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  1. You know that's right lol. Now if I could only skip out of work. I think I feel a stomach virus or something coming on...
  2. Just noticed on Face Book that FP recently, within the last hour, rebooted the PS4 servers for the Maku-Maku Lake install.
  3. What percentage of the FP population is level 55 and can even have the opportunity to catch these new fish? It was probably not the best way to go about it, but I leveled from 50 to 55 at "Blue Crab Island". I think the $39.95 I spend on the Bass Boat Explorer Pack was a better option for me than to grind elsewhere, (Cali Sturgeon, bottom and float fishing...no thank you lol), plus you'll be at BCI. 30 Day Pond Pass, 30 Day Unlimited License & 30 Day Premium, plus some pretty decent gear, not to mention a bad ass Yacht...I mean Bass Boat lol. If you would opt for this route, hit me up. I can provide a few tips and bouy markers to get you started.
  4. There was, I believe, a 50% increase, and then it was lowered to 25%. If you get in this situation again, and can't land a fish, instead of cutting you line and loosing your tackle, just adjust you reel speed to the "negative" side so it will free wheel, and more times than not, the fish will spit the hook, thus saving your tackle.
  5. Netherlands...Hope I never have to go there again lol. kdog013 provided me with a few bouy markers for the Flounder and Mullet that were a big help. Eels drove me bat s**t crazy. As bad as the Bowfin at Blue Crab Island. I'm not a big fan of bottom fishing, which made it even worse lol.
  6. In the same boat Aray. Fortunatley I have unlimited license's for all the North American lakes, but none for any of the European lakes. I only have a couple of hours is the evening, more on the weekends, to fish. So if I buy a license for a day, at say 4:00pm real time, and fish until 6:00pm, when I get home from work the next day at 4:00 my license has expired.
  7. Good to see ya back Joe. Lot's of catching up to do lol.
  8. Too funny Tmif! You can't get away from the sons of bitches lol.
  9. I'll share some information and data I've obtained in the last week or so fishing Michigan. Uni Pike & Freshwater Drum can be caught from your boat between the Woods of Eastern Bank & the first boat dock to your left of Sandy Cape. Somewhere about about half way between the two. Use you boat sonar to pin point such. Been catching both Uni Pike & Uni Drum using the x-series #4/0 bass spinner with an attached 4" green shad fishing at all depths. Also been catching Uni Pike using the x-series and trophy frog poppers. I did manage to catch a Uni Pike on one of the new poppers, but they seem to like the frog poppers better. If you go left of the dock at the Dusk to Dawn peg, and position your boat about 200' feet offshore you can catch Uni Drum and Uni Blue Cat. Once again use your sonar to pinpoint their location. I also had a great deal of luck using the aforementioned x-series #4/0 bass spinner with the 4" green shad during the day, and then at night, remove the 4" shad and replace with a glow worm or glow shad. If you venture into the canal at Dusk to Dawn, and go to end of the canal, but not into the lake itselfs there's a drop off about 100' straight out in front of you. Uni Walleye, Uni Smallmouth and Uni Drum can be caught here. Again I've had great success with the bass spinner & shad combo. If you venture out into the lake, turn left and go past the light house to the far left corner, park yourself about 125' offshore. Cast toward the far bank for Uni Walleye & Uni Smallmouth. Uni Browns can be caught at night either from the Fairy Tale Dock or by parking you boat there about using a 23' #4/0 Glow Crank. Trophies will also be quite abundent in all the areas mentioned. There are other places, but that will be for another time lol. I've become quite fond of the bass spinner shad combo, and have not really been fishing with much else. It will catch all sort of species at Michigan. And on a quick note, next time your in Alaska...try the x-series bullet spinner with a white skirt. Caught all the Uni' there on a sunny day in one go using this combo.
  10. I myself recently returned to the FTP version. I miss trolling with the rod holders in the Fisherman, but something I can say about the FTP version, and the option to attach skirts and plastics to you spinner baits and bass jigs. Outstanding. I have only been to Florida, Michican & Alaska since I came back, so I can only speak on these venues. X-Series Bullet Spinner w/White Skirt and the X-Series (Alaska decimator), and the #4/0 Bass Spinner with the 4" Green Shad (which at this point I believe will catch any fish in the lake lol).. Be prepared for some fun. And for you peeps with boats...since the've changed the spawns etc., be sure to explore places you don't normally fish, and search for schools of fish with your sonar. I thought I knew Michican well enough to fish it in my sleep, but I'm really surprised how many unis and trophies I'm catching in "odd ball places" lol. Unless I have to, I'm not a bottom fisherman...yea yea I know, I'm missing out, so they tell me, (you know you are lol), so I can't comment on any thing related to such.
  11. First thing you guys need do is put your Match Rods etc. in your home storage, and use them to catch fish that can't be caught on artificial bait imo lol. To easy to catch fish float fishing and bottom fishing. If you want a real challenge...Go artifiical. Will make you a much better fisherman in long run lol.
  12. J.Mitchell WV


    Caught a couple of dozen here and there. All on the left hand side of the Salty Delta Peg. From the far left hand side and work your way radially to your right to the small island of mangroves. Crankbaits, Bullet Spinners, (with and without spinner skirts), Single, Medium, and Casting Spoons. Doesn't seem to be a pattern, for me anyways, just seem to catch them haphazardly while fishing for Snook & Red Drum.
  13. What seems to work best for me is kinda the same way I fish Jerk Baits IRL. 2 Speed with a very fast twitch. And by fast, I mean a quick twitch on almost every two or three revolutions of the reel. Not a big sweeping twitch like you might use with lift and drop, but a snapping twitch. I also like to sweep my pole left and right while retrieving to give the lure a change of direction.
  14. Well, anybody that knows me on FP, knows I like to toss back a few cocktails in the evenings while passing the time on said FP. But I beleive it's causing me to "maybe" imagine some things lol. Examples: Now I haven't fished alot of the new European Lakes, just due the fact I dispise float and bottom fishing. So I went to Russia day before yesterday, only the second time for me, and was motoring around in my boat, checking out the bottom features with my sonar, and checking for deep holes with the ipad thing a ma jig. I found a little spot, and set a couple of bouy markers and proceeded to fish with no idea of when or were to be fishing. After a short time of trying different lures, depths and techniques, I started to catch some Asp. Before two long I was into some trophies, and shortly there after Uni's. I say Uni's because I caught two, back to back. A fluke I thought, and proceeded onward. I caught another one just a few minutes later after changing lures. So yesterday, I went back to the same spot and was fishing in the wee hours of the morning. Just before 4:00am, I once again caught two Uni's, back to back. Both on a Glow 23ft. 4/0 Crankbait. By the time I got the second one in the boat, time had changed to said 4:00am, and the sun was up. So I switched to a 1-1/2" 4/0 Single Spoon, (Perch Pattern), and I be damned If I didn't catch another Uni on the very next cast. 3 Uni's in three casts...just a fluke, or is the Vodka making me imagine things lol. Anybody else have this happen in Russia?
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