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  1. On Weeping Willow I'm having problems with the 12' 9 carp ranger. I've only experienced this problem with this specific rod and only on this lake. Every time I catch a fish the drag on my reel (Leviathan 9000) automatically sets to full drag so as soon as I strike I snap and lose my tackle (sinker, leader, hook). Not particularly bothered about the stuff I'm losing, just letting you know that the problem is out there. I play on Xbox.
  2. That's what i thought, must just be trying to sell packs lol.
  3. I received a reply from the Admins, so I thought I would let you all know in case you're experiencing this problem too and I quote "To unlock this mission you need to be level 52 or higher and have Carp Lord Pack in your inventory".
  4. Yeah thanks Carpman, I've sent then an Email.
  5. How do you unlock the Carp colossus mission? I'm level 50 and fishing on Weeping Willow but the fish monster mission hasn't showed up. I know there's a prep mission to catch all the unique Carp to get the bait before you can catch the monster but that's not showing up either. Is there something missing that I haven't done or is it glitched?
  6. If you're facing the canoe from about 30 feet away you will see some reeds on the right just before the canoe at the side of the lake (approx 150, -7 on your radar) cast around in them reeds, its glitched and the canoe is in the wrong place or the casting is in the wrong place, hope this helps.
  7. scagott

    Rod stands

    yeah I understand it now, the stand count is applying to how many spikes stick into the ground and the number in the inventory (0/1) is referring to how many stands are in your inventory so when its in use its obviously 0/1 because its on the ground but when you pick it up it changes to 1/1.......pretty obvious really, just me being a bit stupid. thank you all for your help.
  8. scagott

    Rod stands

    Kyle yeah that's a possibility, I'll have to try that, thanks.
  9. scagott

    Rod stands

    Thanks for the replies, Poker, yeah i've tried putting 3 rods on the stand and also 2 and 1 rod and then taking them all off but the number still says 0/1.
  10. scagott

    Rod stands

    I use the Rod Pod Trio rod stand and I have just noticed that in my inventory where you equip the stand it says 0/1 just below the equipped stand. Can someone tell me what this number is for please, can I equip more then 1 rod stand or is it something else?
  11. As you know when you join a lake/river you see who is fishing and what they catch and you also see their player level number next to a star 56. some people have an extra icon and number, for example....dave219 56 12..... (icon not exact, its just an example) Can someone please tell me what this extra icon and number is for and how you get it, thanks.
  12. scagott


    Thank you Carpman, great help.
  13. scagott


    I'm new to tournaments and competitions, so I just have a quick question. When you enter a competition do you have to fight for peg position and everyone fishes in the same hotspots or do you enter a private room so you don't see anyone else?
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