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  1. just curious if fishing planet ever intends on releasing on the switch. i would love to play this on the go
  2. the other day i had just over 2000 baitcoins. the only thing i remember doing is selling my green boat from the bassboat pack. the next day i looked at my baitcoins and it showed i had 1500 after i sold my boat. i submitted a ticket detailing this and even asked in the ticket if had had spent almost 1000 baitcoins on something and did not realize it. i checked all my licenses and i dont have any new lakes added to unlimited so i dont know how else i could have accidentally spent 1000 baitcoins. but the only thing i got from "Diana" in customer service was i sold my boat and now have 1500 coins.. when i asked what could have happened to the other 1000 coins she just called me a liar and told me to check my stream for where i spent them. first of all... extremely rude. secondly i still dont have an answer to what happened. and most of all, i have been playing this game since launch and this is the first time i have ever had an issue with baitcoins, why would i be lying about it? hopefully someone besides "Diana" can help me out.
  3. will fishing planet ever come to the nintendo switch? i would love to take this game on the road or to work with me. i love this game and would love to be able to play it on the go or when i have down time away from home. dont add motion controls... just standard controller use. hope this can happen!!!! thanks guys.
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