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  1. Great tutorial and video Musette. Over the years I've development and tested many retrieve techniques. From all the different Sweeping Techiniques you described, the 3 Speed Burn and Turn, Shadow Casting Twitch, The Jerk & Lurk and many more lol. But I must say, that I have never given Rig Fishing much of a thought. In real life, I'm a Large Mouth Bass kinda guy, and use the Texas and Carolina Rigs guite often. I figured Rig Fishing was just a gimmick from Fishing Planet to entice peeps to spend money on such, and that it would have no effect on the overall fishing experience. But it looks as though I may have been mistaken lol. I intend to give this Rig Fishing my upmost attention over the next several days and combine it with a few of my own retrieve techniques. Once again, great tutorial.
  2. It's been a long, long time since my last post...But I thought I'd take a minute to pass along some news regarding an old friend, and long time Fishing Planet buddy of mine and others Del_Udy. Some of you Old Timers probably remember Del. He was a member of the Aquaholics Club, and a friend to many of us. Del had informed us earlier this summer that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and was seeking treatment. We sent out our prayers for a speedy recovery and wished him the best. After a few weeks, we hadn't heard from Del, so I decided to do a little research. After conducting a Google search I came across his obituary. He had passed away on July 12th... God speed Del, and Tight Lines brother.
  3. What percentage of the FP population is level 55 and can even have the opportunity to catch these new fish? It was probably not the best way to go about it, but I leveled from 50 to 55 at "Blue Crab Island". I think the $39.95 I spend on the Bass Boat Explorer Pack was a better option for me than to grind elsewhere, (Cali Sturgeon, bottom and float fishing...no thank you lol), plus you'll be at BCI. 30 Day Pond Pass, 30 Day Unlimited License & 30 Day Premium, plus some pretty decent gear, not to mention a bad ass Yacht...I mean Bass Boat lol. If you would opt for this route, hit me up. I can provide a few tips and bouy markers to get you started.
  4. There was, I believe, a 50% increase, and then it was lowered to 25%. If you get in this situation again, and can't land a fish, instead of cutting you line and loosing your tackle, just adjust you reel speed to the "negative" side so it will free wheel, and more times than not, the fish will spit the hook, thus saving your tackle.
  5. In the same boat Aray. Fortunatley I have unlimited license's for all the North American lakes, but none for any of the European lakes. I only have a couple of hours is the evening, more on the weekends, to fish. So if I buy a license for a day, at say 4:00pm real time, and fish until 6:00pm, when I get home from work the next day at 4:00 my license has expired.
  6. Too funny Tmif! You can't get away from the sons of bitches lol.
  7. First thing you guys need do is put your Match Rods etc. in your home storage, and use them to catch fish that can't be caught on artificial bait imo lol. To easy to catch fish float fishing and bottom fishing. If you want a real challenge...Go artifiical. Will make you a much better fisherman in long run lol.
  8. J.Mitchell WV


    Caught a couple of dozen here and there. All on the left hand side of the Salty Delta Peg. From the far left hand side and work your way radially to your right to the small island of mangroves. Crankbaits, Bullet Spinners, (with and without spinner skirts), Single, Medium, and Casting Spoons. Doesn't seem to be a pattern, for me anyways, just seem to catch them haphazardly while fishing for Snook & Red Drum.
  9. What seems to work best for me is kinda the same way I fish Jerk Baits IRL. 2 Speed with a very fast twitch. And by fast, I mean a quick twitch on almost every two or three revolutions of the reel. Not a big sweeping twitch like you might use with lift and drop, but a snapping twitch. I also like to sweep my pole left and right while retrieving to give the lure a change of direction.
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wEvjycxSaVLNmVOCIZPALsPvLtxnJSz_LDcPKowAFb4/edit#gid=1935795731 For someone new to Fishing Planet, this contains a great deal of information regarding several subjects. Check it out, I'm sure it will be of some use.
  11. Damn, did you have to mention this event. I had almost forgot about this horrid event lol. Rowdy Bass, Leprechaun Fish, Drunkin' Worms & Bully Grasshoppers. Damn them all lol. I still have umpteen hundred drunkin' worms & bully grasshoppers in home storage. And I will quote the the man, the myth, the legend... Tmif " There's no Rowdy Bass in this lake." Lol. Really, kidding aside, if you have the time to put into it, the St. Patrick Day event is fun. If I remember correctly, the Rowdy Bass get close to 25lbs.
  12. The last Community Event I participated in was at Emerald Lake, and I notice that after posting the pass word in the chat box and sharing the photo to the coummunity for verification, that once I closed the chat box, I could cast, but my screen was dark, in the upper left hand corner all my rods I had equiped were visible, and in the upper left hand corner all the available lures were also visible. If I went to the inventory screen, and then back to fishing, it was still the same. I would have to end up shutting down and reloading to clear it up. But I noticed, if I did not share the photo directly to the community, and instead went to my photos, and shared from there, I didn't have an issue.
  13. Yep...That was a Sasquach alright lol. Same exact spot were Pierre was grabbed and drug up the mountain last year.
  14. Hey, I represent that remark lol.Check out this pic I came across on face book lol. Kinda of fitting for the Christmas event lol.
  15. I myself, was in a random room Monday with some level 20ish peeps and set off a couple of fireworks, and with the exception of one level 40, everybody just stopped fishing and looked at me. One of them messaged me and told me I was scaring the fish lol. I sent out a message asking if any one knew about the Christmas Event, and with the exception of the one level 40, knowbody had a clue.
  16. You betcha lol. I can remember on more than one occasion, that I was like...Hold on fellows, I've already drank my alloted pint of vodka for the day, but I aint leaving' this party lol. I'm going on run, be back in 20.
  17. We can host our own Christmas Event. I got a gazillion fire works. Won't help us to catch any Antlered Salmon or Furry Trout, but sure will be pretty lol. And I sure as hell am not going to waste the (2) half gallons of Grey Goose I bought just for the occasion lol.
  18. I believe that was the first time I had ever been to California. You were going to show me and Red_Oynx were the Uni Carp spot was at. What bait do we need I ask? You replied "peas"...which I then proceeded to the shop and purchased said peas. I also belvieve that I was quite inebriated, because the next day I was wondering why the hell do I have 500 peas in my inventory lol!
  19. What a farce...I must have definitely been fishing in the wrong spot, (venting)! Leader board when I competed...326lbs. 32.6 lb average for ten fish. Not impossible by no means. But damn, I have spent many, many hours in Florida, especially at the Salty Delta. Fishing exclusively for Red Drum, Snook and Tarpon. I know were they are, what lures and baits to use, and types of presentation. 90 minutes into the tournament I had (3) 10-12lb Snook, (2) Red Drum, one around 15lbs, and the other around 30lbs, and a Tarpon that I don't even know what the weight was. At that point I didn't even care. I gave up with 30 minutes left. I can hear it now. "Well apparently you don't know as much as you thought you knew, otherwise you would have caught more fish". Hell, maybe so. But I'm telling you, something wasn't right. I would think that anyone who knows me would testify to the fact that I do have some knowledge, and can hold my own. Anyone else have a hard time at Florida? I would love to hear your take.
  20. Great job Pierre! Way to represent Aquaholics. Lord knows I went down the tubes. Couldn't catch a cold lol.
  21. You never know what, when or were you might catch a fish these days lol. Just a few off the top of my head I've experienced: Trophy Brown Trout: Fairy Tale Dock. #7/0 hook w/large cutbait. Trophy Walleye: Sandy Cape. #3/0 Red Frog Popper. Uni Tiger Trout: Pike Alley. 4" Newt. Uni Walleye: Pike Alley. #6/0 Lime Green Crank. Trophy Red Drum: Salty Flats. #3/0 Pink Frog Popper. 14lb. Chinook: California. #2/0 hook w/peas. Just a few that came right to me lol.
  22. Damn Sully, I might be in a retirement home....or dead by that time lol.
  23. Lotta fun. Brushed up, and knocked the dust off Emerald Lake Uni's. Met some new peeps. Wish I would have started before Friday evening. Good event. Looking forward to the next one.
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