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  1. Hello. It would be nice if the devs presented a road map, i.e. when and what update will be, of course, indicative. And is there anything known about other improvements like trophy rom or daily quests. And of course, congratulations to the creators.

  2. Daily tasks could be introduced, e.g. catch a few pieces of a specific fish with a selected bait (spon, buzz, swimbait), or with a fishing rod (spinning, match or bottom, ...) or a fish of a certain weight (up to xx kg or over xx kg .). For completing a daily task, e.g. 1 or 2 bitcoins or bait or groundbait. Extra reward for completing 7 daily tasks in a week and extra reward for completing all of them in a month. It would certainly attract many occasional players and it would be nice entertainment for regular players as well as a motivator for beginners. 

    greetings to the creators

    ps. We are waiting for information about the progress in the work on the new waterway.

  3. Voice rooms and the ability to trade or sell gear to other players would be great, I would add the ability to sell event items like old bones, bat wings etc. Or the ability to make baits or gear out of them like bobbers, cage feeders, sinkers or lures.

  4. Hi

    In the end I managed to catch this Bream unique, and strange because I caught it on sweet corn and hook 8/0 but it may be because I throw bait on the carp and he took the opportunity. But the trophy as standard for the bloodworms.

    Now I am going back to Russia in search of a unique volga zender.

  5. Witam

    Łowicie wszystkie ryby z listy na każdym łowisku czy tylko wybrane? 

    Ja początkowo łowiłem wybrane ale postanowiłem zaliczyć wszystkie.

    Chętnie pomogę w miarę możliwości poszukać jakiejś rybki na razie tylko do lvl. 52

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