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  1. Barometer question

    Rising Barometer When the barometer is rising, weather conditions are relatively clear or improving. Fish movement becomes slightly more active. The best lures to use when the barometer is rising are brightly colored ones, such as fluorescents. Focus on casting the lure next to cover if the fish are suspended in shallow water; let the lure sink to intermediate and deeper depths if the fish are in deeper water. · High Pressure After the rising barometer hits a high point, the skies are clear with overall bright light conditions. During this time, fish activity is generally slower, as the fish find cover or swim into deeper water. Use slower fishing techniques, such as vertical jigging, to attract bites. You can also use weedless hooks to cast the baits into cover where fish are hiding. Falling Barometer When the barometer falls, weather conditions are generally getting worse, with the potential for storms. Fish react to the falling barometer with increased movement and feeding activity. Take advantage of this activity by increasing the speed of your retrieve, to cover more area. You can use crankbaits or spinnerbaits for casting over feeding areas. Focus on topwater or shallow bait presentations. Low Pressure When the falling barometer is at its lowest point, weather conditions are rainy and stormy. Fish patterns become less active and continue to decrease as the storm continues. After the storm, focus on bait presentations in deeper depths to attract the fish that have moved to the bottom. Use slow bait presentations, as fish are not actively feeding during times of low barometric pressure.
  2. Spring Cats Tour: Qualifier 2 Results

    Congrats Mr. del_udy! Way to represent "Aquaholics" brother. And congrats to all the rest that made it through.
  3. (Name) PSN Account vs. Fishing Planet Account

    Request a membership, and I will be in touch.
  4. 6 hours..

    I'm not sure. Need to test more. But noticed last night, at least at Michigan, that wherever you find a pot of gold, try fishing in that immediate area, and see if can catch a Rowdy. I caught two last night that way.
  5. 6 hours..

    Too funny Chris. I still have as many as I had yesterday...two lol.
  6. 6 hours..

    Well, just got my 150 Rowdy Bass.
  7. (Name) PSN Account vs. Fishing Planet Account

    I didn't want to say anything lol.
  8. 6 hours..

    It took me all of about an hour yesterday to realize that this isn't going to be any fun. I caught a Rowdy Bass on my first cast at MO. Caught another one half an hour later. And had a bite about a half hour after that. Gave up, and went to fish the Battle Of Kaniq Creek Competition, which wasn't much more fun either lo.
  9. Always looking for an edge. I know from RLF, that wind speed, direction and barometric pressure play a big role in how succesful your fishing outing will be. I never payed to much attention to how it effects your FP experience. But like I stated early, I'm always looking for an edge to improve, especially during the competitions. What do you guys think. Is the FP HUD display showing wind speeds etc. just eye candy, or do you think it really has an effect on the fish behave?
  10. Nobody probably cares lol, because everybody I fish with knows my PSN name, but if anybody is wondering, and wan'ts to to add me to your friends list, or have any questions about Aquaholics, it's BJTATER.
  11. suggestion penalty

    Practice, practice, practice. Since we formed Aquaholics, and have started to give competitons a real go, we have seen a huge improvement in were we are placing. We practice as a Club, keeping notes and compiling data for spread sheets etc. It's resulted in a few wins, several top three's and a bunch of top 10 and top 20 finishes. And it seems to be getting better all the time. Except when you have that occasional 35th or worst finish lol. And I can assure you of one thing, if there is a way to cheat, none of us have the slighest clue. We just fish, and give it our best.
  12. Just observation of valentine tournament

    Pete (Precisionist), it depends on how much you enjoy the game, and if your willing to go that extra mile. I can feel your frustration when you've been fishing a venue for two or three days, and "some people" join your room, and start cathing uni's left and right. Maybe there is an advantage being level 40 plus, and using x-series lures and such. But I think alot of it has too do with, and we've talked about this, is the "presentation and retrieve" of the lure. And maybe just having a feel for the game. I can't bait fish for crab, but Tony is the master. He tells me you need to be one with the bill the bobber lol. I don't know. Fish right beside him. Same window, same time, same bait, distance, leader length etc., and he'll outfish you every time. Lately my "catch" rate had fallen off, and during this past weekend I done some testing. And I noticed that I had become to "routine and mechanical" with my retrieves. And I was once the guy who preached about the importance of changing up your retrieves and mixing things up. So I did just that...and I seen a signifiant change to my catch rate. So don't give up just yet. It'll come if you give it time.
  13. Common courtesy

    And I want to thank those who commented. At the time I had my hands full, and could not reply.
  14. Uni Location

    We've been catching fish species in all sorts of places I've never caught them before. Maybe has to due with the fact we are competing in alot of competitions, and spending a lot of time practicing. Searching and fishing areas using lures, baits and presentation styles that would be "untypical" for that particular area. Been yeilding some interesting results.
  15. Uni Location

    Some members of our club have been catching Uni species in areas I never thought you'd catch them. Just to name a couple. A Uni Snook and Tarpon at the Everglades Lilly Pad Peg, and this Uni Large Mouth at the Salty Delta Peg. I've caught trophy Large Mouth on the right hand side of the Delta dock, but I was really surprised that I caught this on the left side. Any body else catching them in, we'll I wouldn't say "odd" places, but places were you wouldn't normally think of catching them?