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  1. Why I love this community.

    Florida. It seems to me that I was there yesterday trying for the Uni Gar on a popper before I was prematurely extricated to New York lol.
  2. Why I love this community.

    I'm up for Oregon. I think I got a grip on things there...(says Jim kicking and screaming as V.V. drags him there by the hair on his head lol). Help me Jesus. I'll go and layout in my kayak by the water fall and dream of beautiful latin women. Fanning me with palm leaves and feeding me...huh, wait, what (Snap out of it Jim) lol.
  3. Why I love this community.

    Wish I could have hung around and seen you bag the Uni Cut Throat and the Uni Colorado Golden. And it was my pleasure to help with New York. Were is your expedition taking you next?
  4. Why I love this community.

    Good job V.V. Sorry I had to bail last night. At least I was around long enough to offer assistance and see you know who catch their Uni Sauger lol.
  5. Why I love this community.

    Yeah, Chris just messaged me and said he's in Michigan. I spent a day in North Carolina testing topwater and fiddle fartin' about. I can confirm that you can still catch the Uni Black & White Crappies, Redear Sunfish & Longnose Gar at the designated times and places lol.
  6. Why I love this community.

    We'll do dusty. I'll send you a PS friends request when I get home from work. Or send me one BJTATER.
  7. Why I love this community.

    I totaly agree with everyones posts. But for me, it also has a deeper meaning. At 55 years old, and being estranged for almost two years now from my wife of 23 years, I have become quite the recluse. Anyone who has been through a divorce, especially after a marriage that consumed almost half of ones life, knows the emotional and financial woes that accompany such. It seems that until lately, my life mostly consisted on immersing myself in work, and spending my evenings at home watching TV and solo gaming. I have a small group of friends that I've known forever, and we manage to get together from time to time, play a round of golf, go have a beer and shoot some pool, watch a sporting event and such. My two oldest sons are grown men, but I have a 15 year old daughter that comes to visit from time to time, so it's not that I have no life, just a limited one lol. But what this site, and the friends I've met since becoming a member, has offered me has been therapeutic. I'ts given me an outlet to cut up, have fun, speak my mind, forget about work, and just generally enjoy the company of my new comrades. And for that, I thank you. Now that I have told my tale, who's up for a cocktail and some fishing later lol.
  8. Unique, finally!

    Wanted to hook up with you guys. I had talked to Chris earlier via PS messenger, but after the Steelers lost , I just sulked around all afternoon lol.
  9. Unique, finally!

    Nice one Joe. I was trying for the Clear Uni on a popper over the weekend. No luck, but did manage these two small Uni's on one.
  10. Unique, finally!

    We were glad you could join us Manny. It was a pleasure to have you. Welcome to the Club, and congratulations once again on your Uni Walleye.
  11. Unique, finally!

    We're gonna miss ya for a couple days...but I'm kinda glad your going to be working, I need to sober up for a couple of days lol!
  12. Unique, finally!

    Still tourmenting yourself I see lol. I figured you would have done headed out by now. I'm still there myself...looking for punishment also. I'll be home around 3:30, if your still there I'll check in. Maybe catch another Uni or two lol.
  13. Unique, finally!

    No...I'm pretty sure that was you with us last night. As a matter of fact I'm positive you were at Quanchkin lol.
  14. Unique, finally!

    Manny, good job man. It looks as though your taking the next step toward virtual fishing enlightenment lol. Taking notes and logging data is a great way to boost your knowledge base. Trust me when I say you'll be gald that you took the time to do it.
  15. Unique, finally!

    My ears are still burning lol. I was hoping that I could grap the Uni Spotted Bass while we were there. Then I would have really gotten a ear full. Yeah, I remember something about a wet sock...Here's a link for that certain someone https://www.depend.com/en-us/ My oh my, I couldn't help myself V.V. lmao.