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  1. Daily tasks could be introduced, e.g. catch a few pieces of a specific fish with a selected bait (spon, buzz, swimbait), or with a fishing rod (spinning, match or bottom, ...) or a fish of a certain weight (up to xx kg or over xx kg .). For completing a daily task, e.g. 1 or 2 bitcoins or bait or groundbait. Extra reward for completing 7 daily tasks in a week and extra reward for completing all of them in a month. It would certainly attract many occasional players and it would be nice entertainment for regular players as well as a motivator for beginners. 

    greetings to the creators

    ps. We are waiting for information about the progress in the work on the new waterway.

  2. Hi

    In the end I managed to catch this Bream unique, and strange because I caught it on sweet corn and hook 8/0 but it may be because I throw bait on the carp and he took the opportunity. But the trophy as standard for the bloodworms.

    Now I am going back to Russia in search of a unique volga zender.

  3. Witam

    Łowicie wszystkie ryby z listy na każdym łowisku czy tylko wybrane? 

    Ja początkowo łowiłem wybrane ale postanowiłem zaliczyć wszystkie.

    Chętnie pomogę w miarę możliwości poszukać jakiejś rybki na razie tylko do lvl. 52

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