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  1. Very disappointing. I really wish there could be more transparency regarding future support for the game. I’ve been considering a refund, it just REALLY doesn’t look good for PR, I notice this especially now that I’ve realized BigBen/Nacon is the same publisher responsible for the whole messed up Sinking City situation. I don’t want The Fisherman to suffer a similar fate. (Blink Twice if you’re in a Sinking City situation and nobody is talking about it)
  2. A tad late seeing this, but Agreed. I think this game could benefit from breaking away from sport fishing locations alone and explore more exotic locations. Tropical coastlines would be very welcome. I think they could be more adventurous with their Fresh Water locations as well. How about the Congo River? Electric Catfish, Tigerfish, freshwater pufferfish, and even fish that live so deep in the river, they have become ghostly white and blind.
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