil… gratz to all. Didge.... Hil is Gramps (i'm Pops roflmao)
  5. 'Twas grand fun. Gratz to the winners. my condolences, Hil.
  6. this one will be interesting, indeed. looking forward to seein' y'all there.
  7. exit steam and restart. sometimes this will trigger the FP patch.
  8. you don't need to use CTRL+. just the number of the inventory slot the rod occupies. I put the bottom/feeder rods in the same inventory slots for each trip.
  9. having used the feeder and bottom dlcs to level 50, I can say they work well enough to get by until the final couple of bugs are fixed. the glitches and hitches are being worked on, but even accounting for them, I would disagree that they are non-functional. perhaps you could relate the game breaking problems you're having here and get some help? tight lines.
  10. Happy 2019. it's all mix and match with the rods and reels. new may be used on old, and old may be used on new. a new spinning reel works just great on that old reliable Jigwinner, and the old reliable Espira MLR 3500 works just fine on the new laker pro feeder rod. tight lines.
  11. i have played games online since the days when all online games were text based, and I've never seen one tutorial which teaches one how to take advantage of a glitch.Taking advantage of a game glitch is generally grounds for being banned from that game.
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