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  1. Hello, I was also disappointed yesterday when it turned out that there are no fishing rod holders in the St. Patrick's event boat. I hope this is a bug and it will be fixed because it is frivolous treatment of players (it will describe something different than "at least" virtual reality).
  2. Hello, does anyone have the parameters of an event boat and motor boat, because I can't find them anywhere.
  3. He also calls for the lost mission lures to be purchased in the premium version (for coins) in the shop after its completion. And if and when the possibility of installing a rod holder in boats (for cash or coins) will be added.
  4. Ja złowiłem bodajże na jeziorze Quanchkin w Louisianie
  5. Perhaps instead of a waterway in Russia some in Ukraine, for example, the Dnieper River. Or at least change the name and location on the map.
  6. Will it be good this year and when will it be a good opportunity to fish with corn bait to get a pilgrim hat. Do you need to fish in certain places or anywhere?
  7. I also hope for new waters, e.g. Mekong in Asia or maybe something from Europe, e.g. Wisła. But maybe something for the lower level this time.
  8. Hi In the end I managed to catch this Bream unique, and strange because I caught it on sweet corn and hook 8/0 but it may be because I throw bait on the carp and he took the opportunity. But the trophy as standard for the bloodworms. Now I am going back to Russia in search of a unique volga zender.
  9. Hello You use groundbait or just bait to catch bream in Wepping Willow
  10. Witam Łowicie wszystkie ryby z listy na każdym łowisku czy tylko wybrane? Ja początkowo łowiłem wybrane ale postanowiłem zaliczyć wszystkie. Chętnie pomogę w miarę możliwości poszukać jakiejś rybki na razie tylko do lvl. 52
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