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  1. What seems to work best for me is kinda the same way I fish Jerk Baits IRL. 2 Speed with a very fast twitch. And by fast, I mean a quick twitch on almost every two or three revolutions of the reel. Not a big sweeping twitch like you might use with lift and drop, but a snapping twitch. I also like to sweep my pole left and right while retrieving to give the lure a change of direction.
  2. Well, anybody that knows me on FP, knows I like to toss back a few cocktails in the evenings while passing the time on said FP. But I beleive it's causing me to "maybe" imagine some things lol. Examples: Now I haven't fished alot of the new European Lakes, just due the fact I dispise float and bottom fishing. So I went to Russia day before yesterday, only the second time for me, and was motoring around in my boat, checking out the bottom features with my sonar, and checking for deep holes with the ipad thing a ma jig. I found a little spot, and set a couple of bouy markers and proceeded to fish with no idea of when or were to be fishing. After a short time of trying different lures, depths and techniques, I started to catch some Asp. Before two long I was into some trophies, and shortly there after Uni's. I say Uni's because I caught two, back to back. A fluke I thought, and proceeded onward. I caught another one just a few minutes later after changing lures. So yesterday, I went back to the same spot and was fishing in the wee hours of the morning. Just before 4:00am, I once again caught two Uni's, back to back. Both on a Glow 23ft. 4/0 Crankbait. By the time I got the second one in the boat, time had changed to said 4:00am, and the sun was up. So I switched to a 1-1/2" 4/0 Single Spoon, (Perch Pattern), and I be damned If I didn't catch another Uni on the very next cast. 3 Uni's in three casts...just a fluke, or is the Vodka making me imagine things lol. Anybody else have this happen in Russia?
  3. Yes indeed. I was having trouble with this one myself. Thanks to kdog for the bouy marker.
  4. There's always a few rotten apples in the bunch. I'll fish with you Sue. Our crew don't get together and fish like we used to, but they are an outstanding group of guys, and if you join one of our rooms you can rest assured that there will be no discrimination. Well, I just seen Hate_ful posted. He's one of our crew, a great person indeed. So anyways, send me a friends request...BJTATER.
  5. The trick to catching Muskie and Pike at St. Croix is to keep the lure off the bottom. They are a mid depth fish, and fishing the middle water column is your best bet. If you have trouble keeping your lure at said mid depth, try using "lighter" jig heads and lures. Which means you want have to do a 3 speed retrieve to keep it up. It's been my experience in game that pike and musky are lazy, and like a slower lure presentation. 1 or 2 speed stop and go will do the trick. And I might get a scolding from this one lol, with all the trouble with crank bait issues in the past, but they are still quite deadly if fished correctley.
  6. To be honest, it wasn't very long at all. The water is quite shallow in that area, and there's not a lot of room for them to "run" on you. Also they were both caught within 50 or 60 feet of the bank, which means I didn't have a lot of line to take up. They also have a tendency to want to run toward bank which is a big help lol. On another note, I've been up there for a few days now, mostly experimenting and seeing what's the best bang for your buck "XP" wise, and trying alots of different lures. A couple of things I found out, that the 4" Blue Crawl works great for Sockeye and Bull Trout. The 1/2 oz. X-Series Bass Spinner...flat out dominates the Dolly Varden, and will yield a number of Bull Trout also. The 5" Glow Worm will catch you bunch of Chinooks and Chum at night. And I found a honey hole in Michigan, no matter what the weather, any time from 9PM to Sunrise, you can absolutely wear out the Brown Trout on the 8' 3/0 Glow Crank Bait. Almost every single cast. And I'm talking 6-8lbers. On light gear that will give about 250xp per fish. Doesn't seem like much when a big Musky or Pike will give you a 1000+, but your not going to catch those on every cast, or everyother cast. Sockeye and Bull Trout are about the same also. Bull Trout a little harder to catch, but you can make a good run with Sockeye durning peak times. Well enough for now, back to work.
  7. Haven't posted in a while. Couldn't contain myself with this one, had to show it off lol. Fooling around in Alaska with light tackle and landed this jewel. Jigwinner 8'10" SE w/Espira 3500SE, 12lb. mono. Landed one earlier in the day that was 5lbs. lighter. My biggest until this was a 25lb. Gar I caught by accident at Quanchin during the Dancing With Pike Comp.
  8. Christy, welcome back. This is an older "uber sheet" link, and imo, it is a must read and study for newer players. I beleive some peeps on steam are updating this to include the European Lakes etc., but this one will definately help you out. I know for a fact that it helped me and countless other players in the beginning. If you haven't seen this, check it out, you want be disappointed. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEvjycxSaVLNmVOCIZPALsPvLtxnJSz_LDcPKowAFb4/edit#gid=1935795731
  9. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEvjycxSaVLNmVOCIZPALsPvLtxnJSz_LDcPKowAFb4/edit#gid=1935795731 For someone new to Fishing Planet, this contains a great deal of information regarding several subjects. Check it out, I'm sure it will be of some use.
  10. No side scan sonar here lol. Hard to say were the transducer is mounted, on the bottom of the boat or on stern somewhere. I don't how accurate these are compared to real life, still testing stuff myself, but if you use the rule of thirds, ie. if your scanning in 15' of water, and a fish pops up on your scan, it should be within 5' of your boat. If your scanning 30' of water, then the fish should be within 10' of your boat and so on. Nearly impossible with 2D sonar to tell if the fish is to the left, to the right, in the front, or behind you. The sonar is just telling you that there's a fish somewhere within your scan paramiters. Imo, 2D sonar works best for vertical jigging and bait fishing. I would suggest, once you find a school of fish, throw out a bouy marker. Then back off of that spot around 100' to 150', and fish a 360 degree pattern around said bouy. Just my two cents for whats it's worth lol.
  11. Well, haven't posted in a coons age lol. Had a chance to fish for maybe an hour yesterday. Bought a Bass Boat and a bunch of jerk baits, (love jerk baits in real life). Went to Michigan, rigged a couple of poles with said jerk baits, and caugh a few trophy Pike & Musky including a Uni Tiger Musky. They seem to like the 1-1/2oz. #6/0 Lime Green w/Black Back & the 1-1/2oz. #6/0 White w/Red Head jerk baits. I caught the Uni Tiger at the Sandy Cape Uni spot on the said Lime Green jerk using a 3 speed twitch about half way off the bottom. Driving the boat is a little tricky at first. When you throttle up with R2, you can't release R2 to throttle down, you have to use L2. The sonar & graph are a nice addition. And it takes about 3 seconds to drive from the boat launch to Pike Alley lol. Didn't have a chance to try any of the new Missions, but I was in chat with Hate_ful, Tmif & Kdog yesterday, and they seemed to be having fun.
  12. Damn, did you have to mention this event. I had almost forgot about this horrid event lol. Rowdy Bass, Leprechaun Fish, Drunkin' Worms & Bully Grasshoppers. Damn them all lol. I still have umpteen hundred drunkin' worms & bully grasshoppers in home storage. And I will quote the the man, the myth, the legend... Tmif " There's no Rowdy Bass in this lake." Lol. Really, kidding aside, if you have the time to put into it, the St. Patrick Day event is fun. If I remember correctly, the Rowdy Bass get close to 25lbs.
  13. This ought too be good lol.
  14. The last Community Event I participated in was at Emerald Lake, and I notice that after posting the pass word in the chat box and sharing the photo to the coummunity for verification, that once I closed the chat box, I could cast, but my screen was dark, in the upper left hand corner all my rods I had equiped were visible, and in the upper left hand corner all the available lures were also visible. If I went to the inventory screen, and then back to fishing, it was still the same. I would have to end up shutting down and reloading to clear it up. But I noticed, if I did not share the photo directly to the community, and instead went to my photos, and shared from there, I didn't have an issue.
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