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  1. Hello, Dear winners! Please, Check your accounts. All rewards sent and successfully delivered. Sorry for the delay and thank you for understanding.
  2. Hey guys! Happy to announce the winners of the contest! nordak76, peeter_panfish, Walleyewhisperer, please, write to me in PM your nickname in the game Thank you for everyone who took part in the contest! You are also very welcome to share with us what kinds of contests you’d like to see in the future. Tight Lines!)
  3. Hey anglers! Join our Show Off contest for the most remarkable snapshot of your catch! It can be funny, beautiful, weird or extraordinary in any way possible - you name it! SHOW US YOUR BEST SNAPSHOTS IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW! We’ll select the 3 that are most impressive or unusual and award the owners with 100 BaitCoins! Yep, as simple as that! We’re already waiting for your amazing snapshots! Tight lines!
  4. Jonathan J. O'Neill collected tips for the new players. Please, read it! And if anyone else has other tips, feel free to add them. Money Management When booking a trip, book only one day. If you want to fish another day, press T to extend your trip to the next day. You will be prompted to pay for the extension there. If you book multiple days at once and you end the trip early, you won't get a refund. Read over your licenses. Know what you can keep and what you must keep/release. Fines for keeping or releasing restricted fish are severe. Do not rush to the shop as soon as you level up and buy that newest piece of equipment. Many times, you unlock something before you can effectively use it, such as higher test line. One of the first things you should think of purchasing when you level up is a better keepnet or stringer. They may have a relatively high upfront cost but a larger one allows you to keep more and larger fish, which translates to more money per day. Equipment and Gear There are four types of rods and two types of reels. Spinning, Match and Telescopic rods require a Spinning reel. A Casting rod requires a Casting reel. To float fish, you must use a Match rod or Telescopic rod. When assembling your rod, make sure each piece matches. Your rod should be the strongest part. The reel's max drag should be as close to the rod's max line weight without going over it. The line's test rating should be as close to the reel's max drag without going over. The line should be the weakest point of your setup. A broken line leads to a lost hook and lure/bait. It's much cheaper to replace these than it is to replace a reel or rod. Take the time to understand what each drag setting does for your reel. If you have a reel with a max drag of twelve pounds with six settings, that means that each drag setting adds two pounds of pressure to the line. A high drag reel with low test line can cause line breaks as soon as pressure is applied. Reels have two capacity measurements. Mono Capacity is the amount of monofilament or fluorocarbon line the reel can hold. Braid Capacity is the amount of braided line the reel can hold. For metric users, you would see a measuremnt such as Mono .12/65. This means the reel can hold sixty five meters of .12 millimeter monofilament or fluorocarbon line. For Imperial users, you would see a measurement such as Mono 2/80. This means the reel can hold eighty meters of two pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Thanks to user [Sin] Striker for pointing out that it did not use "Feet" as I originally stated. The developers have opted to use "Meters" for capacity, rather than the industry standard "Yards". Thanks to user Deconstructed for helping me point that out. There are three types of line; Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braided. (Note: Some of this info may not translate in game yet) Monofilament line is your cheapest line. It has more stretch than fluoro and braid, which translates to a more forgiving hookset but makes it more difficult to detect subtle bites or hits against structures. It also has near neutral bouyancy which means it will sink slowly. Finally, Mono is more visible than fluoro but less visible than braid, which can affect a fishes tendency to bite. Fluorocarbon line is your moderately priced line. It is the least visible line available and has a higher abrasion resistance than mono line which can help with snags. It is more sensitive to light bites and sinks faster than mono line. Fluro line also has a higher tensile strength than mono of the same diameter. Braided line, also called Superline, is your most expensive choice. The tensile strength of braided line is much higher than mono or fluoro lines of the same diameter, allowing you to power through snags or more easily land larger fish than if you used the other two types. The smaller diameter allows you to load more of it on a reel than you could with the other two types of line. Finally, it is the most visible line, which may make fish less likely to bite and due to it's positive bouyancy, it also floats. Hooks range in size from smallest to largest; 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, and 10/0. There are two types of fish keepers. Keep Nets allow you to release a fish you've caught. These generally have a lower overall and single fish weight than stringers at the same tier. Stringers generally allow you to keep more and larger fish than keepnets at the same tier, but you cannot release fish placed on them. The Retrieve To perform a Lift and Drop retrieve, press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time for the same duration. Approximately one second. To perform a Stop and Go retrieve, reel in approximately three to five meters of line, stop for a couple of seconds and repeat the process. To perform a Twitch retrieve, reel in continuously while tapping the right mouse button to cause small jerks in the line. Straight retrieves are just that. A retrieve where you steadily reel in without performing any other actions. There are two variants, a slow one and a normal one. Take note that a lure's weight will affect the speed required to do a proper retrieve. Heavier lures will require a faster retrieve as do lures that are further away. To adjust your speed, use scrollwheel up or down to select between four different speeds and reverse. Hooking and Fighting Fish When using float rigs, match the bait to the float. Each type of float is designed for a specific weight of bait. If the bait is too heavy for the float, it will sink. When setting the hook, try to pull the rod in the opposite direction as the fish is traveling. Pulling in the same direction can pull the hook out of it's mouth before being properly set. When fighting a fish, and tension starts to increase, press and hold right mouse or the return key to pull back on the rod. Pulling back causes a fish to tire out. Turn away from the fish in the opposite direction of it's travel while holding right mouse. This puts a little extra distance between the rod tip and the fish for the next tip. When tension begins to fall as the fish tires, release right mouse or the return key and start to reel in with left mouse or the space bar while slowly turning towards the fish. That allows for a little extra slack in the line to be reeled in each time you pump the fish. Never reel in while holding right mouse or the return key, especially when tension is still high. This will only cause line to leave your reel more quickly. If a fish is too much for you to handle and you want to end the fight, press B to cut the line or reverse your reel to pay out line. Continue paying out line until the fish spits the hook due to low line tension. Imperial/Metric Conversions There are two choices for units of measurement in game. The following are some brief conversions to aid you if someone uses a measurement you're not familiar with. 1 Inch = 2.5 Centimeters (Predominantly used with leader depth) 3.3 Feet = 1 Meter (Predominantly used with line length and cast distance) 1 Ounce = 28.3 Grams (Predominantly used with lure weight) 2.2 Pounds = 1 Kilogram (Predominantly used with fish weight, line test and reel drag) Another difference with Imperial and Metric is time. The Metric setting uses a twenty-four hour clock. The Imperial setting uses a twelve hour clock. 12:00AM = 00:00 12:00PM = 12:00 1:00AM = 01:00 1:00PM = 13:00 2:00AM = 02:00 2:00PM = 14:00 3:00AM = 03:00 3:00PM = 15:00 4:00AM = 04:00 4:00PM = 16:00 5:00AM = 05:00 5:00PM = 17:00 6:00AM = 06:00 6:00PM = 18:00 7:00AM = 07:00 7:00PM = 19:00 8:00AM = 08:00 8:00PM = 20:00 9:00AM = 09:00 9:00PM = 21:00 10:00AM = 10:00 10:00PM = 22:00 11:00AM = 11:00 11:00PM = 23:00
  5. Olga

    A letter to Santa

    Dear Friends! It’s time to hand out those Christmas presents from Santa and his merry elves!;) Thank you all, who wrote their fishing story letters, all of which we made sure to pass on to the North Pole! Every one of you will receive 50 BaitCoins! We will contact the TOP 10 story writers and with their approval post some of the letters here as soon as possible! Unfortunately for technical reasons, we can’t send you the Tackle Packs on Sony Playstation, but we can and will send you all the Christmas Edition items from the Packs separately! Will will write you each an email with further info!
  6. Olga

    A letter to Santa

    Hey there, angling friends! Believe it or not, but every now and then Santa Claus himself enjoys a day out fishing in the company of his magic elves. That’s why he particularly enjoys reading any mail coming from a fellow angler! So how about writing a letter to Santa and his elves to tell them about some of the fishing adventures you had this year? Let them know which places you’ve been, what tricks you’ve learned, and don’t forget to mention what kind of present you’d like to get in the Fishing Planet game for Christmas! We’ll make sure to pass the letter on to Santa and will see to it that the writers of the most creative, interesting and original stories get their rewards! Contest Rules: 1. Write an interesting story about your fishing experience, mentioning what kind of present you’d like to receive in the game and explain why. 2. Send us the letter to olga.k@fishingplanet.com 3. All letters must be written and sent before Dec 24th, of course;) Winners will be announced on Dec 25th and get some presents and perhaps, if they are persuasive enough, even the present they asked for in their letter to Santa;) The more interesting, funny, sincere or original your letter will be, the more chances of touching Santa’s heart and getting what you want! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  7. Hey anglers! What’s up?! My name’s Yuriy and I’m a lucky guy - happy to be a game designer at Fishing Planet! Being only a casual amature angler, I nevertheless totally get the thrills when my line becomes tense, promising that big catch. Actually, there was one extremely emotional moment that I experienced while boat fishing for pike last fall. And yesterday while playing Fishing Planet I literally had a deja vu and experienced that same sensation, that exact tremor….as I took a kayak into some reed thickets and cast my bait...and felt the line go tight with tension. But you guys know that feeling as well as I do. Right from day one, we designed Fishing Planet as a fishing simulator with boats. All this time, you’ve probably been wondering why we created such huge waterways like Emerald or San Joaquin, with great open spaces that you couldn’t reach anyway. And now, finally, all that great potential is going to make sense! In order to do that we approached the matter with utmost seriousness! Part of the team went out and rented actual kayaks (luckily, our office is located right by the riverside;) to see and feel for ourselves what it’s like to go boat fishing from a kayak. You see, while it may be quite widespread in the USA, for us here kayak fishing was a completely new experience. Many of us were actually riding a kayak for the first time in our life. Those few of our team members who were quite experienced, instructed the rest, and were only making meticulous notes to ensure that the in-game kayaks would behave just like the real thing and that kayak fishing dynamics and mechanics are true to life. As it is often the case, the creation process of one boat type alone turned out to be way more difficult than we expected. This was mostly because our programmers wanted to go the whole way and recreate fully true to life physics of the kayak’s behavior, rather than make a primitive model that would be a very distant imitation. The kayak is propelled through the player’s rowing movements and depends on technique to not turn over or get stuck on shallow shoals. This means that it’s rather challenging to control it and that was precisely what we were after. In the future we plan to improve the rowing system to make kayak controls even more realistic, but even now I hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to explore the vast open spaces of our rivers and lakes and do some boat fishing, of course! Here’s an insider tip for you guys: hurry up and enjoy your kayak fishing the way it is right now, because in all probability our future updates will feature new improvements to make the catch way more challenging and probably put limitations on the tackle you can use for kayak fishing. After all, it’s not so easy to make a cast with that long telescopic rod while balancing a kayak, right? So what’s next? Why, motorboats, of course! So I hope you’re already looking forward to some dynamic boat speeding action! After that will come new waterway maps and fish finders, of course! We also plan to broaden the scope of possible interactions with some of the boats’ separate elements. And you can definitely expect some boat fishing competitions in the future! Believe it or not, but I’ve been waiting for all this for the last few years! So, what would you like to find out about in our next entry? Ask away, give us topic ideas...and we’ll make sure to give you the hottest inside scoop on what’s cookin’ in our gamedev kitchen!;)
  8. 1."What is the garage icon for at the bottom of the Inventory page? Will this be for boat access and when can we expect boats to be launched?" That’s right - the Garage will soon be the place from where you can access Boats. That’s exactly what we are currently working hard on and we plan to release this feature in the nearest future. Actually, we’ll share a video with you guys next week! Make sure to keep track of our news - it’ll be fun! 2. "Will we see traditional carp fishing features such as bite alarms, bottom bait fishing .E.G boilies. Also in combination with some British waters?. Thanks" Right now, we are actively working on bottom fishing, feeders, as well as British and European waterways. We already finished a new aquatic complex in Great Britain called the Weeping Willow Lakes and are currently working on Dutch and German waterways. We’ll soon show you a sneak peak of the new location and + 40 European fish species. However, we plan to release all of these features (European ponds and Bottom fishing) together, as one complex update. 3."Are there any plans to do a port for Xbox one?" We definitely have Xbox in plan and are currently busy with porting the game to this platform. At this time we can’t say anything about release dates, so keep track of our news and updates - we’ll be sure to let you know! 4.Would u consider legendary fish ? even bigger then the unique versions Yes, we’re thinking about introducing Legendary Fish as a part of Quests or Game Missions. 5."Will you be adding quests and missions and more achievements(that are not related to tournaments) because at the moment if you're not interested in competitive fishing there's nothing to do other than just fish and after a while it's hard to stay enthusiastic about fishing when you have no goals" We are thinking about adding Quests and Missions to the game, but at this point our key focus is centered on new core features, such as Boats and Bottom Fishing. 6." My main question is why baitcoins are now required for unlimited licences on all locations? Would much prefer if it was back to just credits/cash like how it used to be." Unlimited Licenses are a premium feature. Skilled and experienced players can earn enough BaitCoins to buy an Unlimited License for their favorite location. 7. "Do you guys plan on adding new fishing locations on PS4 to catch fish like amberjacks , grouper, marlin? And also when will there be night fishing available on the PS4 version?" We plan to add night and topwater fishing on PS4 by the end of this year. But we do not plan to release saltwater fishing in the near future. 8."When developing the bite behavior for the fish, food preferences, and general fight characteristics, which species did you guys find hardest to portray?" At this point we had the most difficulties with behaviour tuning for all fish of the Salmon family, Trout in particular. 9. "Will there ever be a way to create your own lures? How many times I've wished I had a 3ft 5/0 lemon yellow crankbait or a 1.oz 3/0 rainbow spinner etc." We have a Craft System in plan, that will allow you to create your own custom lures and baits. We plan to release an early version of this feature together with Bottom Fishing. 10. "Will ducks, deer, wildlife etc. ever be introduced into the game. It would help drastically with emersion and overall game experience." We definitely plan to introduce wildlife to our waterways! Actually, we already added animals as a test feature a few times. For instance, there was a bear on Kaniq Creek last year...but he probably had enough salmon to eat and is currently sleeping in off in his lair;) As a matter of fact, you can bump into an alligator while fishing right now! Have you met one?;)
  9. Questions & Answers! Hey, dear angling friends!You probably have a lot of question for the Dev Team by now. And so, we’ll be happy to give you some answers! That’s why we’re launching a new series of posts called "Q&A Fishing Planet"Once a month we will hold Q&A sessions and pick out 10 most interesting questions that you send us and will publicly post the answers.Ask away, guys and gals!;)PS. All questions for the 1st session should be submitted by September 27th 10 P.M PDT. Answers will be given by the end of the week!
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