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  1. i paid 11.99 for a premium account but I don't seem to have gotten it any help please says on my comp 11.99 trans action but no premium
  2. thank you as its kinda strange as its straight away as event starts so you don't have any chance
  3. I just did a trout event and when I started a guy was already over 500.000 score even though the event had just started so what's going on in this game I'm sick of it every time I get a game I like to play there's alot of cheaters wish there was a way to report them as they make the game suck and people like me who have spent money on things in the game want to leave but we not getting our money back so all I can say cheats are fu++ing dic+s and are ruining the game and I feel so sorry for legit player like myself who have no chance of winning due to these cheaters
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