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  1. Hello, Dear winners! Please, Check your accounts. All rewards sent and successfully delivered. Sorry for the delay and thank you for understanding.
  2. Hey guys! Happy to announce the winners of the contest! nordak76, peeter_panfish, Walleyewhisperer, please, write to me in PM your nickname in the game Thank you for everyone who took part in the contest! You are also very welcome to share with us what kinds of contests you’d like to see in the future. Tight Lines!)
  3. Hey anglers! Join our Show Off contest for the most remarkable snapshot of your catch! It can be funny, beautiful, weird or extraordinary in any way possible - you name it! SHOW US YOUR BEST SNAPSHOTS IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW! We’ll select the 3 that are most impressive or unusual and award the owners with 100 BaitCoins! Yep, as simple as that! We’re already waiting for your amazing snapshots! Tight lines!
  4. Jonathan J. O'Neill collected tips for the new players. Please, read it! And if anyone else has other tips, feel free to add them. Money Management When booking a trip, book only one day. If you want to fish another day, press T to extend your trip to the next day. You will be prompted to pay for the extension there. If you book multiple days at once and you end the trip early, you won't get a refund. Read over your licenses. Know what you can keep and what you must keep/release. Fines for keeping or releasing restricted fish are severe. Do n
  5. Olga

    A letter to Santa

    Dear Friends! It’s time to hand out those Christmas presents from Santa and his merry elves!;) Thank you all, who wrote their fishing story letters, all of which we made sure to pass on to the North Pole! Every one of you will receive 50 BaitCoins! We will contact the TOP 10 story writers and with their approval post some of the letters here as soon as possible! Unfortunately for technical reasons, we can’t send you the Tackle Packs on Sony Playstation, but we can and will send you all the Christmas Edition items from the Packs separately! Will will write you each
  6. Olga

    A letter to Santa

    Hey there, angling friends! Believe it or not, but every now and then Santa Claus himself enjoys a day out fishing in the company of his magic elves. That’s why he particularly enjoys reading any mail coming from a fellow angler! So how about writing a letter to Santa and his elves to tell them about some of the fishing adventures you had this year? Let them know which places you’ve been, what tricks you’ve learned, and don’t forget to mention what kind of present you’d like to get in the Fishing Planet game for Christmas! We’ll make sure to pass the letter on to Santa and will se
  7. Hey anglers! What’s up?! My name’s Yuriy and I’m a lucky guy - happy to be a game designer at Fishing Planet! Being only a casual amature angler, I nevertheless totally get the thrills when my line becomes tense, promising that big catch. Actually, there was one extremely emotional moment that I experienced while boat fishing for pike last fall. And yesterday while playing Fishing Planet I literally had a deja vu and experienced that same sensation, that exact tremor….as I took a kayak into some reed thickets and cast my bait...and felt the line go tight with tension. But you guys kno
  8. 1."What is the garage icon for at the bottom of the Inventory page? Will this be for boat access and when can we expect boats to be launched?" That’s right - the Garage will soon be the place from where you can access Boats. That’s exactly what we are currently working hard on and we plan to release this feature in the nearest future. Actually, we’ll share a video with you guys next week! Make sure to keep track of our news - it’ll be fun! 2. "Will we see traditional carp fishing features such as bite alarms, bottom bait fishing .E.G boilies. Also in combination with
  9. Questions & Answers! Hey, dear angling friends!You probably have a lot of question for the Dev Team by now. And so, we’ll be happy to give you some answers! That’s why we’re launching a new series of posts called "Q&A Fishing Planet"Once a month we will hold Q&A sessions and pick out 10 most interesting questions that you send us and will publicly post the answers.Ask away, guys and gals!;)PS. All questions for the 1st session should be submitted by September 27th 10 P.M PDT. Answers will be given by the end of the week!
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