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  1. wvmtman


    Tried the global map thing never worked. The details are in my post do not know how to do screenshots I will send a email to support through. Thanks
  2. wvmtman


    I through I would give the mission a try worked great till it sent me to Rocky lake then it tells me to open lake details and I do that then nothing it just keep's saying open pond details ?
  3. Is the server down?
  4. wvmtman

    Server Lag

    What's up with this game is it dead or the Dev's don't care or what they will not answer message's do not see any Dev or mod or support activity what so ever on forums?
  5. wvmtman

    Server Lag

    Server lagging only getting 5fps usually get 99 to 100 fps this is bad only 700 people on too.
  6. wvmtman

    New DLC?

    I loaded up the game late last night and right before the map screen where the sports bundle and other new dlc's pop up a new one popped up it was a sporting with top lures and a glowing tip sport rod said something like sport night fishing or something like that it had a blank place where description was so I click on it and it takes me to some strange page nothing on there about the dlc ? Really strange did anyone else see it????
  7. wvmtman

    Anyone else having trouble

    Anyone else having trouble getting game to load I go to loading screen and it just keeps loading like the server is down?
  8. wvmtman

    Dev's on Hiatus

    I think the Dev's may have went on a hiatus till next season ever since the last update haven't heard a word from them and none of the bug's since last update have been fixed.Hmm? Sorry I retract this statement just got a update.
  9. wvmtman

    casting bug

    Since the boat update when I try to cast my line just goes crazy it goes out like 170 ft but land's in front of me it happen's on spinning rods not all the time after a while my rod,reel,and line indicators turn red and I have to alt/tab out to shut down game. Plz do not ask for a video because I'm 61yrs old just started using a pc and I know nothing about it plus I'm handicapped with arthritis in my hands. Thank you.
  10. wvmtman


    Same here
  11. wvmtman

    Lucky Bobber

    Please read entire post before you comment . Please
  12. wvmtman

    Lucky Bobber

    Can someone tell me how and what you have to do to complete it ? It says get 45 successful strike's I have 4\45 ? I have caught 1.000.00s of fish on bobber heck I caught 40 some catfish in a row at one time to get x amount of fish caught consecutively challenge.
  13. wvmtman

    Server Down

    Is the server down for anyone else I cannot connect for the last 15min says just goes to loading screen ant then nothing.
  14. wvmtman

    Clock under Night Fishing DLC

    Why is there running down time clock under the Night Fishing DLC when game loads up?