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  1. Will the carnival dlc reel be given more line capacity or will it just continue taking up space at home? Worst dlc i have ever bought only two good things i actually got was the boat and keepnet rest is useless at my level without a lure reel that holds atleast 400-700 feet of line so i have room to reel a big heavy lure in fast and maybe catch a fish.
  2. The reel you get in this dlc is worthless as it does not hold much line considering it is for the amazon maze which has spots that drop to 50 feet. I feel like this reel should hold more line or be replaced with one that does cause it is terrible for lures in deep water that have to reeled in fast or you just drag the bottom catching grass.
  3. DLC gear is giving terrible exp, I caught a 65lb catfish with the spring cat dlc using 25 lb line and got terrible exp this makes absolutely no sense as i have caught fish on normal ingame items that was nothing to reel in and got 3 green arrows of exp. Oh to ad its the spring cat dlc which does not give you gear that is overpowering to a 65lb catfish.
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