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  1. bug

    So that the time that it took appeared that it was necessary to release the fish to not pay the fine, so much that I took 3 and the 3 I let go and did not give anything the last one that I got happened this
  2. bug

    game is great, but today I was playing on the everglades map by computer, I got a catfish and asked me to let go if I did not pay the fine. I dropped the fish and even so I paid the fine, lost 10,000 and became negative. I wanted you to fix this so other players do not go through this.
  3. Pescando no mapa everglades hoje pelo computador, peguei um bagre e pediu pra soltar se não eu pagava a multa de 10 mil. Soltei o peixe e mesmo assim perdi meus 10 mil queria entender isso, resumindo estava com pouco dinheiro e agora por conta desse bug to negativo e não tenho dinheiro pra nada.