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  1. J.Mitchell WV

    Please ban williansbr

    It's my turn to cry a bit here. How is this possible? 186 points. I believe Uni's in this competition are worth 12 points. It's a 45 minute comp., and the majority of the time, no one even cathes a trophy or uni in the first 15 minutes. In order to obtain a score of 186, you would need to catch and land 15.5 Uni's. That would be a Uni every 3 minutes, if you could catch them for the entire 45 minutes. If the comp happens to be one of those were no one starts to catch trophies or uni's in the first 15 minutes, then you would need to catch and land a Uni every 2 minutes. It's beyond me. Maybe as tmif told me, I need more "training" lol.
  2. J.Mitchell WV

    I extend a challenge to the devs.

    Buckle up Dachinsta is all I have to say. And with Christmas just around the corner, if it's anything like last year, you're not going to want to miss that adventure lol.
  3. J.Mitchell WV

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    You can also use a different rod and reel combo. Except maybe for the float rod, which I didn't try. But once I accomplished the primary mission task, and was prompted to catch a certain number of fish, I switched to my jig winner and switched lures if needed.
  4. J.Mitchell WV

    This is a first..

    J.Mitchell WV
  5. J.Mitchell WV

    Rocky lake tutorial challenge bugged?

    Haven't made it that far yet. If I have any issues I'll be sure to post.
  6. J.Mitchell WV

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    Damn skippy. I spent an hour or so yesterday evening giving it a go. Not as bad as I initialy thought. But the inventory...slooooooowwwww lol.
  7. J.Mitchell WV

    [PS4] Patch Note 1.14: The Missions update.

    Just my two cents...For the newer anglers, fantastic opportunity to cut your teeth on the basics and fundamentals of the game. For the experienced player, from what I can tell at this point, as VV stated, be prepared to grit your teeth with frustration. I just barely got my toe wet yesterday. Spent about a half an hour with Hate_ful and tmif, in which there was a lot of swearing and profanity flying about, any maybe another forty five minutes later in the evening fishing solo. In chat I commented to Hate-ful and tmif that this was as bad as watching paint dry...tmif stated that he had actually watched paint dry before, and this was worse lol. But, as I stated, this is a great patch for the new guys, and should really help them along in their FP journey. And this old dog learned a new trick. I never knew you could fast retrieve by holding R2 and X. When I wanted to recast, I just clicked up the retrieve speed with the D-Pad, reeled in, rest retrieve speed and recast. By using the above method, there's no need to change or reset your retrieve speed. So, this evening I plan to continue on if the frustration doesn't get the best of me. Stay tuned. I'm sure more comments will follow.
  8. J.Mitchell WV

    Hacks and cheats

    Glad it's just not me.
  9. J.Mitchell WV

    Some One Explain This

    I'll make this short and too the point. Yesterday afternoon while fishing the "Dancing With Pike" competition I couldn't help but notice the leaderboard. Left column, Criteria 1, weight difference between smallest & largest fish. Right column, Criteria 2, weight of largest fish. How can OSK-ney have a weight difference of 6.865lbs. when his biggest fish to this point weighs 6.865lbs.? Did he catch a ghost fish with a weight of 0.00lbs? Just wondering how this works, or I'm I missing something.
  10. J.Mitchell WV

    Catfishin in MudWater Missouri

    Welcome to Fishing Planet Competitions.
  11. J.Mitchell WV

    Legendary Fish Locations

    Legendary Chinook: I just had a couple of hours to fish yesterday. I practiced for the Salmon Clash and did the comp. Competition time was, or is, on a cloudy day from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, (45 minutes RT). While practicing for said competition, I caught 5 Legendary Chinooks. If you fish the Salmon Clash, you probably already know of this location. For me, it's just upstream of the Dolly Varden "rock". Cosmo Cast SE Rod & Reel. #4/0 X-series jig head w/4" X-series nymph. Stand perpendicular to the Dolly rock, casting maybe at a 45 degree angle to the right hand shore line. Fairly open area out between the rocks. 3 speed retrieve just enough to keep it off the bottom. I might have caught one on the X-series bullet spinner also. I switch between the nymph and spinner. Note: No legendarys caught during the actual competition. I'm sure this is just one spot, because I seen a boat load being caught while I was there.
  12. J.Mitchell WV


    Me like the Legendary fish challenges. Caught five legendary chinooks in about half an hour practicing for a competition in Alaska yesterday. Wasn't even trying for a legendary. Hopefully the loaded up the venues to avoid the St. Patricks Day fiasco. Actually give folks who can't spend 8 hours a day fishing a chance to win something. We'll see. Looks good so far.
  13. J.Mitchell WV


    Yes sir ree... Just what I need to send me right straight into rehab lol. You know, before the Christmas event, I had my drinking pretty much under control. Was having a few drinks once, maybe twice a week. Then I met up with you bunch of yahoos right before the aforementioned event, and the drinking began to escalate. Got worse as the months went by, and now I back to being a full blown, high functioning alcoholic. Thank you for making me see the error of me way, and putting me back on the right track lmao. On the serious side though. Alcoholism is not a laughing matter, and if you think you have a problem, definatley seek help before it gets away from you and out of control. (Wish I could take my own advise).
  14. J.Mitchell WV

    4 gig update, what do we get?

    Ok Gwen. I'm still at work for another hour and a half. What's new with the update?
  15. J.Mitchell WV

    Summer Sale 2018

    Would be a good deal for someone who hasn't purchased any DLC. I myself already have them all as listed above except for the Trout Triumph Pack lol.