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  1. Seasons or some kind of XP races
  2. Hi, when i switch spawn point in a comp there's often a long loading screen - I mean in some comps only .. normally it's instand without loading screen. Does anyone know how this can be avoided? Other players seem to have the same problem. In chat they leave/join/leave/join. Something seems to be malfunctioning.
  3. That would be awesome Any plans for future integration?
  4. Hi, does anyone have advice on which reel recovery value is optimal für topwater fishing? For example for Steelhead Showdown: First I used Zeus 270 + Empress 5000 (Recovery 110). Now I switched to Zeus 250 + ThunderSpin 5500 (Recovery 80). Recovery 80 seems to be better suited for Walkers / Poppers. So for spin fishing I go for recovery as low as possible? Except for trout fishing I use a higher value reel? And bottom/float fishing recovery as high as possible?
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