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  1. I understand your feelings...I didn't mean to criticize anyone for how they choose to play the game...I was only pointing out what I feel makes them frustrated. It's funny with this particular game- I wonder how many who use the Tutorials and spreadsheet to advance quickly-do the same when they play a RPG or a Strategy game? Do they use every spoiler/cheat they can find to rush thru to the end? I don't think so...so I wonder why so many do it with FP? I think you you hit on the answer...the "grind" to make $$$ is a little too tedious..I think it should be toned down a bit, as well. As I am retired and can play as much as I want, whenever I want I had no need to accelerate things...but I can see how someone who has to work everyday could lose patience with the pace very quickly. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. Funny thing happened...this afternoon after I wrote the first post...I actually hooked my first Unique! A Largemouth in Florida1 Funny coincidence, I thought!
  3. I see so many posts from players who "have reached the end of the game and find it boring now". I believe they have created this problem by the way they approach the game. It is supposed to be about fishing...as we all know fishing is unpredictable in it's nature. How many of you, in real life...go to a lake armed with a map that tells you the exact spot, bait, time to catch a "unique" or Trophy fish? So we have players who turn the sport of fishing into a task of using a "map" or formula to achieve a "goal" of catching every single fish obtainable and then when that is done they say the game is now "boring! I have been playing now for a few months and am currently at level 27. I make it a point NOT to watch videos that show me where a certain fish may be found, etc. Instead I approach each lake as I would in real life..looking for likely spots, exploring the surroundings. There is more satisfaction in discovering a sweet spot on your own then there is just following someone elses directions! I don't use spreadsheets and the like...I try to achieve realism instead. I have caught several Trophy fish this way, although I must admit I have yet to hook a "Uni". But that way, I still have that as a goal...and I would rather discover one by myself, by trial and error than follow a "map" of where they are! I believe the game would be well served if the Devs could introduce a random factor that would have the effect of making the location of so called Trophy and Unique fish a variable rather than a constant. This would do away with mapping and make the game mirror real life unpredictability. I think this would add to the enjoyment. I also think the game would improve by adding spontaneous unpredictable environmental effects...a deer on the other side of the lake, a airplane flying overhead, someone swimming nearby, etc...but these should be totally random and not so frequent...like the repetitive dragonfly landing on the pole, which is much too frequent and happens day and night, it seems. Thoughts?
  4. OK guys, thanks for the reply's...I'll give it another go hoping it was just "one of those days!" Thanks!
  5. I reached level 27 and finally have a reasonable bankroll after grinding away thru the lower levels. I figured maybe I would just take a break from the $$$ grind and do some fishing just for the enjoyment. Being that Texas has no travel fee, I thought it might be a good idea to purchase the Advanced unlimited license...that way I could fish there whenever and not have to worry about catching enough fish to cover expenses all the time. I never really tried to catch the Buffalo or Catfish there before, so I watched some Youtube videos and figured I'd head there and try to have some fun doing that,. After buying the license I arrived at Lone Star lake and went to the spot on the video for Catfish...set up my rig according to the video...and sat there all day (during the "Peak" map time...and caught 0 fish! Oh, my bite alarm played a constant ding, ding, ding....but never any bites that even registered..,. Fished there all day and ended up with 3 spotted bass that i caught on spinners...I am wondering...when you buy a "Unlimited" license...does the game cut back your bite ratio? It really seems odd...I never saw Lone Star lake so dead...there weren't even any fish jumping nor ripples on the surface...any thoughts?
  6. If they could also do away with the reflections of the shoreline on the water. The PS4 resolution is poor in this game...half the time I can't tell if I'm looking at reflections of trees on the shoreline or debris in the water....it's very annoying.
  7. Being that we can't read them on the PS4...there is no way to scroll the text down to see the entire description on the map page.
  8. I would think the licenses should just stay in your possession and be activated individually the next time you fish each of the lakes. I wonder...if you have a license for a lake you have not "opened" yet...are those licenses worthless then?
  9. HaHa! I was of course referring to "Virtual sunglasses" which would just eliminate the reflections from the surface of the water!! But thanks for the humor! It IS good to know I'm not the only one bothered by this...I was thinking maybe it was time to go see the Optometrist again....
  10. I have a 60" LCD HD TV but still I find myself having trouble with the graphics...It sometimes is hard to see thru the reflection of the trees etc on the water surface...so I cant tell if I'm looking at debris in the lake-or is it just reflections of the shoreline..its very annoying at times. Perhaps the devs could come up with optional polarized sunglasses that would eliminate the reflections on the water? Or is it just my eyesight and I'm the only one noticing this?
  11. Bought it yesterday...love the new setup rods/reels. Caught 10K+ worth of fish the first day...Salmon, Lake and Brook trout, Burbot, A trophy Salmon, A trophy Perch, and without renting the boat. (I will try that today). The only thing I don't; like is all the Advanced licenses expire at the same time. I don't think I will be visiting 5 different lakes by Dec.26. I wish the licenses would go in effect the next time you visit one of those places...not all run concurrently.
  12. Thanks! That was very helpful. Sounds like a good deal to me!
  13. I don't see any of the rods/reels listed in the store? How do I know what level they are or their specs? How many rods fit in the case? The only thing in the pack I can find in the store is the Fish castle XXL. If I knew the specs of the rods/reels I may buy it!
  14. just tried it again...took about 10 minutes, but it did load. Thanks!
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