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  1. Then beginners would also have a chance to win comps, which would certainly be very good for the game. But how can this be implemented? As an example: 90 players have registered in total. 30 players go into room 1 (amateur room, skill points 0-199), 30 players go into room 2 (silver room, skill points 200-999), 30 players go into room 3 (masters room, skill points > 1000). If only 30 players have registered, there is only one room. Maybe something like this?
  2. I had the same problem with the TripleFeeder RodStand in the Fisherman. I then used another rod stand and everything worked normally.
  3. A color option for the buoys would be great.
  4. Looking for someone to farm some Antlered Salmon and Furry Trouts for the Achievements*. Feel free to join. Add me on Steam -> N11k0n Bring some fireworks, so we alternate starting it. * Achivements are: Myth Buster, catch 150 Furry Trout .. get Santas Hat + 13 Baitcoins The Deer Hunter, catch 150 Antlered Salmon .. get Raindeer Hat + 12 Baitcoins Crystal fish hunter catch 100 Crystal Burbot .. get CrystaLite Bomber Hat + 12 Baitcoins
  5. Catcher in the corn doesn't pop up after catching 5+ fish with corn on XBOX. Anyone know if this challenge ist still active or hidden or something?
  6. Mouse scroll event went totally crazy during tournament final. Had problems to select which fish to release. Fishlist was scrolling permanently. Also in inventory i couldn't select groudbait to refill my spod. Wasnt able to fix the scroll behavior during comp. Luckily it was only at the end and it all went well anyway.
  7. The Fisherman und Fishing Planet sind 2 unterschiedliche Spiele. Amazon und Holiday Pack sind für Fishing Planet und funktionieren nicht für The Fisherman. Mein Rat wäre: Vergiss The Fisherman und startet mit Fishing Planet. Das Basis Spiel ist kostenlos. Fishing Planet hat eine viel größere Community und erhält regelmäßige Updates. The Fisherman ist quasi tot, keine Updates mehr, Server werden vermutlich früher oder später eingestellt.
  8. example. reel speed is 1. when i scroll up it increases reel speed to 2. when i move my cursor to the left this increases my reel speed to 4. when i move to the right it decreases my reel speed. it seems the release event is bugged after scroll was used.
  9. Hi, anyone else having problem with mousewheel/reelspeed jumping randomly since last update on windows/xbox version? when i switch to steam, mouse wheel works just fine. Semifinal tomorrow will be unplayable like this
  10. The delay is not due to the fishing planet team but to microsoft.
  11. Just another reminder. Differently colored buoys would be absolutely amazing. Wish I could make all Lake Trout markers in White Moose red, Atlantic Salmon green. This would be super helpful.
  12. Please make Drops exciting. For example, a random item with a tiny little chance of being x-series.
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