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  1. Just got my first mirror Carp. Very happy. I used hook 6
  2. I watched a Jake Vegas video and he catches it with Honey bread , hook 1/0. With a float setup. Im doing the same and cant get any. Not even a bream or roach anymore. Very strange Correction, he uses a bottom setup. Im trying now with float setup. Gonna try exactly the same
  3. Thank u for Ur reply. Im using hook 6 atm. Tried 4 and 1/0 to but didnt work either. Semolina balls, dough balls,bread, bread with honey. Not getting mirror or common carp
  4. Hi. Im on lesni vila trying to catch some mirror and common Carp but im only getting bream,roach & prussian. Not even trophies Im using a creekpro 240 With a open feeder ATM I tried a sinker to , leader length 140, But no carp. I also having troubles mixing groundbait. When i add the ground base i only get to chose 100% when i add aroma its 9,99%. What am i doing wrong with these 2 things? Not getting any Carp and my groundbait mixture is not good.
  5. Cant find it. I googled for fishing planet psn community. Can u send link to this community please?
  6. Maybe its more fun than just experiment on my own. And watch youtube videos. I rather ment a buddy to fish with and share experiences and such. Share tips.. Things like that. It doesnt necessary have to be a atypical but just anyone that has respect and patience for autistic people
  7. Hello everyone. I dont game as much as others , but if i game i mostly play fishing planet. But im missing someone to give me advice and teach me how to be a successfull fisherman. Is there someone on this forum , preferbly atypical , that wants to fish together now & than? A atypical/autistic person or a neurotypical with enough patience? Would be very much appreciated by me , a struggling atypical.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Someone tips for the uni chain? Didnt get him yet and the shiners are running on empty. Im throwing near the lilli pads on the left side of the dock of peace
  9. But what im wondering about rodstands, If u have 3 Rods on a stand , and 1 in your hand. How do u manage this? If u have a bite on your hand and 2 on your stand , how do u control this?
  10. You are right. Everything is wearing equel.
  11. Hi. Im not a newbie to fishing planet, but still learning. Today i catcher my first uni. I got a few in the fishermen but its a while ago. Atm im trying to catch unique chain. Tried casting spoons , small minnows and now i want to give shiners a go. I want to combine it with a sinker. So this is how it looks , but i get the warning 'terminal tackle to heavy for Rod' Dont know what im doing wrong. : quiver tip 28g Creekpro 240 Inspirecast 3000 Braid 0.15 2.7kg Sinker 25g , changed to 15 but still a warning Monoleader 0,14. 2.5kg Hook 1/0 Shiners
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