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  1. I bought myself the 5€ pack aith the 23.5kg bottom rod (sport pack) and fenix 450 10kg rod. I use these roda on moose lake and it is going very well. Just before bedtime yesterday i bought myself the 150 bautcoin 70kg net as well since i lost 3 20kg uniques already and was sick of it haha. Atm i am almost lvl 29 so i am getting there.
  2. Lol it’s expensive huh? Xd i was shocked by this as well, traveling costs and license cost make up for a big whole in you’re wallet
  3. Welcome back! I wonder, what changes had there been in 2 years? I have just been playing for a couple of days so i’m curious
  4. Thanks for that mate! I have just returned from rocky lake, suits me better than everglades thats for sure! Full keepnet in 40 (real) minutes. 30kg. almost lvl 23 now as well. Next step is michigan? Or moose lake?
  5. Yeah i got a feeling i made the wrong choice regarding the rods and reels i choose.
  6. Well thats what i am asking haha! I am asking what waterbody and fish you guys recommend. I am lvl 21 atm with the setups listed above.
  7. Hmm i feel like i am a bit stuck here.. i got a 5kg spinning setup and a 4kg float setup. What do you guys recommend?
  8. I mean in the game, i won’t add you on the playstation itself wzawzdb
  9. For me atm its about making a bit of progress. Took me almost all afternoon to get from lvl 20 to 21 fishing bass... i don’t think that’s normal haha
  10. @kdog013 sent you a message ingame. @PokerXXL @kdog013 from what i gather from youtube the way to go at least on my lvl is using 3 float rods i stead of the spinning and floating i do now...
  11. Okay. If i stay here and catch bass it will take me till december to get to lvl 30... no idea what else i can do
  12. Hmmm falcon lake better for my lvl than everglades? Cuz i find the xp for fishing Bass terrible here, money is good though
  13. I play fishing planet on the ps5 atm. Good to know thanks!!
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