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  1. Dano_UK

    Subspecies boards?

    It'd also be very useful to those fishing the smaller uni's such as Redband trout or cuthroat trout for example, and trying to see the highest weight caught but can't because the board only has trophy brown trout catches! It can be ....annoying! I mean, when I was at Oregon last week the leaderboard showed only 99 trophy brown trout and the 100th happened to be a uni' rainbow! It's ridiculous.
  2. Dano_UK

    Bug maybe?

    Yeah, 'home storage' is basically back at your house, where all the stuff you didn't need to go fishing that time is kept. Can't access it from any waters so always make sure you take what you need BEFORE you hit 'travel'!
  3. Dano_UK

    On the drop

    Not a bug. You can get them same place just by flicking the lure just a couple of times on it's way to the bottom too. Been on that lake a couple of days now and the 'rubber banding' stuff ruins any decent presentation, so may as well try stuff like this.
  4. That's Michigan mate, not New York. Nice catch though.
  5. Thanks mate. Yeah, all my steam stuff is already set like that. (F12 supposed to be the shortcut...nothing happens.) F10...F11....prtscr......nothing works! Very odd because I used to be able to take them around xmas time. Tried that mate. Does nothing for me. Cheers.
  6. Said 'tongue in cheek'. If this game has taught me anything it's that Americans get very impatient if they have to sit/stand still and not catch anything for 10 min's! lol.
  7. Lol....until the Russian, Brazilian, German "ultra's" turn up you mean? I'm out anyway as no matter which button I push on my keyboard it won't take screenshots! Quite annoying actually.
  8. Bite alarms are generally used for 'specimen' Carp fishing where you can sit for hours/days for just one fish! Do you really want to do that in this game? lol. There wouldn't be one American left playing the game after 1 week!
  9. Nice catch. The Uni' Carp is usually around at 5-9am as well as evening.
  10. Unique's spawn once per hour and very rarely twice per hour...but that was last year, dunno about now lol. If the uni' times are say...7pm - 9pm, then you have 2 chances to catch one. I recently caught 3 uni' steelheads at Cali' in a 3 hour window.....so I know it works!
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