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  1. Sony and Microsoft both require to go thru a certification process. They are different companies and that's why there is a delay because they do not work together
  2. There it is, i had the update on ps5 minutes ago
  3. Probably at the same moment as it comes to PS4... 3 weeks
  4. If you would read this thread you could conclude it will be be 3 weeks... give or take
  5. I do understand they unlock the update for the PC players first to find issues in the new waterways. But.. they are also giving them the possibility to start leveling up. What I do not understand is why not give the PS4 and Xbox players the same possibility to start leveling up at the same time to be fair, unlock the level up to 70 and once the issues are out of the PC game update the waterways!!
  6. Will there be a 4K resolution version in the future?
  7. Nothing yet for the console players... still 12 hours to go until the end of today
  8. They didn't say PC only so I assume... wait for tomorrow
  9. Dear mod's Any news regarding the release date? This is the fifth week since the announcement and the waiting is getting harder each day ...
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