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  1. J.Mitchell WV

    How to transfer screenshots/videos from PS4 to computer

    I found it fairly easy to have your PSN account linked to your Face Book account. After taking an in game screen shot, just share said screen shot to said FB account, (be sure to set it up so that only you can see the screen shot on your timeline unless you want all your friends to see it lol.) I have an album set up just for FP screenshots. Easy to access and upload to FP.
  2. J.Mitchell WV

    Have you ever caught a turtle, plastic bag or a shoe?

    If you catch one of the aforementioned items. If you pause the game, spend 5 bait coins, it will magicaly turn into a "Uni" of your choosing lol.
  3. J.Mitchell WV

    Char Charger's Open: Qualifier 2 Results

    Congrats brother. Great job.
  4. J.Mitchell WV

    After a 4 month break, I went to Alberta.

    Went to Florida day before yesterday to try out my new x-series frog popper. First cast...popper goes straight up in the air...flies behind me... and ends up in the reeds 150' behind me.
  5. J.Mitchell WV

    Advance time skips to morning

    Thats what I told him also Chris lol. But really, Tony is right, it not the players fault. I had the same issue at Lousiana. I left and came back, and seemed to work after that. Same thing happened at Michigan. Those are the only two venues that I've tried to this point.
  6. J.Mitchell WV

    Krazy Kayak

    Goes down in my FP journal as one of the top five funniest things I've witnessed.
  7. J.Mitchell WV

    Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8

    Ditto Chris. I'll be stopping on the way home for some libations, and we'll see if we can get the guys together and road test this here "major update" lol.
  8. J.Mitchell WV


    Me and you both Chris. Tmif said he would never do another tournament after the catfish fiasco, and I could tell by his group post yesterday that he's not a happy camper with this one either. I figure this will be the last straw for many.
  9. J.Mitchell WV


    These are most excellent ideas Pete. Something needs to happen. Keep waiting on the update...Maybe afterwords, we can get things rolling with the club again.
  10. J.Mitchell WV

    Unique Oregon Redband guide using a Kayak

    A very tough one indeed. Spent more time on the Redband & Tiger Trout than any other fish in the game. But when the Redband decided to fall for me, I caught two Uni's within 10 minutes of one another lol.
  11. J.Mitchell WV

    Unique Oregon Redband guide using a Kayak

    Nice video cavebean.
  12. J.Mitchell WV

    3 Dot popping

    Come on Chris, you know that's your favorite comp lol.
  13. J.Mitchell WV

    3 Dot popping

    And don't even get me started on the Steel Head Showdown. Should have won that competition a dozen times by now lol.
  14. J.Mitchell WV

    3 Dot popping

    Rarely do I miss one on topwater when just fishing for fun. But enter a competition... Lets just say that thankfuly I have a non violent demeanor. If not, I'm sure that there would be a PS4 controller that would need to be surgicaly removed from someones arse lol. Just ask Hate_ful how many strikes he missed in the Kaniq Topwater Comp. this weekend.
  15. J.Mitchell WV

    Is Fishing Planet losing players

    Couldn't agree more Chris. Looked this morning before work, hoping to see something interesting for this evening....all amateur. On the bright side though, the new April LMB Tournament looks enticing.