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  1. hey there, first, what is that rod you have? certain reels only work on certain rods. that mini spin 800 you have is a spin reel and should pretty much work for all types of rods except a casting rod.
  2. so ive been fishing in cali for 3 weeks and 2 days now, and have managed to haul lots of cash amounting to 3M+ in-game cash. couldnt have done it without the help of @kdog013, @PokerXXL, and @AlteredApe. Thanks a bunch master anglers! also, im now level 51, thats 13 levels farming sturgeons in cali! i really appreciate the help guys, and gals! for the benefit of everyone who might be wanting to earn cash, or just to level up, i think cali is a great place once youve unlocked it, and have a decent keepnet/stringer. i think at least 150kg/330lb would do fine. if you have something
  3. i think chain pickerels are the heaviest you can find among the pickerels. agree with @PokerXXL on emerald. you can also find em in louisiana's quanchkin. but if youre looking for under the pike family, thats a different story :P
  4. just wanted to give update that ive tried that spot again where you need to go on a boat, and ive been doing 5 in-game days now getting around 25k/ day, with my 250kg keepnet. thank you master anglers for your tips and support! im so happy, im even using my 6kg setup, and catching 20kg+ sturgeons without putting up a fight, lol!
  5. hello sir! good day to you! yes i did, though i cant seem to find any luck on that spot. theyre not biting my crawfishes there. lol! so far, im doing good from the left-bottom spot. though ill try again a little later :P cos simply looking at the casting distance really would be sweet for reeling in. thanks!
  6. night fishing really does make the big difference! now i spend more time reeling in a 20kg+ sturgeon with my 15kg setup, lol! though the exp is sweet! thanks for all your help masters!
  7. music to my ears, LOL! ill take my chances on em just so not to waste them crawfishes. thanks! ill try to those spots --- so is night time really the best time for sturgeons?
  8. This is where i tried my spot so far, since 3 of the videos i watched had that common spot. I was also fishing at peak time, based on the bite time. is there any chance left for my crawfishes? LOL! i also have grasshoppers, corns and peas in my bag.
  9. So finally, i convinced myself to buy an advanced lic in Cali, wanting to farm sturgeons, and 1 hour (real time) has passed, and so far, ive only caught 1 smallmouth bass, 1 steelhead and a striped bass, using my casting rod with a #4/0 medium spoon. Not even a single bite on my bottom rod with a crawfish on a #4/0 hook. In-game info says white sturgeons prefer large cutbaits or crawfish. so i bought myself tons of crawfish since its cheaper. However, watching most of the guides, most (if not all) are using spawn sacks to farm white sturgeons. Now im confused. spawn sack
  10. LOL! yea. and i think not just a hole, but itll be ripped apart. whoa! admiring the complete detail of that. though i think @Hollander020and i are way too far for blue crab island im hoping itll somehow be the same for cali. or, close, at least. wutcha say @kdog013? i was kinda looking forward to "...and then more", LOL! i only have a 550lb net though, but filling it in just an hour?! thats insane! i think thats the dealbreaker right there -- so far i think im doing fine in oregon farming trouts. if i make enough after my adv lic expires, and by that,
  11. ha! thanks mate! i honestly missed the feeling of country after having country songs on my playlist couple weeks ago. then suddenly felt the urge to go fishing, so i redownloaded the game, LOL! and yea, like @kdog013mentioned, quite a list we have, but just to mention a few that surprised me - **there are motorboats now. back then, there were only kayaks **missions! i dont believe there were missions before, and can 'track' em too. **and hundreds of new tackle setups. (triple runners, hunched runners, etc) **new loading screen, lol! **they now have an online sh
  12. hello! allow me to answer your question the best possible way. bells only ring when you hook a fish. there are also 4 kinds of bells with different sensitivity. so, if you put on a bell with low sensitivity, it might not ring if you hook a small fish.
  13. hello fishermen! this thread caught my attention big time (as there isnt much active ones) i recently came back to the game(ps4 ver) after 2 years of gaming in PC, lol! so, i was level 36 when i left, and was a little surprised with some of the changes in game. headed to NY to fish walleyes, and hit lvl 37 after 5 days or so, playing around 4-5 hours a day in real life. im halfway through to 38 now using a 6kg-7kg setup. sure im getting lower xp, but im happy with how im filling up my 250kg keepnet in a whole in-game day. --edit FWIW, im only using leeches for
  14. is that what you meant by this? LOL! crazy then. well, my bad. thanks for taking time to reply. :D catch ya around! cheers!
  15. bumping this up as it looks really beneficial to everyone. one thing on the sheet given though, almost all of them are in BC. how about for the ingame cash? :P thank you so much for this, btw! ill try to add my share, im currently in NY fishing.
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