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  1. A Fish Score Display

    Interesting idea, and I like it. Question is... how to determine that score? Would a 5 pound common pike be worth as much as a 10 pound common pike? I can see where this could get very complicated very quickly...
  2. Spotted Bass Competition! Real Prizes -OPEN!!-

    No, I wasn't paying attention when she set up her FP account. She just appropriated my google account, so it's my mistake, not y'all's.
  3. Spotted Bass Competition! Real Prizes -OPEN!!-

    I reckon my wife is using my google account for her FP account... since I'm not willing to create another google account just for this, I'll have to bow out. 'Tis a grand challenge tho; kudos. Tight lines, Talon
  4. Spotted Bass Competition! Real Prizes -OPEN!!-

    How often is the leaderboard updated? I've got 3 screenshots posted and nary a credit on the leaderboard... tight lines, y'all
  5. 16 Ton Lures

    I, too, have the problem with spoon, jigs, bass jigs, spinners... can't figure out how to get them off the bottom... I've fish in every location with them and the problem is consistent. I don't think it is indicator mechanics, but it would be nice to know for certain.
  6. Coins for unique bluegill

    Unis give higher experience points and pay more credits than the common/trophy of the same species if kept and sold at the end of the trip, but I don't think any of them payout Baitcoins.
  7. to me, that's the beauty of this simulation.... can't make a real life trip pay, period. a 2 day trip in this game isn't really bad. my wife and I do them now and then just to compete with one another for a longer time. With the 440 pound keep net, I've found most of the places we fish can be profitable with 1 day, and perhaps some night fishing.
  8. Line durability

    I've been too greedy for credits to test line until it breaks so I've only gone to 25%.
  9. Spinning setup for Michigan

    me, too.
  10. catfish

    with the 440 pound keeper net, the money earned is not an issue if you don't limit yourself to one species... variety at any given fishing spot is key to making a profit from the trip... and night fishing can fill, or nearly fill, the net if day-tripping didn't. I haven't been to all the spots for night-fishing, yet, but I presume the catfish bite fairly consistently ...
  11. the frog popper works very well on the bass in Florida at night as well as during the day. Haven't had this much fun for a long while...
  12. The Glow Crank works at night in Florida... caught my first uni largemouth ever on 3ft glow crank, following a grand sunny day using frog popper. Trophy Butterfly Peacock and largemouth both during the day; trophy and uni largemouth at night during peak time. tight lines, y'all
  13. Christmas Vac Pack

    press the 'F' key while standing on solid ground....
  14. Sun glasses

    I Absolutely agree. Fishing the 'glades Salty Delta can be a real test...
  15. idea's for new waterways thread

    Based on what information I've gathered from various threads, the long range plan is indeed to add locations in Europe, South America and possibly southeast Asia. It just takes a long time for a small development team to do it all. As far as I'm concerned, there's no rush.