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  1. wvmtman

    Support Team?

    This came from my personal email account. Also if you want to be that way I never did receive my 40k credit's or my 375 bait coins for my mega chuber you took but I didn't say anything about it I just figured you all would do the right thing but. Of course you can check my account to see if I'm lying.Thank you
  2. wvmtman

    Support Team?

     wvmtman 10 Started conversation: Saturday at 07:44 PM This one and I do no see a number unless 10 after my user name is it?
  3. wvmtman

    Support Team?

    If this is the case why did I receive a message from support on my second ticket from in game client and my personal email account.
  4. Heck I would give you what they gave us pc user if you would give me the new rods they put us at a disadvantage when it comes to farming xp we lost our sturgeon rod everything else is either to small or to big to get proper xp and we cannot even buy it in our shop for any price which is another stick in the eye so we got screwed over to.
  5. wvmtman

    Support Team?

    Used in game client and personal email that is electricianjolt@atlanticbb.net heck i even sent you a message via game client did you get it.
  6. wvmtman

    Support Team?

    did that and never got a reply?
  7. wvmtman

    Support Team?

    Does FP still have a support team.
  8. Its says in the post that "all owners " will receive the sniper rods. nothing about ps4 players only.
  9. As title says also it Denis said in a post that we were supposed to get a sniper rod to replace the mega chubber but I never got it????
  10. mine has not been replaced no new rods in inventory or home???
  11. mine has not been changed no new rods in home or inventory?
  12. Does anyone know if it is working on the new lakes?
  13. I like the second from the bottom in your pics and also im new to the re shade too the one you gave me pretty good to. Do you still have the settings for the second pic I would love to try them?
  14. what settings are you using if I may ask looks pretty good thanks. and yes all the old players knows about twitching wait till you get to fl and try it you have fun then.
  15. wvmtman

    IM done

    I have a heart condition to but I don't know how to fix it either!
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