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  1. Q&A Fishing Planet

    You may be correct, and if so I apologize for the brain-fart. However, " it said I could buy but could not equip. " seems to indicate something else is going on here.
  2. Q&A Fishing Planet

    There is a level requirement for equipment. Check your level against that equipment to confirm whether or not you meet the requirements.
  3. Q&A With the Dev Team! #3

    Will Kayaks be available for purchase from the in-game store using in-game credits?
  4. Best spot and method for XP at lvl 10?

    Keep in mind that your keep net is the item which puts money in your account... recommend that the first item you purchase upon level up is a bigger keep net. if that means you fish your current lake a bit more, it is, in the long run, the best investment. If you have a large enough net, then New York walleye are indeed a good money maker.
  5. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Starts 11/25

    I think we're all a bit masochistic... we like these too much. Now, where'd I put that leader for the gar rig...?
  6. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    Another enjoyable challenge, Trulight. Thanks. (If I ever catch another sucker...)
  7. Forum Bug

    Thanks for the fix... thought i'd lost my voice for a spell, there.
  8. New York and Cayaks

    Scary thought... though it is Halloween
  9. New York and Cayaks

    I apologize, Marshall, I don't remember which were caught during what weather. I think we spent a couple of days and the weather changed from rain to partly sunny.
  10. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    Methinks it'll be a grand adventure either way you fish it.
  11. New York and Cayaks

    Caught sauger, walleye, shiners and yellow perch all in the new areas of emerald lake - both day and night.
  12. casting bug

    Your response is much appreciated y'all.
  13. Premium should be attainable via Bait Coins.

    And, IMHO, there are better ways to use bait coins. They cost rl cash, too.
  14. casting bug

    The casting problem seems to be "planet-wide", aboard a kayak or on land. Switching from Float rig to Spinning rig will trigger it in a very short period of time. My wife and I have both experienced it in Florida, Michigan, Texas, and New York. I had the problem in Colorado as well.
  15. Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Closed- (PC ONLY)

    Congrats to all the winners. Thanks, once again, Trulight for another grand challenge.