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  1. nice new update i hope you guys give us our money back it took to buy license and travel feels to Louisiana and back to where we were fishing. was in midnight gar event on 12/18/2017 at 7pm and all it kept saying was no rod is assembled and would freeze i had to reboot the game at least 10 frigging times then just gave up . money back would be nice thanks , update acts like its on krokodil
  2. so since the update my screen has froze 7 times when i have a big fish on and why does it take energy to row a kayak this is nonsense , its takes 15 mins to row to a destination but with waiting for energy to rise up it takes 25 mins ,,REALLY ? my arms dont get tired in the game from catching big fish ,did you guys really need to do thatn . could you also put back the way the lure would show how its moving underwater back to the old way please this new way is no good and why does my minnow swim half way across the lake now smh
  3. so when are you guys gonna get on the events so they are actually good . meaning event times suck balls , really Saturday night and 5 amateur events no non amateur ones really , listen why are these events limited?, seriously . event times i get are always 1 am 3 am 5 am and then normal times are all for amateurs , FO with that crap if there is amateur events there should be regular events going on at the same time , MAKE MORE EVENTS WITH TIMES FOR EVERY COUNTRY , Why the heck some people on eastern time can only do certain events at 3 am and 5 am mix them up ,
  4. I really love this game but enough is enough with the event times . I live in Canada and always events are at midnight or 2am or 4am its ridiculous it really is. I love doing the events but there hardly any to do at reasonable times is this game events designed for only one kind of time ,this should be addressed and fixed
  5. so this weekend just passed was a weekend for the amateurs with most events were for them and now the next 6 events for the next 24 hours four of them are for amateurs really ,,REALLY
  6. it really sucks when you are in an event like lucky 7 and you move to a new location only to go cast and no line appears BUT!!!!! it sucks when it happens 4 times in one event and you have to reboot and get back in tournament its a lot of time wasted .... please fix
  7. as for the tournaments I have not seen one yet and I play this every day
  8. i agree its why they need to put in more events and different ones as well ,its frustrating to only have one option a week to really play an event
  9. question when will more events be put into the game with different task instread of always redoing the same events over and over again as well as will the events be at reasonable times instead of 2am and 4 am and 8 am when people go to work and school . Also when will tournaments start taking place
  10. Ok seriously does your developing team for events smoke crystal meth or something and are up all night coming up with messed up times for events like 2am or 4am events and then you have four events in a row for amateurs etc could you add more events that would be really nice and add some at reasonable times because some of us dont smoke crystal meth and arent up all night till 4am to do a fishing event and where are these tournaments
  11. its crazy the hours ive spent and not a bite nothing lol im going madddddd lol
  12. NOT to mention the bait coins used to buy useless bait
  13. great idea for Halloween really bad idea for fishing . ive done nothing but waste money and time trying to catch a Halloween fish in Louisiana for the past 3 days . on top of it you need to catch what is it 100 vampire fish for a bloody hat , i sure hope you give us something in return for just wasting a bunch of peoples time and money trying to catch one ,ive fished with other players last three days who have not caught one nor have had a bite not one between 7pm and 5 am . fix this crap
  14. Need to have more lure events not bobbers smh wheres the damn skill in that bobbers
  15. holo

    cheat spots

    love this game but one thing in Michigan you have a spot where you can just cast over the bush and constantly pull out trophy fish and unique pike which doesn't make it challenging nor competitive maybe you guys can fix that
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