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  1. Thank you soo much for the reply sir. Really appreciate it. I have finally managed to catch 2 flatheads after a rough 1 week of nothing. Will definitely look into that spots and yes, I did use the chiri islet for most of the time sir cause that spot earned me the most catfish in the previous times. Apart from all that sir, are catfish still the most reliable source for XP? Is it still consistent cause I feel like the bite rate overall has been nerfed badly. Currently at level 65. Is there any other suggestions for XP farms? Thank you
  2. Hello sir/ma,am. I have been away for about 2 months now from fishing planet and I finally came back after missing the game Soo much. But once I have return to the same lake where I left off which was catching catfish in Bolivia, I don't hook any gilded/flathead catfish anymore. I tried soo many peaks, days, weather and even spent soo much baitcoins to even try on daytime. Still no luck. Spend 5 hours more just now after getting frustrated and finally I had a gilded catfish for a small size and nothing after that. Been getting alot of flatwhiskered catfish and silver crocker only
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