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  1. Unfortunately not. Same goes for all monster lures, X-Series and Trophy lures. As @PH_Carpman99says, there have been many requests for these to be replaceable if lost, ever since they were introduced. It does seem daft that some of these lures can take quite a lot of time and effort to obtain but can be lost so quickly by a simple mistake and then not be re-attainable. Either these lures should come in multiples (say minimum of 3) or they should become an unlocked purchasable item, (Hate to say it but even it that is for a sensible bait coin cost.)
  2. I had similar issues with the Emerald lake canoe, after about an hour yesterday I gave up. I was casting all around and over the boat. Went back this morning and cast just behind the boat almost in the reeds and noticed the mission segment "Cast around the boat" cleared. As with Weeksy, a couple more casts in the same area got the chest. If you check out Soopa-Dave Gamings youtube video it shows the exact spot I used. Good luck.
  3. Hi, Level shouldn't really matter, that only unlocks new items / locations. Check that the gear you are using is appropriate for the type of fish you want to catch. Hooks and lure sizes, also I've found that some smaller fish bite more on fluoro leaders than titanium. Good luck.
  4. Sander Baggersee is a great place, the one issue I have is the shear size of the place and how long it takes to get to some of the more remote locations. Really needs more spawn points.
  5. Definitely. Depending on the peaks you should be able to 3 at 9pm, then 3 @ 11pm, 3 @ 1 am and 3 @ 3am, hit fast forward to next night and boom, money. Rinse and repeat until so bored you can't stand the site of sturgeon. They didn't call the comp Sturgeon In The Dark for nothing Good luck.
  6. Crawfish do work on sturgeon, but spawn sack has a much better bite rate. Make sure you are fishing at night for the sturgeon for best results, also helps if you have multiple rods out and spread out the casting spots to avoid any dead zones. During the day you should also be able to fill your net with carp using the peas/corn and lots of bass / steelheads using the spoon. The salmon by the dam are also a good money maker. Best option is to make enough money to cover the current trip and then go back armed to the teeth with spawn sack and a night light You should be able to turn a profit in Cali even without the sturgeon.
  7. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but one QoL change that would be really useful in this game is bulk buying baits. Having the option to either buy X amount of a bait, or spend X amount on a bait would be great.
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